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«Vegas» season 2: premiere date

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When does «Vegas» season 2 premiere? Renewed or Cancelled? What is known about premiere date on CBS?

TV-channel: CBS
Pilot episode: September 25, 2012
Creators: Nicholas Pileggi, Greg Walker

Episode 1: 14,85 million U.S. viewers

Episode 15: 9,52 million U.S. viewers

The new episodes of television series «Vegas» are still interesting for the viewership. That was the reason for the approval of new airtime for the project. Starting from April 5 it is being broadcast on Friday evening and due to its success the show is to be renewed for Season 2. The premiere date for the new episodes is still unknown, since the show wasn’t in the list of the shows to be renewed, announced by CBS during the last conference on March 27.

If the television series proves to be successful, we will enjoy the new episodes already in September 2013. And now let’s look forward to the official announcement!

«Vegas» season 2: premiere – [Officially cancelled]

Would you like the show «Vegas» to be renewed for new season?

UPDATE 1 (10.05.13): «Vegas» cancelled by CBS!

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  1. said

    I hope they keep Vegas….love that show! more please more!!!

  2. loui

    DON’T cancel VEGAS!

  3. fe$t

    I really want there to be a season 2! Save Vegas!

  4. Toldo

    VEGAS is absolutely the best show, can’t wait to see Season 2. It’s amazingly good. Download every episode to watch over and over!

  5. Cool3r

    Great cast, great stories! i never miss Vegas. Must be renewed !!!

  6. Murphy

    great show, great cast. keep it coming. DON’T cancel it, please.

  7. Renee

    Please renew this show it is great!

  8. Lynn J.

    My husband and I look forward to watching Vegas every week. Why would you cancel a GOOD thing? The ratings are great and that tells everything. Please, keep VEGAS in the fall schedule. You took away my show Harry’s Law, which I didn’t understand, please leave this one alone.

  9. soozeeque

    Every time we get a good show, it gets cancelled because of the target age group….that is just baloney….this along with several other shows i could name are soooo much better than, say Wilfred or some other dumb shows that don’t get cancelled…..come ON, people!!!!!

    • Gene Vallee

      I agree with you on everything.

  10. belgium

    well, it s*cks!
    and I have to agree with soozeeque, he made a great example
    shows like Wilfred are great, if you’re 5 years old and a retard!!!!
    but I’m starting to believe that the people who decides on this matter are even to stupid to understand that
    I think the American people should think about the level off intelligence they are heading towards


    ps: excuse me for my english

  11. Rafael prado

    I love this show. one of the best shows in tv.

  12. Alicia Evans

    I really love Vegas! Don’t cancel this show I followed this show with all the time and day changes. I think it is worth saving!!

  13. Eddie hall

    One of the best shows on tv !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great cast, please put it back on !!!!!

  14. HF

    My sister n myself have been enjoying Vegas . I hope they change about canceling this program. VERY GOOD N ENTERTAINMENT. THANK YOU

  15. ldw

    Can’t believe you cancelled this series??????!!!!!!!!!

  16. Shyla

    Dont cancel Vegas!! Its a really good show!!

  17. The Spragues

    CBS: Why would you cancel VEGAS??? You keep cr*p shows and dump that?? What is wrong with you people?

  18. Gene Vallee

    CBS,,,,,,,,,are a bunch of dumbsh*ts, they cancelled vegas……jerk offs.

  19. Bob

    You are a bunch o ckk scucking fags for cancelling this show

  20. Erik

    If CBS canceled Vegas I’m done with them. Vegas was the only show I watched on CBS! Why would they cancel a good show? NOT HAPPY WITH YOU CBS!!!

  21. Cheree Bindewald

    It’s an awesome show and one they everyone I’ve spoken to about it loves!! It’s just craziness the shoes that get cancelled and the cr*p that’s renewed!!!

  22. cle

    My wife and I wanted long enough. We WANT Vegas to be re-newed damn it! Very good show with great professional actors. Come on. We need great tv shows and Vegas is one of them. Please re-consider!!!!n

  23. Trav

    What the heck they need to renew Vegas one of the only shows I will stay in on a Friday night just to watch!

  24. wilyum

    “Vegas” is probably one of the best tv shows that has come on a major station in quite some time and through the wisdom of CBS executives, who probably want to remain nameless, you have chosen the alienate a multitude of “Vegas” fans, by your untimely cancelation. Shame, shame on you CBS. I doubt if you will ever be forgiven. How could you!!!

  25. irma jean watts

    I hope that you do not cancel Vegas. It is a great show. Please don’t cancel it.

  26. Marcus

    I loved the first season of Vegas! It is a real disappointment that they are not bringing it back. The ratings may have dropped but it is still a damn good show with a good following.

  27. william mcneer

    Keep vegas rolling!!!

  28. Lewis Lonaker

    I have been looking forward to season 2 of Vegas! It is when you people pull stunts like this that makes me want to throw my Tv out the window! It would save me 200.00 a month! I get interested in a show, and you get burr up your butt and cancel! I want it back!

  29. brek

    What a great show love the vibe between cowboys and mobsters and who doesn’t like Las Vegas. What a great show great twist do not cancel this show.

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