Jul 23

Undisputed 4: release date

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When does «Undisputed 4» movie come out? What known about release date? We need more!

«Undisputed 4» movie could become a worthy continuation of created trilogy, provided the creators concentrate on the plot and fight filming. According to Scott Adkins, these are the main factors which influence the positive movie release. According to his Facebook profile, he predicts the production of «Undisputed 4» movie in 2014.

A long wait is caused by the fact of his schedule being already made for the current year. During Fantastic Fest, which took place last year, Craveonline interviewed Scott Adkins. According to him, his character Boyka will get a new life «outside the bars», but again the special attention will be paid to the martial arts.

Adkins didn’t disclose a person of the «main villain», but noted the script was already finished and the filming process of «Undisputed 4» movie would start soon. The release date, discussed on many Internet-resources, wasn’t confirmed by Scott yet, as he wasn’t the one to decide.

Taking into consideration the above mentioned information, «Undisputed 4» movie is supposed to be produced. But will it be released in 2015?

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  1. Sten L.

    Undisputed 4 is not coming because third part was of most downloaded for free! no money – no film!

    • David Savage

      How wrong do you feel buddy?

    • Jordan S

      it is coming

    • kiko

      really? you are idi*t

  2. Galogen

    “I must disappoint you all and let you know that Undisputed 4 is not my next film but it is coming I promise!” – Scott Adkins (twitter)

    • Shekhar

      That’s a great shocking news for me and all fans of scott adkins.

      • jeff

        when are you going to make undisputed 4. 2.3 where great! Im into all of the action packed fighting movies and I hope you get micheal ja white in it to it will be exsplosive to the fans!

    • Travis Miazga

      The only movie I’ve seen in the original trilogy was Redemption. Easily in my top 5 favorite movies of all time…and undoubtedly my favorite “fight” oriented movie no holds barred.

    • Lew

      When’s it out in uk?

    • stuart

      really boyka is it coming and what date ..???
      thank u

    • Jevin

      Well keep us informed your the best marshal artist today

  3. Pascal Lamarre Grenier

    Toutes les film qui sort sont en streaming ou download la même journée ces pas compliquer

  4. salman

    Undisputed 4 will be must coming, and i also waiting for this movie. This movie release in 2014 but which month i don’t know.

  5. Lalit

    Undisputed 4 must come in and if Scott Adkins has been the integrated part of the movie as per my views and he is even more popular by the name Yuri Boyka One should do a fair justice to all his fans by releasing Undisputed 4 as soon as possible with starring Scott only.

  6. Yuri sardar usman

    Boyka we miss you and your beauty in the ring i AM waiting for undissupted 4

  7. avinash banjare

    I am waiting for boyka’s movie undisputed 4.
    love u boyka…..

  8. mani

    Boyka i know you can do it…..Come on.

  9. Kriti Sundar Seth

    hiiiii……….Scott Adkins,I watched your movie,undisputed 1,2&3 but l want to watch part 4…..
    & I want to prepares the body language & mascular just like u…..

    • jibran shah

      ooohhh yeah..
      am same as u

    • Chris Howell

      scott adkins wasn’t in undisputed 1 you plum, it was wesley snipes

  10. mani

    8i am waiting for U4, and also want scot to act in U5,U6,U7………….

    Me– I have to watch

    Turbo–Watch what???

    Me–Undisputed 4

    Turbo–U have to watch..

    Me- U will not understand

    Me- I am the most complete Fan of Boyka in the world.

    Me- whole life i waited for what…


  11. varshan

    Waiting for Undisputed4…..staring SCOTT ADKINS

  12. hrishikesh boro

    I love your movies scott..n waiting for your next release..u4

  13. Alfonso Armesto

    Scott has the three factors that make him one of the best and at this time
    my favorite fighting star. Those factors are;
    Skill, dedication and presence.

    Can’t find those factors in many action stars today.

  14. lucky boy

    Boyka I realy love u I want to see your fight angainst turbo I know u can do it.I wacth u fight In undisputed 2,and 3 u are a good fighter I’m realy happy about the undisputed 4 go boyka show the us the good fight boyka boyka boyka boyka boyka boyka no one can stand in boykas way no one even gaga and turbo they don’t stand a chance

  15. Naorem karnajit Meitei

    I want scott adkin (Boyka) as the role of hero as in the undisputed 3 redemption and i want u to break down and kill the black man of 2 who broke your foot otherwise i will never watch any martial arts film of the world

  16. raj

    u are the best love you boyka

  17. muhammad ahafique

    i love your movie scott.adkins i will be wait your undisputed 4 and id you can join fast and furious 7 i m ao happy.buttttt.

  18. Rishi

    I’m interested & waiting for the release of undisputed 4
    Because boyka the only one gift given by god…..

  19. yusuf musa carpenter

    Well this film is among my best favorite films and knowing Adkins is back make it all great can’t wait to watch it love you all

  20. Alex

    Scott Adkins , HIS Complete Fighter . And Tony Jaa Also very Good . Others ….

  21. ChinaBoy

    Scott (boyka) undisputed 3 is one of the movies I would watch over and over and over. Please surprise us with with U4. Take care KING of MARTIAL ARTS!

  22. amirthalingam

    when will «Undisputed 4» movie will be released.. i am waiting to watch the movie…. boyka boyka boyka

  23. hovi kennao

    I am still waiting for my one top favorite action movie “Undisputed 4”
    My HUMBLE request …please release the movie at the very earliest!!!!
    –Scott adkin… you are the best of the best ..trust me!

  24. rizako

    Boyka i miss seeing you in the ring showing us the real martial arts. You did good in undisputed 3 now i would like seeing those great skills of yours in undisputed 4.I want to see you beat turbo. God gave me one thing…. I am the most complete fan of YURI BOYKA… I pray that Undisputed 4 will be released soon.

  25. venkat

    i miss u looot boyka please relese undisputed 4 waiting for chennai guys

  26. venkat

    when u relese this movie ple…relese man………am very angry……

  27. Hmmm

    When u4 coming???

  28. Umar Ashraf

    you are the best fighter in world

  29. ibrahim sultan

    you are most complete fighter in the world
    we are wait for your new movie

  30. shahbaz

    U are a really fighter and ur body is very nice im also u like see and im waiting for ir next part …….thanx scott

  31. Fredyv

    Undisputed 2,3 best since van damme ‘s bloodsport can’t wait for the fourth one

  32. Lew

    Why isn’t it out yet

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