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The Originals season 5 start date 2018

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The Originals season 5 start date

Are you ready for The Originals season 5? The series has been renewed for the new season at The CW. How about the start date in 2018?

The series The Originals deserved for another season on the channel The CW. The exact start date for the 5th season is expected by a huge army of fans around the world, but the right holders are not yet ready (UPDATE 1) to announce it.

There are even rumors that new episodes will start in January 2018, but most experts are sure that we should not wait the release before March 2018. Note that at the time of the renewal of this show for the 5th season it was already known that Michael Narducci would leave the post of the showrunner, and his place would be occupied by Julie Plec, known for her work on the series The Vampire Diaries.

It is also confirmed that Leslie Morgenstern (TVD) will work as the executive producer of the series The Originals, starting with the fifth season.

At the moment there is no information on the number of episodes, the production of which has been financed, so the creators are not ready to announce the exact start date in 2018. We are following announcements from The CW.

The Originals season 5 start date – [March 2018]

News about the fifth season of The Originals will be published at the bottom of this article. Do not miss the update and know everything first!

UPDATE 1: Good news! The CW renewed the series for a fifth season.

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  1. S A Rocha

    Enthused about Originals Season V. Well directed with strong, well-defined characters, I’m a-waiting to see 1) how Hope persevere’s against the Hollow, 2) how Klaus and others grow and expand strengthening the series, and 3) who will we get to see from Vampire Diaries where it all began. Evolution is a good thing and bringing back old familiars like Alaric was and will continue to be a treat!
    Why must fans wait so long for the season to begin??? Don’t let us lose our interest.

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