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Hit the Floor season 4 ?

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Hit the Floor season 4 premiere date

When wiil Hit the Floor season 4 come out on VH1? Do you want to know the exact premiere date in 2017?

The series Hit the Floor (originally titled Bounce) is one of the most popular projects on VH1 channel.

It takes place in Los Angeles; there are a lot of interesting events on the basketball court. But basketball – this is only a part of the plot of the series, as mainly we will focus on those who during breaks entertains and amuses the crowd of spectators in the stands. These people, beautiful girls team of cheerleaders who perform a variety of stunts and flips. But their life – it’s not just the incredible performances …

Unfortunately, the creators of the series several times delayed the premiere date of the third season that caused a lot of questions from fans. This break had a negative impact on the rating of the series and led to a decrease of the viewers, but the ordering of the fourth season is still possible.

Hit the Floor season 4 start date – [status: not yet renewed]

VH1’s representatives have not yet made an official announcement on this matter, and we can only wait patiently. Are you waiting for Season 4?

UPDATE 1 (Dec.21, 2016): VH1’s contractual hold on the main cast is about to expire.

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  1. Maria

    Hit the Floor is a great show! I look so forward to watching it every week. NEED Season 4

  2. Jan-Dyk

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOW! Deserved for Season 4

  3. Tee

    Yes I love the show. I wish you would run each season longer then you do. I hope Season 4 will start early as well.

  4. Zee

    Please bring Hit The Floor back. It is my favorite show. I have high hopes for Asha and Derek.

  5. Mandie Orona

    Hit the Floor is just a great drama show that, every week I look forward to what will Helena do next. I love to hate her.

  6. loza menkir

    am really excited what is going to happen in season 4 specialy to jelena ……do not keep us wait much

  7. Marie

    I really want to know what will happen to Yelena please don’t take too long

  8. Sabrina Ann


  9. Guyla

    Hit The Floor needs a fourth season ith more episodes More advertising would help as well. Please let the audience know when the season premiers.

  10. Sylvia Corley

    Please bring it back love the show,plus you left us hanging.

  11. Darlene A. Freeman

    There has to be a season 4. The acting and storylines take me back and its a great time time to wine and dine with friends while watching this. I have watched it from the beginning and I would be truly disappointed if it is not picked up for a 4th season.

    • Latasha Thorpe

      Yes hit the floor need to do a fourth yesssssss

  12. Eunice

    I’m wondering what happened to season three. I set my recorder and episode 1 recorded, but nothing after that…couldn’t find it in my recording lineup. How can I watch season three? And NO…I’m not patiently waiting. Hit the Floor has the longest hiatus’ in the history of television. What’s up with that?

  13. teevhu

    hit the floor is the best

  14. Nicole

    Bring Hit the Floor back! Please!

  15. Latasha Thorpe

    I think vh1 should do another show

  16. Kim T

    I hope it comes back for a season 4

  17. Debbie

    I Love the series and really hope they come back! Please renew!

  18. Lisa

    Bring back this show or let BET have it. They will gladly take this show and air it!!

  19. Creatious

    I am so over waiting for this to come back. Each season, they drag it out before it comes back. Peace OUT!

  20. Johnny V

    Love the show, love to see it continue. Look forward to season 4.

  21. sharon

    this was a really good show. as far as i’m concerned it’s a big tease every year. i’m done. fans shouldn’t be treated like this. one year it didn’t even come on. whoever is in charge should be fired. too bad! what a waste!

  22. Latasha Law

    Yes I feel like at least do a season 4. You did the wedding and now we want more. I really love this show it’s to many reality shows on I really loved this show. Can’t wait until the next season.

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