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«90210» season 6: release date

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When does «90210» season 6 start? TV series Renewed or cancelled? Where can watch new episodes?

The first episode of Season 5 of «90210» series was aired in October, 2012. After that the creators were going to close the show, as the number of fans, interested in further storyline development, was decreasing by four times in comparison with the premier episodes of Season 1. In February, 2013 the creators officially announced that Season 6 wouldn’t be produced. The release date for the final episode of the current (the fifth) Season was announced and scheduled for May 13, 2013.

Mark Pedowitz, president of The CW, expressed his gratitude to all the fans as well as to the cast and crew of the show. Also he denied his previous statement which suggested that the teen drama «90210 » would be renewed for Season 6.

Did you expect the show to be cancelled?

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  1. Kiro

    This show was a mess from the start…

  2. Fuzzy

    I really hope we’ll get a great finally!

  3. Anonymous

    The show was complete rubbish! Not sure if I’m gonna miss them

  4. D

    WTF! Don’t cancel 🙁 I love 90210

    • Ashna


  5. marchella

    i need this show ! please hurry up and bring season 6 out

  6. mia

    I am pretty sure that 90210 will get renewed! change your minds, Mark Pedowitz!

  7. Peter Pullicino

    What a shame yeah the show has its ups and downs but all in all it’s not a bad show and the charecters have become like a part of us. What is it going to be like with have Annie and Naomi or with out Dixon or Liam. I really hope that the show has a hughe surprise at the end like its not going to be cancelled and it will be back on in September there are really no other shows on tv like it right now and it’s amazing things with low numbers are usually considerd collectors items or considerd limited productions when tv shows get low numbers there considered failures!!!

  8. Emelie

    There must be a season 6! This show is soooo amazing! I love it, all the characters, drama and issues. Please make a season 6. My friend and I loves this show! It’s too good to shutdown.

  9. priyanka

    I have loved watching this show and it can really relate to this show- this show is a part of us growing up and becoming adults in the real word, we have developed with the characters of 90210. I suggest 90210 get renewed for season 6 and see how the ratings are thereafter, one cannot make a judgement because one episode was bad, i really hope 90210 gets season 6- my life will never be the same,

  10. ashlee

    Please make a season 6! My favourite show!!! && Season 6 will be a awesome amazing season!!!!

  11. onisha

    we want a new series of the best best best best best best best best show in the world i love this show please brind a season 6 of 90210 cw

  12. Callie

    OMG MAKE A SEASON 6!!!! I absolutely love this, watched it all the time, plus I need to see Annie and Liam get married!!!!!

    • Ashna

      I always wanted that.. since LIAM has come in the show 🙂

  13. Kaylee

    They need to make a season 6 they just can’t cancel it like that i need to see liam and annie get married and the rest of the crew … please renew .. 🙂

  14. xoxo

    i love this show pleaseeeeeeeeeee make season 6 i wanna see liam and anne get married and i wanna know what happens to silver 🙁

  15. xoxo


  16. Kim

    I just finished season 5… and of they arnt renewing the show can we at least get a 2 hr movie to see how everyone turned out?!?! At least Ghossip Girl gave a finale where they showed the future and how everyone turned oit!! Come on and please give us a glimps into the future!!

  17. jamie

    Please change ur mind I love this show

  18. jazing123

    Please renew 90210!!! Have to know what happens to silver, marriage of Annie and liam, what happens between Naomi and Jacob, etc… PLEASEEEEEEEEE RENEW

  19. Jovonna

    PLEASE RENEW 90210.. I really hope the rating weren’t affected by DVR recordings!! Loved every twist and turn about this show, 1st show to make me cry in a long time!!!!

  20. cassandra

    90210 was a really great show to watch, I could relate to the show a lot. I learned so much from this show. I think every character played an amazing role in this show. I wish we could see more of this show in a season 6. Every season there was a great plot to the episodes. There was so many complications that were created but that everyone figured out. Weither it was drama with a relationship, family, friends, work, society, publicity, no one let anything wrong happen with anyone and they all did go against each other but they all got together to solve every problem and had each others back and became a team. this show really showed me that there is more to life than just worrying about yourself and what others think about you and enjoynig your life to the fullest no matter what happens or comes your way.

  21. Ashley

    I have to see lei mans my girl get married please one more season pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  22. Lyric

    really need to watch the up coming couple. Plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss cant wait.

  23. sarah

    i love this show i have watched it from day one and have loved it ever since!!!! i loved the character Ethan ward and hated it when he left but if the show leaves i don’t no what ill do plz don’t go pretty pretty plz!!!! i beg you plzzzzzzzzz yous are the best show in the world and always will b just plz don’t leave me!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  24. michael

    i real love the show with all my heart please continue. i would love to see what happen next, with DIXON’ s record label as he is my favorite character

  25. Brittany

    Please don’t delete this show I love 90210 so much it’s actually the best show I’ve ever watched

  26. Madison

    Don’t cancel plzzzz I love it I feel like I know the people

  27. 90210

    don’t cancel it please
    I love 90210 and I want there to be a season 6
    I want to see annie and liams wedding….
    please be a season 6 last episode made me cry loll

    i am obsessed with 90210 <333
    please ,..have a season 6

    • Terry

      i also cried!!! lol

  28. Terry

    90210 should definitely continue!!!!! The show is amazing and cannot end this way….. ANTI-CLIMAX!! :'(

  29. Hannah

    I’s stupid how many problems they can make that’s why it lasted so long but i still want to watch it!

  30. Kokochanel

    Please bring show back

  31. tiffany

    there has to be a season 6 I wanna watch liam and annie get married and see if silver makes it through her cancer…….please make a season 6 I cried my eyes out please we all are begging u

  32. Bianca


  33. riochiu

    Please give us season 6~~~~ I am still waiting for it~~~

  34. Christine

    I think the way they cancelled 90210 was a terrible for the fans that were there every week. I would think that if they had decided they were not going to renew the show, that we should get a proper finale. Ok so the way the last eopisode form season 5 may have answered some things we were wondering but if you could not take your time to complete this series by doing it properly and tying up loose ends with most of your characters, that upsets me as a fan. Now I wonder should I invest so much time into a show on these stations. Why bother when u are there to watch each episode to see what happend ans then to one day be told well after this season we have decided to cancel, why invest so much of your lude ,,,,,,

  35. Hannah

    I miss this show so much ❤️❤️

    • Jazztiana

      me too girl

  36. Jessica

    I love 90210
    I’ve been watching it so long like from the start I mean that 90210
    Shouldnt been cancelled season 6 have to come plzz comoon just do a season 6
    I want to see how naomii a max get back
    And annie&Liam wedding 😉 for real f****ing put 90210 againe
    Love it :*

  37. sam

    90210 started with me when i was on my 1st year on high school and they were too !!!
    i`ve been living the last five years with all high school problems and getting to collage i can say i had millions of memories with that show !!! it can`t just be canceled like that !!!

  38. Jazztiana

    no dont cancel.. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  39. Breanna

    I love 90210 please don’t cancel I loved the finally show it was amazing don’t cancel the she is awsome I want to see how everybody turns out about the marrig the cancer will silver fight it how’s dixions music curer is going and Annie’s wedding plans is niome planing the wedding how’s the relationship between niome and her boyfriend do they ever make it to doc after ther wedding. So meaning qustions

    • Kierra

      i want to see Liam and Annie get married and i want to see how everyone turns out too please change your mind and produce it. i watched it every night till it ended. i loved it. Btw I love how you made Liam and Annie propose at the end!!!!!

  40. colby

    plz have a season 6 I want to see annie and liam get married

  41. Bobby

    Please bring 90210 back show cw11 channel 11 I love so much bring back memories I was watch re original Beverly Hills 90210 channel Fox 5 1990 please don’t cancelled show

  42. Anonymous

    Everyone I practically know watches this tv show and they love I love it you should really keep it going I mean there were a lot of parts were u really could connect and relate to a character!PLEASE start more seasons your creative think of it just come back with something spectacular like Annie’s wedding or something you creators are very talented and this tv show is probably my favorite!!please bring back 9⃣0⃣2⃣1⃣0⃣

  43. Ruairi

    90210 is the best show ive ever ever watched!!!!! a season 6 would make mine, and alot of other peoples LIVES, yes! LIVES!!!! this show is just something season 6 HAS to happen!!!! writers, creators please, ANYONE!!!!!!! i might e a bit late now nut this show is definitely the best show ive seen in my life!!! a series 6 is happening!!! non-negociable (yes i spelled that wrong) Chow!

  44. Brittany

    90210 was the best show ever made. I never disliked any of it. It shows the true meaning of friendship and love. Taking it off the air was one of the worst mistakes to be made. If I could rate it on a scale from 1-10 I’ll rate it 1,000,000. Please bring it back on tv.

  45. Tiff

    I actually really liked 90210. It’s a shame

  46. Jesse

    This show is so great! It speaks to me on so many emotional levels. I <3 90210 forever.

  47. Lacy

    All I have to say is “90210” showed everyone who watched it how life has MANY different roads that you can take! And the show, shows you how life can suck, but also how amazing your friends and family are! The show, shows us pretty much what things can happen in life! All I have left to say is, is that “90210” is showing us how important it is to care for our life, friends, family, and spending every moment like it might be your last! All I ask is please reconsider season 6! Seasons 1-5 have changed I bet so many lives, I mean it sure change mine! If you keep going with the seasons, season 6 through who knows what will probably change a lot more life’s like seasons 1-5!
    Please reconsider!

  48. nikta

    I think season 6 should be made it was an amazing program and I reckon it helped a lot of people. I was gutted when the show ended and found out there wasnt going to be season 6 I think they should reconsider and do a new season

  49. johnny

    hi this is johns child and i am really mad that theres no season 6 and i would tell them that people want to see the movie that star in and we should make a new season because i want to see liam and annies wedding and i want to see ade and navied spade there lives together i want to see what happens to macila like i want to see all the things that they left off with happening to happen i want to see silver before she dies in the movie i want to see if silver lives and i want to see if annie has a baby or not thats the things i want to see .I got to go but if you do make a season 6 i will know because it says if theres a new movie or a new season on my iPad mini so i will keep on eye on want pops up on my iPad of netflix.

  50. Tay

    Can there be a season 6

  51. jumper boy

    don’t cancel

  52. Sydney.

    There should be a season 6! There should be a lot more seasons! Such a great show! Watched it over and over! I enjoyed every bit of it! Make more seasons.

  53. gabby

    i just started watching this show! My friends for years told me to start it and i always refused because i actually don’t know why. Anyways, im on the episode when Ethan and Annie break up and i have been crying for HOURS on the phone with my friend. this show isn’t like any average show. is a show that resembles teens everyday life. i am currently entering eighth grade and will soon encounters the ups and downs of high school. my point is, 90210 has really gave me a sneek peek to all the drama in high school. although im only on season one, i already now that with my skills i will finish he whole show very soon. it is very sad knowing that after season 5, i will not be able to watch it. therefore making season 6 is a must. the creators probably will not see this comment but honestly im just bummed that there will be no season six. also i really really really want Annie and Ethan!! i love them together. i cried for days and hours and am very depressed (extremly upset and crying). please please please please please make them back togethr. or at least for them to have moments like if they have “the look” or a kiss and for them to have some moments. anyways please make season 6 because honestly for 2 years nw people have been commenting on this blog and if this isnt a sign that the show is a hit then i don’t know what is!

  54. blank

    Yes please make a season 6!!!!!!!!! This is the best show ever in history… your getting all these comments to make a season 6 just do it!!!!! Love this show:):):):):)!!!!

  55. Samira

    This show was incredble it was amazing in many way and I really hope that they release a new series

  56. Yavian

    I hope to see it come out maybe we can do a plot twist like Dixon and silver get together like how does Liam tell Sid that he got married like I love this shoe it’s my life I will write a whole series for you plese just give us a season 6

  57. Jazz

    There is no way that this is the last season. How can annie and liam get engaged and we have no idea how annies happill ever after ended. Please we need a season 6, 7. 8 , etc. until theres no more ideas. But this cant be real. I find a show that I like watch and it just stops just like that. Impossible. There has to be more because Naomi and Jordan are going to DC, annie is engaged, and wrote a bool which is bond to have a sequial to it, Navid and Aid are back together planning a future.. Silver has cancer and Dixon encouraged her that she will fight the cancer so this can not be it.. Please we need more seasons.

  58. Jenna

    ugh so sad it is cancelled, the ending brought me to tears, i really hope they can bring something out to clear out any cliffhangers they left in the season finale

  59. Lisa Peterson

    Really, all of these comments and it is September 2016, it does not take that long to make a/an another season at least on more season (6), I can’t believe you left it end like this. Apparently you all don’t know what you are doing or like to make money, or even make your fans happy. Don’t you honestly think it is time to make an announcement that season 6 will be starting soon, I dare you, I double dog dare you; are you scared, a chicken? I can’t believe you all as producers have giving up on a popular show like this, chickens….
    Sincerely disappointed,
    Lisa Peterson

  60. Gail

    I loved the show. I just wished there was gonna be a season 6 because I would like to see liam and Annie’s life and wedding is gonna be like. I hope one day a 6th season will be created.

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