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Grace and Frankie season 3 start date 2017

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Grace and Frankie season 3 start date

When will season 3 of Grace and Frankie premiere? Netflix announced that the show would have a third season. Let’s wait for the start!

Original network: Netflix
Executive producers: Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Paula Weinstein, Dana Goldberg…
Editor: Michael Jablow
Genre: comedy-drama

As it has turned out that the creators of Grace and Frankie television series are completely sure in the success of its second season, which is to premiere in 2016. Not waiting for the release of the new episodes, the show has been renewed for Season 3 (13 episodes), and pre-production has already been started.

It should be noted that the green light for the second season was given fast enough and it didn’t cause doubts even of the most demanding critics. The show totally justified the expectations of the rights holders and was financed for the third season in advance.

The release date of the ordered “pack of episodes” is scheduled for 2017 (March 24, 2017 – updated), and more exact terms will be announced by Netflix later. We’re following the news and will update the article after fresh announcements.

Could you expect it from Netflix?

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  1. Jess89

    I want more of Jane and Lily. They ARE the show!

  2. Suzanne Jeffris

    I love Grace and Frankie. I watch the season so fast and then I’m let down because I have to wait a year to see more. How about two seasons a year? That would be great.

  3. Linda

    Love this show,patiently waiting for season 3!

    • Jennifer

      I too love the show Linda. However, I am not feeling very patient!!! I want it yesterday!

  4. Rose

    Can’t wait for next season 🙂

  5. Sandi

    I had heard how great the show was started watching the first season on Saturday and finished the second season by Monday. It is really good Jane and Lily play off each other great I like the whole cast; can’t wait till season 3; just read it won’t be out until 5/2017 can’t believe I have to wait that long.

  6. Michele

    Funny, family, reality. Best show yet. Only reason I join Netflix was to see this.

  7. Jackie

    LOVE this show! I must have watch season 1 and 2 reruns like 1,000 times already!!! Come on Netflix. Can’t you put out a new season every 6 months?

  8. Michele

    love the show! My daughter told me about it,so I watched and could not stop! Binged all Labor Day weekend. can’t wait for season 3. love the whole cast!

  9. Carol

    We love Grace and Frankie! The characters are so fun and the actors are perfect fits!

  10. lois

    looking forward the new season 2017..i cann t wait good show.

  11. Selenie

    Luv, luv, LUV this show! Each person has their own hilarious quirks and their own flaws. I’m glad we get to see both in each character. I like how they’ve all said sorry for something. That’s good. We all need to say sorry. Can’t wait to see what next season brings

  12. crysrose

    I watch the beautiful women every nite, hurry up with 3rd season,
    show is fabulous!!!

  13. Fawn

    I love the show Grace and Frankie. I watched it so fast that it was over before I knew it. Then my sister comes to visit and I watched it again with her. I have made “friends” with Grace and Frankie and the cast. They were in my life and home many days. No I’m not crazy. lol Please hurry with the new season. I miss them so much. And please think really really hard about having 2 seasons a year. They are so funny. Nothing on the Netflix can take their place. See you soon.

  14. Claudia

    My husband and I love this show and can’t wait for season 3. I’ve told all of my friends to watch this show. The writing and acting are outstanding.

  15. Juju

    I love Grace & Frankie!!! Give us more!!!!

  16. Susan

    Love this show! My husband didn’t think he would like it but we watched two seasons and can’t wait for season three. The cast is great, it has a little of everything makes you laugh, and is such a welcome change to a lot of the shows today. Great job to the writers and the casting crew. Lilly and Jane you guys are a trip!! Luv it! Hurry up season three!!

  17. Elizabeth

    Can’t wait for the th next season, love this show..

  18. Joanne

    Just discovered this sitcom in Jan. 2017. Watched both seasons in two days and I’m addicted! This is the best sitcom in years. Such a hoot. Can’t wait for Season 3.

  19. Deb

    Can’t wait for more of Gracie and Frankie please.don’t make us wait too long

  20. Edie Kressy

    Just watched both seasons, the best tv there is…I am a young 80 year lady who recently lost her sweetheart of 60+ years and feel Lily and Jane are me…I love all of the characters and now can’t wait for the next season…this show is right on! The clothes, sets, beach, one feeds the other…LOVE it, thank you from my heart.

  21. Bonnie

    I don’t know where to begin. The show is fabulous. Love every minute of it. My daughter told me about it and I was doubtful at first, but it is hilarious. I just turned 65 and can so relate to Grace and Frankie.

  22. Carol

    I can’t wait for season 3. I had heard it was cancelled but now it’s back and going to start soon. Love Grace and Frankie. Definitely quite a few laughs and a great mood lifter. I would love to see a couple seasons each year.

  23. Cynthia

    I am waiting with bated breath for Season 3. Can’t get enough of this show. Gosh, it is a riot!

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