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«Boardwalk Empire» season 5: release date

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When does «Boardwalk Empire» season 5 come out? TV show renewed or cancelled? We want to watch new episodes! Premiere air date is known!

TV-channel: HBO
Pilot episode: September 19, 2010
Creator: Terence Winter

Season 1 Episode 1: 4.81 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 1: 2.38 million U.S. viewers

Due to the high rates and overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics as well as several prestigious awards, «Boardwalk Empire» TV series of HBO cable channel was approved for the fifth season.

Bobby Cannavale won the shows first acting award at the Emmys for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and The American Film Institute included it in the Top 10 List for Television of the year.

«Boardwalk Empire» season 5 premiere – September 7, 2014 (officially)

According to the announcements, the first of 12 new episodes will be broadcast in September, 2014 and the shooting process is to be started in early spring.

What would you like to watch in new season? Support it in comments!

UPDATE 1 (Jan. 9, 2014): HBO announced it will be the final season.

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  1. Carolyn

    I can’t believe HBO is making us wait until September, 2014 for the next season??? September??????? Who can wait that long???

    • Linda

      I can,lol. The walking dead? Now thats hard to wait 6 mos for. Oh ill watch s 5 of be when noothing else is on. Love the costumes. Hated the back story on jimmy. Waste of,an episode. Twd backstories are necessary to see what the characters were before the world eent to crap and dsurvi al makes them disinigrate into anti heros. Rick biting joes neck off to save his son from being raped? Cmon son. U never know what u can do when ur trying to save family and friends. We are a cult following. Thete never has and never will be a better show. I laugh but never watch as network tries to come up with something. Omg ,the other channels always copy,like psy,h. But no one can come close. The acting and storyline are just superior. But boardwalk is ok. I mean nothing else is on so i watch it as a rerun. I lo e chalky,Omar. Bad ass omar,almost as good as darryl and ri,k,but ni cigar lol
      They wont print my comment cauze nothing is as good as twd. My 16 million friends agree lol

  2. Linda thomas

    I totally agree with Carolyn about the boardwalk Empire series. Can’t wait for it

  3. janice bouchard

    I love Boardwalk Empire. So sorry this will be the last season for it.

  4. Al

    …excellent show, terrific writing, choice of actors and settings.

  5. Linda

    Watched the four seasons in a few days. Not close to the acting and characters of TWD vut entertai.ing as a period show. Mainly tuned in to see Omar,lol. The wire. But as 16 million agree with me TWD is the inly shiw worth watching weekly. We are left wanting more after each episode. Omg even talking dead gets threex the viewers of the cable shows. They deserve the emmy based on us. But u like to pat yourselves. Have,fun. Boardwalk is ok. Liked ri,hard and chalky. I always liked buscemi. But as i said TWD has spoiled us. Nothing else comes close. I never miss an episode,atch it 10 x,and talking dead fivve. Any other show? Could care less. Oh my. This show has less than 3mil and it gets renewed lol. At that rate twd is good fir ten yrs. Sorry

  6. Reginald Rowels


    • SLY

      First my Sooranos left and now my Boardwalk Empire! Ugh I never want to see Bdwk Emp end. Amazing show with an amazing cast!

  7. Sylvia mora

    Boardwalk HBO series is why I even subscribed to HBO! Please keep it longer than
    5 seasons!!!!! Thank you !

  8. DD

    Boardwalk Empire is by far the best show on tv period! l hope HBO comes to their senses and keeps going with a few more seasons at least.

  9. dave

    fyi bring richard back, and you have to make a sixth season because 62 ep’s is a stupid # so have a sixed with 13 to make 75 also show al giving away food like he did and where is frank nitty. I never wrote anything but will you let me try? I don’t even want any money.

  10. phil

    The best show on TV and HBO. What numb skull wants to cancel It?

  11. Barbwyre

    I am a die hard Boardwalk fan.. I am sad the fifth season will be the last. I watch this show faithfully and love, love, LOVE it!!! Don’t take it away!!!

  12. ROZ

    Yeah!!!!!Can’t believe I have to wait until September—Really? All communication ceases when the show is on. CANCEL WHAT????

  13. Kerry

    Been a fan since I saw the trailer….How can they end it at season 5??? The only reason I watch HBO is this show…another great show ending leaving a wake of disappointed fans…hope they rethink their choice!

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