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Agent Carter season 2: start air date

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Will Agent Carter be renewed for a season 2? The continuation still possible! We need the start air date on ABC! Let’s wait for the new episodes premiere!

TV-channel: ABC
Created by: Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely
Starring: Hayley Atwell, James D’Arcy, Chad Michael Murray, Enver Gjokaj, Shea Whigham

Season 1 Episode 1: 6.91 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 4: 4.63 million U.S. viewers

«Agent Carter» television series became the worthy alternate for «Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.» for the winter break. Many viewers believed the show would have only one season, consisting of 8 episodes, but in January 2015 Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, the excecutive producers, said that the show wasn’t a mini-series and the ordering of season 2 was quite possible.

The producers aren’t ready to announce the start air date of the new episodes yet, as at the moment the discussions on their financing are still being held.

Agent Carter season 2 premiere – [January 19, 2016] (UPDATE 1)

If ABC managemen decides to renew the show, we will inform you at once.

UPDATE 1 (May 7, 2015): Good news! The series was renewed for a second season. The premiere is scheduled for early 2016.

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  1. Fred

    Looking forward to this! Really hope for season 2.

  2. Ella Hayes

    I’m loving this show. I hope they keep it going as long as they can keep it fresh.

  3. Monica

    Really hope this season isn’t the last of the show.

  4. Leon

    Its billed as a 8 episode limited series. I highly doubt ABC will revisit it after its done.

    • GarTaSSS

      It’s not the limited series!

  5. TheCastro89

    I’m enjoying this show more than AOS. The time period and look is very well executed. Hope for season 2 in 2015-2016!

  6. Megan

    Great plot and cast. Still waiting for a season 2 announcement for Agent Carter.

  7. Al Ballard

    Guys, ABC doesn’t announce any renewals until May. Just wait!

  8. Wm

    8 episodes is not the perfect amount. People always want more! Give us full season 2 in 2016, please!

  9. Curtis Reese

    We need a season 2!

  10. Tricia

    I really hope for a season two. Agent Carter is such a great show.

  11. Van AAA

    I think, when the show does get renewed, it needs more episodes!

  12. Scotty

    This is a great show. A few more spoilers in week one would have kept people into the show.

  13. Lela

    I thought it was a good season finale and a great fight between Peggy and Dottie. Hope for season 2.

  14. Deanna Dotson


  15. Sarah

    I love this show!!! Please please don’t stop. Can’t wait for season 2

  16. Alicia

    Hayley Atwell is great as Peggy Carter. Our household consists of 3, ages 15, 28, and 44. We were all watching Tues. nights and hope to see ABC renew soon.

  17. bill

    If anyone from ABC is reading this, there needs to be a season 2!

  18. Pam

    We must have more seasons of this show! It is a far better program than Agents of Shield, which I am already tired of because it has become too unbelievable with all of its ridiculous plot twists. Agent Carter is timeless. The quality of the acting, the plot, and the cinematography makes it absolutely riveting, and the characters are believable and engaging. I can’t stop watching. Bring us more!! I absolutely love this show.

  19. Sandy

    I really enjoyed this show!! The cast, the story, and the scenes were done very well. I hope ABC renews this series for another season. I would like to see how Agent Carter starts Shield. ABC, please do not cancel a potentially great series!!!

  20. Lizza

    Agent Carter is an awesome show, perfect for a very wide age group. I know so many people (myself included) who have grown disenchanted with Agent of Shield because it is slave to the Marvel movies. I’m not going to bash AoS but I will say that everyone I know prefers Agent Carter, it is really wonderful.

  21. Michelle smith

    There better be a season 2! I love this series, peggy is the best! I honestally wish i could have been her in the 1950’s. It would have been great! I love jarvis and his posh little lifestyle and i love howard and his manslut ways! I want to know what will happen now after dotty didnt die and i want to know all about peggys life right up until steve returns 70 years on! Actually i dont want to know, i have to know! So please hurry along with season 2’s release because i have been waiting patientally and i dont know if i can wait much longer!!
    Sorry for the rant
    Thanks bye 🙂 x

  22. Victoria

    I love this show. Can’t wait until Season two!! I love how all the Marvel shows intertwine. Makes you love the characters even more!!

  23. Fiona

    GREAT NEWS!!! Thanks, ABC

  24. Rocketman

    One of the best shows on TV. ABC would be a fool not to pick this up for another season.

  25. Catherine

    Agent Carter is a wonderful series. If she hadn’t gotten married in Winter Soldier..I think time travel could have been incorporated in a Captain America movie where she could have come into the present and been reunited with Steve…then become part of the Avenger team.I never want to she the show canceled..but if it ever is..the time travel thing could work..they have great chemistry

    • Bruce

      I’m with you! It’s an onscreen chemistry that can’t fail! These two superheroes of the Marvel Universe BELONG together and nobody could EVER be a romantic substitute for either one of them!

  26. Alex

    Can’t wait for the new season. Absolutley impatient.

  27. Toney

    Love the show for it’s uniqueness and classic feel of the old movies with futuristic plots. Need to start the new season SOONER!!! early 2016? come on…

  28. Bruce

    I’m excited that Agent Carter will be renewed, BUT…….I don’t want to see her with any “new love” since she and Captain America will always be soul-mates.
    The Marvel universe had better find a way to re-unite these two PERMANENTLY. I don’t care how many sequels it takes, just get it done before Peggy Carter expires of old age!

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