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Timeless season 3 ?

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TIMELESS season 3

Are you still looking for the premiere date of the 3rd season of the Timeless series? Let’s wait for the start on NBC together!

Is it worth waiting for the third season of the series Timeless. The weak start of the second season was the reason for criticizing this project, but the right holders do not hurry to make conclusions.

Note that the debut season was accompanied by a fall in the number of fans. Initially, there were more than 5 million, but at the end of the season, this figure dropped to the level of 3.3 million people. The premiere of the second season was supposed to be more successful, but it was watched by less than 3 million American viewers.

The NBC channel representatives hoped for a more confident returning of the Timeless television show, but this did not happen and now the 3rd season probably will not be started into development.

We are waiting for news from NBC and support the series in the comments. The release date of the third season will be published at the bottom of the article if the project receives financing for further production.

The creators of this science fiction time travel drama are Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan, who know how to draw the viewers’ attention. We are waiting…

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  1. christiane becker

    Pease don’t leave us hanging at least finish up the story. I really enjoy the history play in the story line. Hate when you guys lay out a story like this and then cut it . It is like never finishing the end of a book

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