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«V» season 3: release date

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«V» returning for season 3? What is known about new episodes and premiere date?

All the secrets concerning the sequel of famous American science fiction series «V» have been unlocked. The show is a remake of the «V: The Original Miniseries», aired in 1984. Its fans have already watched 22 episodes, which have been broadcast since November, 2009 on ABC.

Unfortunately after the airing of the 22nd episode in March, 2011, ABC initiated the negotiation which resulted in show cancelling. Story was interrupted at the most interesting moment, that’s why the fans are still looking forward to the new episodes.

But the reality is the following: ABC closed the show in 2011! The reason hides in the low rating. The release date of «V» Season 3, expected by many experts and TV viewers, is no longer relevant.

Would you like the show to be renewed? Has the decision about its cancelling been right?

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  1. ronald cook

    What is going on how can v be cancelled talk about leaving the audience in the lurch please please abc finish what you started?

    • khembo

      You are right Ronald Cook. They should finish what they started. We need season 3

      • Heidi Greidanus

        AMEN!!! its just not right

      • Nazfan

        damn right!!

        • chris

          i agree they shouldnt cancel it
          i think the only reason why it hasnt been popular is because there wasnt many adverts! 😀

    • lou

      my nightmare will not cease till story is finished! Maybe a internet movie production?

  2. Heidi Greidanus

    I can’t believe that this series was cancelled!! I couldn’t believe it when the original series in 1980 was cancelled. I don’t think you advertised or publicized the new “V” series enough. I had NO CLUE that another attempt at the series was being made as I am sure many more had no idea. The only reason that I found the series was because my Husband was browsing the internet and discovered that there was a new series. I would have watched the series from the beginning and am now looking for the DVD’s to purchase as I have the original DVD set to the pilot movie and series. What an AWESOME remake off the original. So detailed and up=scaled, scripting, plotting….the story and intrigue just keeps getting better and better. I love the fact that you have tied in the 1980’s series with Diana and brought back some of the original characters. OUTSTANDING!!! I refuse to believe that this series has not had the following to back up the making of season 3. PLEASE, bring back this series to at=least tie up the plot that you have started. It’s just not right to capture an audiences attention as you have and then cut that audience off with no for-warning or closure to the story.
    THX so much,
    Heidi Greidanus

    • Azoutlawz

      they pulled this series cause it told to much o the truth..people should wake up to the reality that many shows they try to warn us from..listen closely to what they tell us I the shows..This show was a hit when they canceled it..

  3. Jake

    It is so wrong to stop a show when it was getting so good and juicy, to not even allow fans even a few episodes to close the show off is wrong of a network to do. Just because of a few slow downs on ratings there were still enough people interested to keep it going. Totally wrong to stop a show with such a cult following. I hope somehow even if DVD they get to do a season 3 and finish off the story line.

  4. Cover

    Could we at least have a 2 hr movie to finish off! we like a happy ending!

  5. Stenly S.

    The original was much better, but the ABC network should of least finished the job!

  6. Maryann

    I absolutely LOVED both the 1984 and 2009 versions of the show, and can’t believe they cancelled it. If anything, it should have been advertised more, for I’m sure many more people would have tuned in. If ever a show, deserved to be revived, its V! I hope ABC does something very special, or another network, and brings back the tv show for it should never have been cancelled, especially the way it was.

    ….its been too long without a Star Trek too, and no more Stargates? Whats up?

  7. Anakin

    WB and ABC does have the cash to follow up with a season 3 and 4 . There are NO reson for them to stop this great and fantastic series , all of us fans should complain or start a signature collectin website . I say Do it Now ABC and WB its April 2013. I will buy the 3rd. season the second its released . I totally loved the 1980s series and 2009 seriaes and must say again , release the 3rd. and 4th. seasons Now WB/ABC .

  8. Anna

    I love the show and Im grateful for the episodes there are to watch and maybe everything does not end with bows and a happily ever after…

  9. thegarsdale

    Can not believe they will not be making season 3 and more. we found the show fantastic, a credit to the 1984 series, the scifi update and even better than before story line. Please dont leave us in mid story, maybe look to show it on a better channel if you want the viewing figures to improve, not stop the show altogether, they would never think to do that to star trek???

  10. ansofie

    i watched V with my bf i liked the serrie they should finnish it
    i think the fans deserve a proper end
    maybe it wasnt that populair but it allways could get more populair to
    i live in belgium and its here on tv like 3 episodes now .. never heard of it b4
    so they didnt publish enough

  11. Chris

    It’s a disgrace that this series was pulled mid flow. They are still raking in takings from sales of season 1 and 2 but don’t intend to conclude the saga. I received the box set as a fathers day gift and having watched every episode back to back am horrified to learn that there is not going to be a proper conclusion. The producers should finish the job or refund buyers of the dvd or blu rays costing £20 or more….What would have happened if the Twilight Saga was never finished or there was no Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2 ???

  12. Pong

    Really, leaving a TV series unfinished just shouldn’t be allowed. It’s okay for a story to intentionally end on a cliff-hanger, or to have a finale that leaves viewers guessing. But only if it’s intentionally written that way. The producers weren’t finished telling the story, so there should be somebody there to be held responsible for that, or the show should be forced somehow contractually to continue. Because when you think about it, authors don’t write half a book and get it published. It doesn’t work that way. Athletes don’t play 3/4 of a game and then stop, with no winner, and no re-match. That’s not how it happens. I don’t think that’s fair to people who watch these shows to just cancel it in the middle. If that’s the case, then the person responsible should be liable somehow. Because that doesn’t fly in any other facet of the entertainment industry. It’s true, it is just a TV show, it doesn’t ruin anyone’s life or anything. But we have standards in every other form of entertainment that say this is wrong. Too many series end up like this. It’s like being thrown out of the theatre in the middle of the show. And it happens way too often.

  13. hawbash

    they have to make season 3 , the show was very cool .

  14. NAZ

    ABC should return V back to our screens…i grew up with the original and would like to see a return to this better and slick update version… come on ABC get your head out of your a$$es and give us season 3!!!

  15. Morgan

    I think the ending was perfect , After all of Annas plans coming to fruition including blissing humanity and successfully orchestrating the next generation of her species there would be no going back from that and therefore pointless in making a season three .
    So the forces of evil won , Get over it people . i think that makes a refreshing and more realistic change to the usual cheesy goody two shoes endings that you usually get in sci fi invasion series .

  16. aselA

    plzzzzzzzzzzz i need season 3

  17. Ryan

    Loved this series! Wish there was season 3

  18. Fana

    The V-series has been mind blowing, it has different story-line from the series I know, yet I rate it with the best series which are: Prison break, Breaking bad, Supernatural, The vampire diaries Arrow and many more. with that being said, I would really appreciate to see V being renewed for a third season. It has left us hanging- i just saw the series recently and it has left us hanging…wish to see season 3.
    I just read the comments made about the V series, from that I gathered a conclusion which should be prove enough that the series is one among the best, I edge the network at least to renew the series for a third season. Guys i read your comments I think we should keep them coming with the hope that soon they all will be head.

  19. v2009fan

    i wont bought anymore tvshows from u fagg*ts no more from now on i will illegaly downloaded every show and watch it without exceptions .

  20. Chris

    I’ve just been watching the end of season 2 here in Britain and can I just say I am absolutley gutted that your not making a series 3… of the best and most entertaing story lines I have come across….you need to make series 3 to end the story. Sort yourselfs out 🙁

  21. v McInally

    This show V has been great. Season 1 & 2, after a long time waiting for it to be show on our tv i was gripped by every episode and then at the end left on a cliff edge to find out they cancelled season 3… To say dissapionted is an understatement, they should do a season 3 and finish what they started, it was just starting to get good with some of the originals from the very first v appearing … bring back v season 3 :))))))

  22. Yasir

    this is a great show and i remember and love it since original show was telecast…very young then… but liked it very much.
    plz i request that the show must continue till its end

  23. Maggie

    You must bring us season 3. This rubbish remake had me hooked I loved it. That’s the only reason I paid for Sky TV

    Have a rethink Guys

  24. MG

    There has to be a series 3 the story has left people hanging. Its Not fair and the job needs to be finished like a true pro….!!

  25. aaron

    has any body started a sign page petition for v for season 3 fan support yet to be produced

  26. ethan

    U can’t end it like that bring it back now best show ever. Season 3 com back now best show everrrrrrrrrrrrr

  27. paul doyle

    s*cks big time. ay one want to buy my disks of season and and two real cheep. how about a refund for these?. since we are left in the lurch. paid top dollar for these, as have many ohers.

  28. Paddy Mcgowan

    Just like the original series back in the 80s….. No real end!
    Why?? They stopped filming then,and now again…
    Im getting tired with this cr*p.
    Just finish the show and make us V fans happy!

    Just like the first v what happened to the starchild and the leader.
    Who won the battle then. Who won now.

  29. Fana Dlamini

    All the way from south Africa. ABC please give us a continuation of the V series you just have to, this was an amazing series, with all the best twists to it.. I’ve Forever been hoping to hear a season 3 announcement release date. Please honour our desire and give us V fans what we need.

  30. Ramin

    Is this really right to treat the viewer in this manner? if you start with something you have to see it through. I think now is right time for the rivals of ABC to attract his costumers to herself by making the season 3 reality!!!!

  31. OGB

    At first i didn’t like the show because of the foolishness of that boy called Tyler, definitely this is a show that has to finished, because the season 2 became interesting, I think you don’t need ABC to start the season 3 there are other TV stations out there, How many times do people tune ABC. The producers i say to you the Season continue with or without ABC we the viewers are waiting.

  32. Mands

    Just watched series 1 and 2 on my kindle through instant video and I am gutted that there is no series 3!!!!

  33. Gail Round

    Loved v, please bring it back!!

  34. Emma

    please make another season dont leave us hanging like this

  35. steve

    Just watched series 1 & 2 back to back on my kindle, I previously didn’t even know of a remake. The plot was fantastic and every episode left you wanting more. It was expertly written and the characters were shown in depth which made you empathise with them all. The climax reached at the end of season 2 left you screaming out for another series. Low viewer ratings can only be put down to poor advertising as the series itself was phenomenal and I was gripped. PLEASE, PLEASE make a 3rd and even possibly a 4th series

  36. Caroline Stevens

    I for one am old enouigh to remember the original series from 83 with Diana as the leader. And I like the new V too, but it doesn’t feel like the real V. For once….Anna and the other lizzards bleed red…in the original they bled green. And Anna opposite Diana was way to fake…Diana showed right away when she got the power what she wanted.

    Killing Diana was the worst mistake ABC could do. I can bet that is where the numbers dropped the most. Old fans from the 80’s were happy to see her back. And I was also glad to see Marc Singer back who was one of the resistens fighters leaders together with Faye Grant in the original series. Maybe if he had stepped in sooner, they could have saved it.

    But YES…..I still want a third season, because they can’t just leave us with so many lose ends.

    Both the 1983-85 and 2009-2011 has been very popular here in Sweden.

  37. kerry

    Just watched season 1&2 back to back with partner what is happening with season 3 … cant leave ending like this .. we need season 3

  38. John

    What a disappointment.. loved the show.. unfinished project… you Don’t start something if you don’t have the v to finish it… it’s a great show.. I’m surprise of the outcome.. make season 3 bigger and better and you may attract more veiwers .
    If ABC won’t give us season 3, than V ya. Go to another network.. unfinished business.. means angry veiwers. Means the end of the world.. ABC is cheap anyways.. better network.. =season 3

  39. humano

    WTF! We want to see the last season of V… We’ve been years waiting for this… Please.

  40. spaceboy

    id love to see a new season of v as I just love Elizabeth Mitchel she’s an amazing actress as you would have seen in lost (cried so much when she died haha) anyway, it been 4 years now c’mon they should at least finish what they started.

  41. Jake

    How could u cancel such an amazing series. Only other series that come close is walking dead. Bring it back so we can have aliens and zombies. Or maybe Amy would like a crack at it considering abc is all about the money.

  42. Dominic

    I need season 3 goddem it

  43. The Radical New Born

    Every Time I Come tot the end of Season 2,
    It’s Like Wakin’ Up Out of The Greatest Dream @ The Best Part!
    Then, A Feeling of Dissapointment & Sadness Come in The Heart & Mind!
    Then I’ll Pray To Our Lord in Heven, that te Makers Will Start Season 3.
    Now With finding this Site, I’ll hope that My prayers get To the makers, this way!
    So Please, ABC Channel, Will You Please End This Great Dream!? Bless Ya’ll!
    A Dutch Fan!

  44. Sheryllynn

    I have seen the original version and now the new version, and liked them both alot. What i dont understand is why they keep cancelling really good shows like this. I really hope they reconsider making a Season 3 of this show, because i enjoyed it lots. I hope they see that there is alot of fans who want to see the next season be done!!!

  45. Kea

    I want to see season 3 of V

  46. hezekiah

    i keep dreaming about season 3 everyday

  47. Hilton

    We need season 3

  48. Bryan Sarshel

    Season 3 please

  49. les

    my son just gave me season 1 went out and got season 2 loved it sat 10 hours then died what happened stuck fans again why do you do it must have made costs back selling it on dvd

  50. Shazzy

    V was so much interesting n leaving us funs hanging is shocking we want to see what will be next. ABC we are waiting you got to do something

  51. Paul

    V needs to be return, to leave us on a cliffhanger is totally unfair to us as fans, the ratings were low, there was hardly any advertising for the show, ABC please give us the final season/ season’s. You are killing all of us by cancelling a great show. Please reconsider your decision. And BRING THE SHoW BACK TO LIFE!!!!!!

  52. Marie

    Really ABC? The one good show that I had found on your network? I think I just lost all respect for you. So sad!

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