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«Boardwalk Empire» season 5: release date

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When does «Boardwalk Empire» season 5 come out? TV show renewed or cancelled? We want to watch new episodes! Premiere air date is known!

TV-channel: HBO
Pilot episode: September 19, 2010
Creator: Terence Winter

Season 1 Episode 1: 4.81 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 1: 2.38 million U.S. viewers

Due to the high rates and overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics as well as several prestigious awards, «Boardwalk Empire» TV series of HBO cable channel was approved for the fifth season.

Bobby Cannavale won the shows first acting award at the Emmys for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and The American Film Institute included it in the Top 10 List for Television of the year.

«Boardwalk Empire» season 5 premiere – September, 2014 (officially)

According to the announcements, the first of 12 new episodes will be broadcast in September, 2014 and the shooting process is to be started in early spring.

What would you like to watch in new season? Support it in comments!

UPDATE 1 (Jan. 9, 2014): HBO announced it will be the final season.

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  1. Carolyn

    I can’t believe HBO is making us wait until September, 2014 for the next season??? September??????? Who can wait that long???

  2. Linda thomas

    I totally agree with Carolyn about the boardwalk Empire series. Can’t wait for it

  3. janice bouchard

    I love Boardwalk Empire. So sorry this will be the last season for it.

  4. Al

    …excellent show, terrific writing, choice of actors and settings.

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