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«The Borgias» season 3: release date

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When does «The Borgias» season 3 come out? Official premiere date is known.

Since April, 2011 Showtime has been broadcasting the Canadian series called «The Borgias». It is a story about a famous family ruling in Italy during the Renaissance. Neil Jordan is an official director of the show. All 19 episodes combined in two seasons have been already captured.

«The Borgias’s» high ratings resulted into the renewal of the show. Showtime ordered 10 more episodes of Season 3. Shooting started in summer, 2012 in Budapest. Jeremy Irons will play the part of Pope Alexander IV and the role of producer, writer and director has been given to unrivalled Neil Jordan.

More than half a million viewers are looking forward to the premiere episode of «The Borgias» Season 3. The first episode will be premiered on April 14, 2013, which is synchronous indicator taking into account the release dates of previous seasons.

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  1. Liz

    I would pay all i got to watch next season. I have already bought all the DVD available.

  2. Ken DonoV

    The only show I can’t miss.

  3. Kathy

    I cannot believe The Borgias, a thinking man’s drama get cancelled and drek like Honey Boo Boo The Kardashians and Duck Dynasty remain on television.

  4. Madalena A Lane

    Cannot believe that a thinking man’s/woman’s epic movie, not only based on true facts, beautifully played… intense drama…. that this has been cancelled and sh*t like most reality shows are still going and more coming….

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