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Veronica Mars season 4

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Veronica Mars season 4 release

Are you still waiting for the release date for Veronica Mars Season 4? Will there be the new episodes? Here is the answer!

Should we wait for the release date of the 4th season of the series Veronica Mars or is the movie a finale for this TV-project?

We all remember that after the series was canceled by The CW in 2007, a large number of letters from unsatisfied viewers were sent to the rightholders. Of course, they said that the project had not been canceled, but only the team of the show had been sent on an indefinite leave to rethink the concept.

Such a response did not satisfy the fans and they did not give up. A few years later it became known that the movie Veronica Mars was being prepared for airing. Of course, this was not the 4th season of the series, but we’ve got the renewal of the plot.

Despite of the positive reviews from critics, the box office of the movie amounted to only 3.5 million dollars, with a budget of 6 million dollars, so we will definitely not watch the second part. The release date of the 4th season of the series Veronica Mars is also in question, because after failure, no channel has revealed a desire to redeem the rights for the project.

Are you still waiting?

UPDATE 1 (Octoner 26, 2017): Kristen Bell has confirmed that a series revival of Veronica Mars is going to happen (limited-series format).

UPDATE 2 (November 3, 2017): Bad news… Brad Bufanda (Felix Toombs) died Wednesday. He committed suicide after jumping from a building.

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