Mar 14

«Homeland» season 3: premiere date

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When does «Homeland» season 3 start? Renewed or cancelled? What is known about premiere (start) date and new episodes?

In 2012 «Homeland» series won many prestigious awards and was nominated for several times. High position in Showtime project rating was the main reason for Season 2 and now for Season 3 to be produced.

At the beginning of the current year the media published the official rightsholders’ announcement on the continuation of «Homeland» for Season 3. The premiere date for the new episode has been defined and scheduled for September 29, 2013 (Sunday). David Nevins, the president of Showtime channel, is satisfied with showrunners’ work as well as with the final of Season 2. The number of TV viewers (USA) amounted to about 2.3 million at the moment of episode 24 broadcast.

Also it was confirmed that Season 3 would have 12 episodes and the final episode would be aired almost at the end of the year. Alex Gansa in one of his interviews stressed that such characters as Carrie and Saul, the CIA agents, would continue their fight against terrorism as these roles were assigned to them according to the franchise. However, some changes in life and temper of Nicholas Brody are quite possible.

What do you want out of season 3? Is the show still interesting or not? Leave your reply!

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  1. kami

    This is the best show EVER!! I have never missed an episode and have seen all of season one 3 times. Sure wish it was a longer season!

  2. Jack Riezenman

    With a show as exciting as Homeland, why in God’s name are you waiting so long to begin
    series 3? By waiting so long, I believe you will loose many viewers.

    • jim wilson

      I agree, producers are hedging.

  3. Angie

    I absolutely love this show…i believe there are quite a few angles to go on and i know it will be as interesting and addicting as ever!!

  4. Karen

    Iam sooo addicted to Homeland. Please make more episodes in each season. The writers and
    sorty line are excellent. So much intrigue.

  5. ipscmaster1999

    We’ll see what kind of ratings you gonna get if you compete with Sunday night Football

  6. k.c.driver

    Im not one to watch any show every week but homeland has me hooked!

  7. Laura

    What a marvellous show. It is great!!!! Please, I need wath the spanish versión of new season 3. Tahnks a lot to Carry, Saul and Nicholas.

  8. jim wilson

    I like the series, it needs to pick up speed. Is he going to be a spy or a good guy. I believe if he turns out to be a spy that the series will end.

  9. zita nawn

    There was and never will be a riveting series such as HOMELAND. I cannot wait for series 3 to commence.

    Carrie, Brody and Saul live the screen in their magnificent roles.

    Golden Globe and Oscar awards truly deserving for best : direction/editing/script/producer/actor/actress/supporting actor/actress….is there anything left?

  10. laura

    I’m SO PISSED!!!! Homeland is my number one show, I haven’t missed an episode, and even enjoy rewatching the episodes… That is until BRIGHT HOUSE and Showtime got into a dispute over $$… Bright House hasd DROPPED SHOWTIME!!! Supposedly they will pick it back up once the dispute is over… It’d better be before September 29th, or Bright House will lose yet another subscriber.

    • pablo clark

      L. let us get P.O’d 2gether and have wild motel knowledge of each other like Brodie and O’l girl did!!! 🙂

  11. pablo clark

    awesome as a lifetime 495 beltway person this show is very “all over it” … It did irk me how the search teams in the tunnels did not use dogs, and a few other tactical writer oversights, however, all in all great freaking show….P.W.C. & The Company..!!

  12. anita deleo

    I absolutely love the Homeland series and I’m addicted to it. I have purchased Season 1 and plan to purchase all of them and pass them to friends who will enjoy them!

  13. Mary Berry

    Love it!! Never watched a TV serial until now.

  14. Lucy Bommartio

    My favorite show! I cancel Showtime all year except when Homeland is on. Guess I better re-subscribe soon!

  15. Juli

    It is oct. 3rd. Has it been on yet?? I can’t find it.oh I just on demanded and saw a 4 seconds preciew of the past episode

  16. robert

    This the best yet,Im addicted to this show I need it bad Thanks and enjoy

  17. Lynn Ruby

    Love the show!! Pls keep it going!!

  18. Anthony

    Best show ever. Pls keep it going

  19. Beverket

    Love this show. It is so riveting. I love all the actors, they are so believable. BRING BRODY BACK.

  20. Judy

    Our son bought season 1 and 2 for my husbands birthday. We love it so much that when we got done with season 1 & 2 I went to Target and bought season 3. It is something you can’t wait to watch the next DVD it is addicting.

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