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«Warehouse 13» season 5: premiere date

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When does «Warehouse 13» season 5 premiere? Renewed or cancelled? What is known about air date?

TV-channel: Syfy
Pilot episode: July 7, 2009
Creators: Jane Espenson, D. Brent Mote

Season 1 Episode 1: 3.5 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 1: 2.14 million U.S. viewers

Four Seasons of «Warehouse 13» TV series have been filmed for now. Right before the end of the last one, the rights holders announced about the continuation of the given show, mentioning the ordered amount of episodes. The release date of Season 5 is confirmed to be scheduled for April 14, 2014.

The rights holders ordered 6 episodes. The filming process will start in summer this year. But the bad news is the following: the financed 6 episodes will be the last ones. Mark Stern, the Head of SyFy TV channel, has already confirmed the given information. It’s quite mortifying, isn’t it?

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  1. Com AN

    absolutely my favorite show! cant wa1t for season 5. please quickly !!

  2. Stop watch

    stop this f*cking show!!! to boring…

    • continue watching

      F!ck you this show is 1 of the best hows on tv why don’t you go stick your heasince that’s your favorite show d back up your a$$ and watch your sh!t

    • Aout There

      BORING? — Go back to your “reality TV shows” – like lizard-lick, Dog, and American (garbage) Pickers!

      THAT is BORING !

    • W.

      Please note the viewers who actually enjoy these shows. It may not be up to your standards but if you want to comment about a show others love I suggest you raise your standards to this shows magnificence. You need to adapt to the idea that you are not the only person on earth. Please task other people’s feelings into consideration when you comment. I am sorry to rant on you. I just want you to know that people care about this show. It is mind opening to new and interesting possibilities. Please think before you can hurt someone.

      • Spelling bee....

        And sorry to say your spelling is well…. inadequate. Sorry but the too you mean is spelled with two “o”.

        • Ron

          We all make spelling and grammar errors. This person made a point about the T.V. show most of us want to see continued. You made no point at all except you are an idiot patrolling comment blogs looking for spelling errors but adding nothing to the discussion.

    • octavia66

      If you don’t like Warehouse 13 that much why leave a nasty comment. I love the show and am sorry it will end. Just like Sanctuary and Eureka I do not understand why they stop them.

    • Christina

      No Stop Watch
      And BTW – Morons DO NOT rule .

  3. Gode

    boring???? u are kidding me? nedd more and more seasons! thank u Syfy !

  4. Reed

    Please give us one more season at least not just 6 more episodes, warehouse 13 is the best tv show I ever watched and got into

    • Jerkins

      The best show ever made By Far is Breaking Bad! Warehouse 13 is good but it is a fart in the wind compared to Breaking Bad, esp. The final season.

  5. toni

    boring your an idiot it is a great show and if they cancel it i will no longer watch and of the other stupid boring shows on syfy. i will not watch anything on syfy ever again if they cancel warehouse 13 my favorite show so tired of them canceling the good shows and leaving the cr*py ones on

  6. Lucie

    I agree with Toni. It really s*cks that good shows keep getting cancelled and ridiculous shows air for years and years. This show is amazing and should stay on the air and, only 6 final episodes is an insult to the audience!

  7. cc

    Really!!?? this show is great. They should continue to do more episodes. They’ve kept the character’s a mystery as far as why the select few were meant to be at the warehouse and why they have their individual gift. super techy and vibes and lie detector & photography memory and also aura vision.

    Come on syfy there’s so much more you can do don’t stop now!

  8. Paulo

    I just LOVE Joanne Kelly…..for me any movie or tv show with her is worth being seen….that woman sure is beautiful……make all the seasons you want for this show because s long as she stays on it you will always have at least one BIG FAN…….ME

  9. sabrinasabor

    awesome show needs work but still good if they made it longer it could be almost as famous as the movies of the librarian which was also collecting dangerous artifact awesome show

  10. Melvin

    They should give a full fifth season to the show. They should also call Pete and Steve as Alphas because of their abilities… 🙂

  11. Nos Llew-Blaidd

    I have loved this show since i first started watching it, and in my opinion as long as the remaining 6 episodes are part based i.e one story 6 parts then it will end in a glorious fashion :D.

    Like many fans i agree SyFy tends to end the good shows early but, sometimes it is not about quantity just quality and if the final season is as i suggested then it will make for a glorious outro to a glorious tv show.

  12. yanish

    please dont cancel the last season my family love it and specialy the last seasons4 please make it fast we cant every one is making a request from mauritius they love it so mush when they here that they are canceling the season they start crying so please we want to watch the last one

  13. Michelle Murray

    look no mater what you say Warehouse 13 is a great show and we need a full 12 to 20 episodes but at least give us the 6 and wrap up the story line don’t leave us hanging.

    please don’t do to this show and kill it off just cause ratings droop a little spend the money !!!! on shows like this and not the CR*P!!! you waste the money on please keep going there is so much more can be done with this show don’t do what you did with Caprica we need more intelligent shows like this and not shows like lost and reality tv

  14. Bedren

    Love this series. Can’t get enough. Really sad to see it end. Pray that they change their mind and at least give the fans a full season and not just 6 episodes.

  15. Zane

    Excellent programme … please don’t cancel this!

  16. Ronald Reagan

    I thought that the SyFy Channel was advertising that the next season of Warehouse 13 was set for September of 2013 !! If they end Warehouse 13 I will cancel my cable package that includes the SyFy Channel and save some money !! I quit watching Current TV when they ended Bar Karma and didn’t miss the rest of their programing so I will not miss the SyFy Channel !!!

  17. sandy d

    Love Warehouse 13!!! Can’t get it on cable – I literally signed up for Netflix to watch it when not at a motel with direct tv. My point is that if it is not available to more viewers, you won’t get higher ratings! I will cancel Netflix the moment syfy cancels warehouse 13. They do not have anything else I care to watch.

  18. roberta c

    There are so many ST*PID shows on the SyFy channel. Why do they have to cancel one of the best? It is well written, well acted, and I like the characters.

  19. Amanda

    I can’t believe it!!! I just started watching Warehouse 13. I don’t have cable so I didn’t hear about it before recently. I found it on netflix and was hooked. I even bought season 4 because they took it off of hulu. This s*cks! I just know the six episodes are going to include the death of at least one of my favorite characters. 🙁

    • vance

      yea. I totally agree. it is a way cool show….don’t do it syfy…

  20. paula

    I really like this show. I’m so sad to read it’s ending.

  21. sarah

    It life but there will always be other show that we all get stuck with. They better end it good because every one hates a cliff hanger to a ending of a good show.

  22. booyea

    best show ever the b*tches that says its boring….well f*ck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its totaly the best show ever produced so please bring out more …. Season 5 sould come out soon cant wait to watch ot

  23. Aout There

    Now, with the cancelation of “Warehouse 13” – I have ONE LESS reason to even turn on the Sci-Fi Channel !

    I’ll watch RERUNS of sponge-bob before ANY “new shows” on S/F !
    {GREAT move on the part of the “big wigs” there ! – MORE ‘ad revenue’ LOST!}

  24. GARRY

    y must it end.
    life will be very empty

  25. Robin

    God I am so pissed, W13 is one of the few shows that I’ve stuck with since the beginning. Those better be some damn good 6 episodes!

  26. Larry

    With all the commercials on SyFy money shouldn’t be a problem. Give us more Warehouse 13!

  27. sargent pepper

    I have always liked SyFy series and with Warehouse 13 they got a hit and now that it is on Netflix more and more people have discovered it and the viewer base gets bigger every day as more people are cutting the cable and using streaming media. SyFy will learn too late that there will be a huge boost in viewers when it starts again. Better think twice SyFy.

    • Mystery Loves Company

      And that is how you start a revolution. MORE WAREHOUSE 13!

      It is an awesome show which should not be cancelled. To anyone who says it is bad, f*** off, go back to watching your cr*ppy tv repeats and leave us alone.

  28. dillan

    Awsome show hope they don’t cancle it

  29. TOM

    WTF SyFy canceling another of my favorite shows what more wrestling will turn it off sick of investing in shows that get cancelled SyFy going in the wrong direction..

  30. Aria

    You wouldn’t think it’s such a great show if you knew how they treat their actors and what all goes on behind the scenes. Most of the stuff is so cheesy and stupid, I don’t know how anyone would want to watch it- other than kids. Lots of immature adults in this world apparently. It’s garbage to the max!

  31. Liz

    Please finance more seasons of Warehouse 13!!! It’s historical, mythical, cunning and silly all wrapped up in one hour of ENTERTAINMENT!! I miss Eureka terribly and don’t care about all the vampire and zombie shows on now. Why can’t SYFY just allow a million or so of us to sit down and enjoy just ONE hour of fun!???

  32. Mike R. in MT

    I just finished watching all the episodes of warehouse 13 renting them on DVD (I’m behind the times up here I know) and was excited as I check online to find info for s5 but sadly this thread page is the first I clicked on and reading the comments pretty much filled me in with the current events … now I’m compelled to comment myself and hope my drop in the bucket helps it overflow. Syfy do what you can to keep the warehouse going! Fans need to comment support and maybe enough drops…

  33. Harlquinth, UK

    Please don’t cancel Warehouse 13 as well! Syfy channel has cancelled so many good shows it doesn’t deserve its name anymore :(.


  34. nojoe

    Why? This show is awesome why would you cancel it. It is one of syfys top shows according to ranker com why not cancel a show with the lowest rating and the lowest income if not then at least put on a couple more episodes than six or put on repeats of the show on television. On ranker com if you click on warehouse 13 you see all the crazy stuff about it being taken out and we all know that decision is not final cause it involves MONEY so please change the decision and also think the shows are being watched on Netflix too so it is popular. So for crying out loud KEEP IT!

  35. christine

    I can’t believe it is ending. They always cancel the goodnight ones

  36. Gina

    This is a great show. I looked forward for every show. Its not boring. I’ve been waiting for it to return. Please do more than 6 episodes. I would hate to lose another great Sci FI show. It keeps you glued to the tv. The characters are really good and really makes the show.

  37. liathano

    This is another great show that is ending. I find it hard to believe people would rather watch the contrived rubbish of reality tv which seems to get preference over the shows I watch. I hope season 5 has more than 6 episodes and ties up the lose ends. It is very annoying when there are unanswered questions and the show has finished and the best you can do is speculate. Hoping for a good ending!

  38. Hoss

    This show is the least boring in syfy’s showing list. Whomever thinks this amazing mind opening show is boring needs to look up the definition.and if you feel like it still is boring then please reconsider. Many watchers enjoy this magnificent show. And they out weight the few who don’t. Please don’t ruin the show ‘s reputation by saying lies. Don’t just represent those who don’t like it but represent those watchers who enjoy it. Those who presume the show is boring can just change the channel. Please don’t ruin it for those who enjoy this grand show, and know you are still doing the right thing.

    • Eric Kangas

      Thank you

  39. M. Maddox

    I hate this show is ending. It’s the only show we watch on a regular basis on this channel. It’s a fun show. So much better than so many of the other shows on other channels. My husband and I will miss it, it’s one of the very few shows we both like and can watch together. We hope they will reconsider and keep it on.

  40. Blackjack

    WHY??? WHY???? WHY???? Cancel this fabulous show? The historical knowledge learned from this show is Awesome. It holds your interest and keeps you glued to the set. I just cant wait for the next episode. Really bummed when I read it was to be canceled. PLEASE SAVE THIS SHOW

  41. LAM

    Well I’m so disappointed again. this will b the 5th show we watched that will b gone. w bought the series on dvd we watching eureka now, then warehouse 13 this will b 5th time to watch so that lets u know we think lots of what they shown now. And I m guessing we don’t count. Sad so very sad

  42. schumebuddy

    Warehouse 13 is one of the best shows on SYFY. I hope they keep making them.

  43. Betsy

    If you truly care about this show go to the Syfy website and click on Feedback to send them an email letting them know how you feel about this show. Maybe if enough people send them emails letting them know that we want the show to continue then maybe they will reconsider their decision about canceling the show.

  44. NIKKI

    Top Show cant wait……..
    Those who hate the show but love reality tv…..REALLY WTF

  45. vance

    I don’t know the reasons or anything. and I am just one of many people who love the show. so take it from me:dont cancel it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Jennifer

    Sorry to hear that Warehouse 13 will be axed after its final 6 episodes. I have thoroughly enjoyed all seasons of this – it allowed me one hour per week of escapism from all the horrible things going on in the world today – thank you Syfy!

  47. Bdsntn

    Absolutely love Warehouse 13 !!!!!! Sure hate to see it cancel. Got hooked on Terra Nova ….it was cancelled ……now Warehouse 13. Nothing left on TV that I enjoy.too many reality shows not enough good entertainment like Warehouse 13.

  48. jim

    A great show based on the Friday the 13th tv series from the late 80’s.

  49. roger

    Ronald, I had the same thought…..got a more costly cable package cause it included Sci fi channel ( been a while, yes?) , but since they canned Eureka, Alphas and now Warehouse 13, I might just back down to a cheaper pig and say to hell with them…..
    (edit) Uh, meant package (pkg)…. stupid autocorrect…..

  50. Kenneth Cleys

    I feel Warehouse 13 is a great show hate to see it leave, there are still alot of storylines to utilize on artifacts. Even if they sound redundit. I appreciate the cleverness of its writers.

    I missed EUReKA when it cancelled also.

  51. carrie

    4400, Continuum, Eureka and now Warehouse 13…unbelievable! They have no clue

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