Oct 21

Da Vinci’s Demons season 4 ?

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Will there be Da Vinci’s Demons season 4? When will the new episodes premiere in 2016 on Starz? Bad news for the fans: Season 4 wouldn’t be produced.

It’s time to say good-bye to the television series Da Vinci’s Demons. In summer Starz management announced that Season 4 wouldn’t be produced and the release date of the final episode was scheduled for December 2015.

Despite the numerous fans’ requests, the new episodes weren’t funded, that was why the renewal shouldn’t have been awaited in 2016.

It should be noted that the premiere of the last season of Da Vinci’s Demons, as well as its online release were scheduled for October 24. The viewers were promised a worthy final and answers to all questions.

Now the show has about 500 thousand fans (in the USA), that’s why the decision on its ending is quite controversial. The director David S. Goyer in his interview didn’t hide his disappointment concerning the end of the show, however stressing: “We’re ending the story on a high note!“.

Would you like to watch Season 4?

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  1. Crysta Whistler

    It does disappoint me. Da Vinci’s Demons is unquestionably the main reason why I have Starz.

  2. Glady F.

    This is a wonderful series! Sell Da Vinci’s Demons to Netflix! They always take off the good tv shows too early.

  3. Janett

    so what’s the real reason for the cancellation?

    • Russell Gartrell

      What i can say is that the long delay between seasons and the cancelation are linked.

  4. mara

    Absolutely would watch a 4th season of Sell Da Vinci’s Demons. So sad they didn’t renew!

  5. Kandra Headen

    I am so very unhappy that there will be no season 4 of Da Vinci’s Demons. The cast is wonderful and the story line is sensational. Please rethink and renew it!!!

  6. Dawn

    I would hope the series would continue after season 3. It would be Very disappointing to think that all the committed viewers would be left hanging! Just like For Those Who Kill, it was canceled and all the fans were left hanging.

  7. patricia porcello

    SELL the series and have someone else produce it. It was well written, so well acted, beautiful sets and costumes. You had a lot of people waiting to see season 4. Season 4 should not have been shelved, you should listen to your viewers, (your paying viewers I might add).

  8. poncho.sam

    Very very disappointed with how this davinches demon is cancelled, without season 4. Can some one explain to us , the root cause of the cancellation.

  9. Michael

    Why take davincis Demons off , I really got into it especially season 3 , if they would put it on Amazon I would buy it.

  10. Rita

    We want a season 4 , 5 ,6 on and on of Da Vinci’s Demons . Please start producing and continue the series .

  11. phill

    agreed soo sad..

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