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Bloodline season 4 ?

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Bloodline season 4 release

Bad news… The Bloodline series has been cancelled by Netflix. Are you still waiting for the release date of Season 4 in 2018?

Should we wait for the 4th season of the series Bloodline? Many fans are still looking for a release date for new episodes on Netflix.

Unfortunately, in 2018 we will not watch the continuation of this magnificent story, because in September 2016 it has been decided to cancel the series after the third season. The reason for this early stop of the shooting process was the low rating of the second season, and the third season’s ratings also did not please the right holders. Does the show really become uninteresting?

Now we already know for sure thatit is not worth looking for the release date for the 4th season of Bloodline, because the creators have not renewed their contracts with Netflix, starting work on new projects.

We hope that the final of the third season has justified the expectations of most viewers, but, nevertheless, we would like to see the renewal, would not we?

Bloodline season 4 release date – [cancelled]

The plot tells about four adult brothers and sisters, whose secrets pop up after returning to the family of their fifth brother. Did you like this series and its ending?

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  1. jamie

    i want season 4!!!!! you cant just leave it at that!!!!

  2. Lynn

    Please have more of Bloodline, it is addictive!!!!!!

  3. Paula

    Very disappointed that there will Not be a season 4 !!! Hope they change their minds and bring it back .Love bloodline !!

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