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Finding Carter season 3?

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The TV series Finding Carter has all the chances to be renewed for Season 3. What about premiere date in 2016 on MTV? We are waiting for the start!

TV-channel: MTV
Starring: Kathryn Prescott, Cynthia Watros, Alexis Denisof, Anna Jacoby-Heron…
Genre: Teen drama

Quite successful start of the second season of «Finding Carter» television series let the rights holders talk about the future of the given TV-project on MTV, as it is not a secret that a million of American viewers are enough for the show to remain on air.

Six weeks later the creators even announced that the shooting plan of 12 more episodes were approved to be produced, but it wasn’t the renewal of the series for the third season, but simply the extra episodes for the current season. Thus, the number of episodes of the second season was increased to 24 without ordering of Season 3 (returns on October 6, 2015).

Unfortunately, after the successful start the number of fans is only reducing and some episodes are watched by about 500 thousand people, which raises question concerning the start date of Season 3 in general. The critics are unsatisfied, however financed episodes will be broadcast in any case, that’s why the break of storyline or stop of shooting process is unlikely.

Finding Carter season 3 premiere – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

The creators are obliged to attract the viewers’ attention! We should support the show!

UPDATE 1 (January 29, 2016): Bad news… Finding Carter has been cancelled and will not be returning for a third season on MTV.

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  1. Leisa

    Anxiously waiting for Season 2b!

  2. Miss Kersh

    When does show return? Season 2 or Season 3 – whatever

    • Brain L.

      Rest of season 2 is going to be another 12 episodes for a total of 24 for the season but the next 12 episodes are later this year.

  3. VanessA

    When does it come back??

    • harley20

      Follow the updates! There is no official information

    • Anonymous

      October 6 2015

  4. Fonda James

    Finding carter is my life! I hope it comes back for season 2b and S3 but they said the ratings have been low so worries me.

  5. ARA

    Crash is back !!!

  6. There$$a

    Only 2 episodes left… Kyle shoots David I think. He looks like he is going crazy. Can’t wait!!!

    • Anonymous

      No he doesn’t jeez why are you trying to ruin it for everybody….

  7. Kate

    This show is awesome. Keep finding carter going.

  8. Kasharny

    OMG Sooo hooked!!! Can not wait for more episodes and the next season, best show ever! 😀

  9. Kassidy

    this seasons finally was so amazing I cant wait for a third season. Please renew the show and have Carter and Crash get back together!!!!!

  10. me

    When is season 3 coming ? Ya can’t just end it that way

  11. victoria

    kassidy i think they shouldnt i want to know what happens to max because he turns himself in to the police for the death of jared the bar ownere

  12. Roo

    Finding Carter is a great show. I do hope it comes back. I believe the ratings went down because too many things and too many new characters were happening all of the time. Focus on what you have going on, and develop the characters you already have. What about Bird’s story about being raped? Also, why are they promoting abortion? Just too much going on….Quit going off in all different directions, and work on developing what is already going on. I also thought it was rude to use a CHURCH with a lit up CROSS for one of the drug parties, just observing. I love this show, I hope it is brought back, just quit screwing with it!

  13. Chels

    Such an amazing show, cant wait for season 3!!!

  14. Lana Shea

    Anxiously waiting to see if there’s a season 3?! Please MTV don’t leave us hanging !! #obsessed #findingcarter #fan

  15. FindingCarter#1fan

    When does finding carter come back on?!

  16. Leann Bush

    Please renew finding carter for season three. It’s a good show and its mean to leave people without closure… please continue to produce this show

  17. macie

    I cannot believe they would just cancel the show and leave us all hanging… I’m really upset this was 1 of the 2 shows I looked forward to watching every week and the fact that its now canceled I don’t have any other shows to watch that I enjoy.

  18. Jojo

    Finding Carter is the only reason my fiancé and I keep Hulu, we love this show, it should keep going! ><

  19. anonymous

    Very dispaointed to see that season3 of Finding Carter is not coming back…really like this show!! 🙁

  20. Cynthia

    Entirely heartbroken that this incredible show with all of the amazing actors and actresses will not be returning.. Its one of my favorite escapes. And I’m obsessed with all the characters and drama.. MTV s*cks!

  21. Anon

    I used to look forward to this show every week. Please bring the show back I love it!

  22. Vince green

    What is going n why have season 3 been canceled???? this is an outrage!!!

  23. Kat

    Please bring finding carter back, such a good show!!

  24. dizzybee

    Aw horse sh*t! Another good show cancelled

  25. Littleone

    This show is amazing and is easy to relate to anyone in one way or another, I love the realistic struggle with everything carter has been through and trying to reconnect and the mistakes that I know some people have made. It really hurts to know that they cancelled this show returning for season 3 it was so awesome and leaves you hanging so badly, and for one of the first times a chick with a lot of awesome piercings got a leading role! I hope they bring this show back!!

  26. Summer

    HOW ARE YOU CANCELING SEASON THREE??? I’ve been waiting since October for this!!! Please bring the show back );

    • miracle

      I wish they would! This was my favorite TV show!

  27. miracle

    Did it get cancelled? WHY!? This was my favorite TV show!! I have been waiting for it to come back on… Now im upset that its never going to come back on!!WHY!?

  28. Nicole

    this is my favorite show!!!!!!!!! why are you cancelling the show? you cant make the ending like that without doing another season. If they do not make another season I will never watch anything that is created by these directors there for making it very apparent that they cannot finish the work that they started.

  29. Alycia

    What this better be a joke!!!! This was my favorite show!!!!

  30. Lindsay

    I found a petition online that claims they are less than 300 names away from reaching 13,000, which appears to b their goal.Dont know if its too late to try and save, but if. U love the show It can t hurt to try. Anybody who has social media pages should Def. Post on there. Btw… if u don’t renew season 3 that’s just stupid. There is so much story left to be told.

  31. Carmela

    How can you leave people hanging like that!!!Season 3 needs to be renewed. It was one of the shows I looked forward to watching every week. If I did not get to watch it that very night at least I knew I could watch it on demand. Now that Roku has the MTV ap you could watch it the very next day and not have a 3-4 day lag with Time Warner Cable. Please re-new it. You have a lot of disappointed viewers.

  32. kathleen

    I am tired of getting hooked on shows and them getting cancelled. Cancel the shows like Jackass, or the skateboarder guys stupid shows. just because you have money does not mean you need cameras following you around and that is entertaining….I am sorry. I am so sick of all of these reality TV shows, I just want real entertaining shows.

  33. Nic

    Like SERIOUSLY!!!! The one show I actually like gets cancelled. Please bring it back!

  34. Jeremy Sanders

    Taylor is the most interesting character. It speaks volume when Taylor was telling Carter” I’m like dad and your like mom” .

  35. Tanya

    Please bring back the show!! It’s a really good story line that seriously needs finished!

  36. jan

    Cancelled because of not enough people watching? Maybe you need to promote the show better. It”s a good show.

  37. Meagan

    I’m so upset I’ve been sitting around waiting for season three to find out there isn’t one. Bring it back now!!!!

  38. Jen

    You gotta be f*ckkkkkinnn kidding me ending the show like this!!!!!! I literally watch the entire season 1 and 2 and was anticipating the 3 season!!!! MTV you s*ck!!!!

  39. Rachel

    I’m seriously upset right now, I love this show & know a lot of people who watch it. How can they just end it like that. MTV does that with a lot of good shows.
    They did the same thing with “My life as Liz” & “The Hard Times of RJ Burger” both got cancelled after 2nd season.

  40. Dacia

    Disappointed this show was cancelled I was waiting for season 3 and MTV never came through. They rather keep making seasons about girls getting pregnant at 16. Like ok we get it girls now days like to have unprotected sex in HS and become single moms. Next subject please!!! Please let that next subject be Finding Carter Season 3.

  41. Mouse

    Just binged watched Finding Carter. Love it!! And I’m 54 years old!!!!!

  42. Linda weakleyenriquez

    Please bring ba k finding Carter i watched all the time luv that show wheres season 3 and many more seasons please please bring back.

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