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The Path season 4 ?

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The Path season 4

Are you ready for Season 4 of The Path TV series? Do you still think this is possible? Bad news – no premiere date in 2019.

In 2016, the video service HULU released the drama series The Path, which the audience watched over the course of three seasons. Usually, new episodes appear at the beginning of the year, and this year (2018) was no exception, but all episodes are left behind and the logical question arises: will The Path be renewed for Season 4?

About the series:
Eddie Ley lives with his wife Sarah and children in upstate New York. All family members are followers of the Meyerist movement, combining aspects of the philosophy of the new century, shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, Scientology, Christian mysticism and utopianism, Sufism and ritual Freemasonry.

Upon returning from Peru, where he indulged in a secluded lifestyle, which was supposed to help him become a more enlightened meyer, the man begins to doubt his faith. Meanwhile, Cal Roberts, a friend of Sarah and one of the top leaders of Meyerism, seeks to expand her influence and put up with the imminent death of cult founder, Dr. Stephen Meyer…

Interesting facts:
* The series was created by Jessica Goldberg (“Alex of Venice”, “Parenthood”).

* Mike Cahill (“Another Earth”, “The Magicians”), who was one of the directors of the project, loves to shoot on three cameras and exclusively in natural light, which is the highlight of all his works.

* It was originally planned that the role of Cal Roberts will be played by Idris Elba.

* The snake we see in the scene with Eddie and Steve is a python.

* The series was broadcast on Hulu from March 30, 2016 to March 28, 2018.

And now is the bad news… On April 23, 2018, official information appeared about the cancellation of the series after the third season.

What do you thins about this series? Would you like to see the series come back for the new season
in 2019/2020?

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