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«Almost Human» season 2?

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Will «Almost Human» show renewed for a season 2? TV series has the chances to be renewed for one more season! What is know about start air date?

TV-channel: Fox
Pilot episode: November 17, 2013
Creator: J. H. Wyman

Season 1 Episode 1: 9.18 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 12: 5.27 million U.S. viewers

The stable ratings of «Almost Human» television series should become the reason for its extension for the second season.

Despite the official announcement hasn’t been made yet, the fans of the show, the amount of which comprises 5,3 million people, are sure the new episodes are to be financed.

«Almost Human» season 2 start – [series cancelled] (update 1)

However, the critics have different opinion – right after the pilot episode they have started to talk about the show cancellation. According to the Fox channel representatives, the fans of the series will be provided with the information concerning the new episodes soon, as by now the decision on the extension of the show for the second season wasn’t announced yet. We are waiting

Should it be continued?

Update 1 (Apr.29,2014): Fox has opted not to renew the futuristic crime drama for a second season. Almost Human cancelled officially.

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  1. Patricio

    i think Almost Human should come back for a season 2 because i like the show ))

    • Michelle Lunn

      I totally agree with you, we finally found an awesome show just for Fox to cacel it.

  2. Samanta R.

    Waiting patiently for season 2. hope it keeps going.

  3. Slim

    I think it is dead. The actors are wooden. no emotion at all.

    • Calvin

      Pls goto see love story

  4. Lisa

    Only character worth watching was the Michael Ealy character…

    • Rob

      That is such a negative attitude. The whole show is awesome. The story lines are great.

      You apparently have a closed mind.

      • sharon

        fox please bring almost human … I can’t talk it one of my favorites….

  5. Yuniper

    Good show! Please renew! Characters have great rapport. Interesting storylines. Drama, human-interest and humor all combined make it really enjoyable.

  6. jim andersen

    an intelligent show-bitcoin/bio printers/advanced technology in the show. that’s why it will fail.
    not enough brain dead, pc, liberal brain food or silly ‘oh look at the (pick your talent search or
    gossip show). each to their own, but i am from the last generation of people that didn’t need
    an i phone to spell or count change. fringe had the same problems, its ups and downs, and managed a long life and ended excellently. almost human has the same following and potential.

    • bob zeski

      amen, brother… At least with fringe they finished the series….. you know

  7. mahcats

    I sincerely hope Almost Human is renewed because I liked it enjoyed an opportunity to think about how life will be 34 years from now.

  8. Yuniper

    Looking for status of these shows I like on season-release-date but could find nothing. I want them back.
    No more reality TV, please. I want good shows with actual storylines and actual acting.

  9. Paul

    Really fun, interesting show, super characters well acted, what’s not to love about it….!!

    • Rob

      Exactly!!! Thank you, someone with taste!!

  10. Pablo

    Renew it. The premise is great and they’ve left enough questions to provide material for another good season…or more.

  11. uk voter

    Awsum program, should release 2nd season

  12. suz

    Great show! Give it a phucN chance!!!!!! Bring it back for a second season!!

  13. iluvDoren

    If u guys think of removing my fav show I will flip out,I love the show and I luv doren don’t take this show off air I’ll die.


  14. mon

    i love the show don’t take it away!

    • Rob

      Yes, another wise person. It is even better than Dredd.

  15. Isabel

    This show is one of the most interesting and innovative sci fi series on TV. The relationship that John develops with Dorian is not only entertaining, it is a visionary perspective of how we humans will develop in the future .

    • Ron

      I agree completly but most likely it will be canned to
      Make way for more brain dead slop

    • Monika

      I am getting really irritated with this Networks. Instead of promoting “thinking”, they cancel Quality shows and replace them with stupid, mindless unbelievable reality shows and intelligence insulting sitcoms.
      People should really watch Almost Human, it will give them something to think about the future.

  16. John

    Stop cancelling shows that people love. I love Almost Human. You don’t want the fans disappointed.

    • Rob

      I could not agree more, but no sadly, they do not care. What they should do is take public polls, but that would be to easy.

  17. Claudia

    Love the show. I watch it onDemand every weekend. The only tv show I have really been able to follow through since it started. Please don’t take away my tv show away.

  18. Karen

    I think networks should pay my husband NOT to watch their shows. Or maybe pay him to watch their competitors’ shows.

    Every show my husband decides to watch and loves they cancel.

    I would like to see this show be renewed. I am also tired of reality and cop/csi/law shows. I watch CSI, but do we really need hundreds of shows that are like it?

    I like new ideas. Dracula (maybe cancelled), Almost Human (maybe cancelled), Zero Hour (cancelled), Terra Nova (cancelled), Tomorrow People (maybe cancelled even though it won Best Youth-Oriented Series on Television…how you can cancel an award winning show I am not sure…?)…just to name a few…

    At least Falling Skies, Sleepy Hollow and revolution made it…

    • Rob

      I am on board with what you are saying, except for the CSI shows, I like 3 of them.

      As far as canceling award winning shows, I agree.

      A&E cancelled The Glades even though it went to 4 seasons, and it is the only show they have except Duck Dynasty that has went past 2 seasons. And they left it on a cliffhanger, go figure?

      I still cant get over that.

      As far as the reality shows, I could not agree more. They are all stupid, there is nothing real about them.

    • Karen D.

      I agree with you, every time I fall in love with a show they cancel it. I am so tried of reality shows they mean nothing. Put back Being Human.

    • bob zeski

      terra nova and the tommorrow people….. Great shows… makes me wish we the consumers had a say…. We know what we want so give it to us… Comit to a series or dont even start it!

  19. Erica

    Yes! Please renew this show! It’s funny, witty, intelligent, and it still has tons of storylines to clear up!!!

  20. RUBY

    I love the show Almost Human. PLEASE! PLEASE! RENEW for second season. I love
    the charactor John-Karl Urban. I would see Almost Human then followed by
    Sleepy Hollow perfect for Monday.

  21. Leroy

    Please renew this show. It is a welcome change from the overall lousy television line-up. The developing relationships of the characters is great, and there is so much more potential. My whole family loves the show.

  22. Deidre Jarvis

    I hope the show gets renewed, I’m someone that usually has complete opposite taste in shows but Almost Human has made it to compete with my other top faviorite shows

  23. Pol

    Cancelled? OMG! Noooo! This makes me angry! This show was so good. I’m so disappointed…

  24. Roberto

    Wasn’t a big fan of the show, but sorry to the Almost Human fans (

  25. Big Fish

    Maybe Netflix will pick it up for another season, they seem to be good at that lately.

  26. Calinda F.

    So many questions unanswered. This really sucks. F*ck you FOX!

  27. Jose Moreno

    Please bring back almost Human I love the story… Bring it back …

  28. Neko

    It’s no surprise they would want to cancel a good show. Any thing new and worth it “oh, too we’ll liked, cancel it so we can make them watch our other shows that are not popular!”. No offense, because their some nice shows like sleepy hallow and revolution, but almost human is a concept of human and machines working together ( among other concepts). Too close to home and too nice of a subject. I mean, I am absolutely loving almost human, but I’m not surprised about canceling. I’m hoping a stronge comeback though, cause I’m border line obsessed with almost human!

  29. Nora

    I would love to see a 2nd season. My family and I enjoyed the first season very much. Hopefully it will be renewed by Fox. I enjoyed watching the evolution of the characters. Please, do not leave us dangling with the “straw man”!

  30. Deb

    Bring the show back. It’s one of my favs and I love the interaction between Michael Ealy and Karl Urban. There are way too many questions and story lines that need to be answered before anyone thinks cancelling this show is a good idea.

    I am so tired of having good, entertaining shows cancelled because they didn’t hit just the right number that the so called “experts” deem necessary.

    Doesn’t the fact that people like a show and tune in to watch it every week count for anything anymore? It’s not the flim-flams that watch the premier and never turn it on again that count …… it’s the people who tune in EVERY FRICKIN’ WEEK that should matter.

    I couldn’t wait for Almost Human to come on ……. then follow it up with Sleepy Hollow … didn’t get ANY better!

    Come on people …. wake up!

  31. lindsey

    ep:1 i was on enge of my sits not meany show do that for me but almost human did and i would love to see more lots more xx

  32. Terry

    Why do they keep cancelling shows I like!
    I do find it amusing that (today, may 17th, 2014) Almost Human is listed as #7 of Fox’s top 10 shows…….what are they thinking?
    Almost ready to stop watching any new FOX shows, so tired of getting invested in them and then they get cancelled, like The Finder….

  33. Hope

    Great show. Should Not be cancelled. Been waiting for new shows to start. Why don’t critics take the opinion of the viewers of the show? We know what we like not them.

  34. CalgaryDoll

    I have to agree with other posters….it seems the shows that my daughter & I get hooked on, are the ones that are cancelled

  35. donna

    Its sad that tasteless trashy shows continue for multiply seasons but when there’s finally an interesting show they cancel it. Total dick move fox.

  36. Scifi Junky

    What do you expect from a group that would rather broadcast News or Shopping networks? If it doesn’t have people with trashy mouths or nudity, they don’t want to broadcast unless it is reality TV.

    It is hard as hell to find something on TV, I am willing to watch. When I do, it usually doesn’t last over three years.

    They don’t even allow time for the actors to mature in their roles. No one can master their role within a single year. Actors will always do a better job after the first season.

  37. JKM

    If not renewing,sad, not to much to look forward to in fox. Switched primary stations on Monday. Guess they will plug it with another reality show, like we don’t live there everyday. Nice to have something wort watching, time to pull the cable

  38. suzanne

    Oh my gosh … please bring back Almost Human. I just love the show and I could watch Karl Urban all night. I call him yummy face. And please, no more of those terrible reality shows. Can’t stand them and won’t watch them. You finally got some good shows on Fox43. Don’t take them away already.

  39. peggy

    Gee r u out of your mind you have 5’3 million people watching Almost human and you are taking it off. This is not right. Wake up. This is a good show if some people dont like it don’t watch it give me a break. This show wasn’t given a second time around. Please get them to try again I think they will see it is worth it try another time slot.

  40. Deb

    Hoping Almost Human returns for a second season. With robotics sure to come in our future I think this program is thought provoking. SO many good programs are not being given the chance they deserve.

  41. Anna

    I think I have to cry…

  42. John

    Don’t blame FOX, they liked the show. It was a money issue. High-quality sci-fi shows require big production budgets. All that fancy CGI stuff and complex exterior filming is very expensive. This is why we have all these cheap costume dramas about vampires and zombies. You’ll never see another long-running quality sci-fi series again! The days of Star Trek, Stargate and Farscape are over. Warehouse 13 lasted five seasons but the show was oriented more towards fantasy than true sci-fi, same thing with Eureka (also five seasons).

  43. Gary UK

    I can understand FOX cancelling the how because of production costs but it was still premature.
    The show is airing in the UK of of many countries it could be sold to, many European TV stations will not buy a one season wonder, so early cancellation will have reduced its overall income. If given more of a chance the show could have made a lot more money possibly being a money earner for them. During the first series the production cost should have come down as the CGI setup became used to the demands and requirements.

    This then leaves one question… WHAT THE HELL where they thinking… BRING IT BACK.

    If they need more money cut the budgets of shows like idol Simon Cowl has enough money already and they are well.. rubbish.

    • jim cairns

      I’m in the u.k. and have just watched the last episode(strawman) but it’s gone down the tubes just like all the other good shows, and now all we have is more crappy reallity shows, but it’s what the critics enjoy, iv’e yet to meet a sensible critic!!! could these critics be politicians? as they all seem to be running around like headless chickens these days.

  44. Judy Doerksen

    I liked this show. Was different from all the rest of the stuff on tv. Fox is sure quick to cancel series when they really should give them time to find their nitch. When programs are not shown due to sports, etc. then its hard to get a following or good ratings, find a time slot and leave it there for a couple of seasons.

  45. Alain Marcoux

    Still waiting for it! If expensive WHY make 1 season, 1 episode?

  46. Louie

    The pun and humor in the cast members make this show and there is still so much to tell. Bring it back please.

  47. Amanda H

    Darn. I really enjoyed this show! Why was it canceled?! It had good ratings and won an award!

  48. D. E. Weaver

    If this is even still on the table they need to keep ALMOST HUMAN! It is a fantastic show with an original storyline and lots of potential.
    The Big Bang Theroy was almost cancelled after its first season and thankfully someone saw the real potential and they gave it the chance it needed…and look at them now!
    ALMOST HUMAN has that same potential… it just needs that chance!

    • Frank

      I agree whole heartly on that point

  49. Frank

    I love the show great characters great writing and great acting I see a lot of a role playing game that used to be in the 80/90s that was called cyberpunk to which the show leans around it also shows quite a visionary show like the tomorrow’s world that shows you of new technology to which you probibly get a good sponsorship from company’s like apple etc.. That would allow them to show off new tech of this age and translate it to a more futuristic date to which the show is set in .
    I don’t think the excec have looked at the whole package of the show and let it bloom abit longer and perhaps sell it to another network like sky to promote

  50. Reaper

    I was really getting into the show, why is it that “The Powers That Be” always wanted to get rid of a show, before it has a chance to get a good fan base?? At least let it have a second season, I want to know if Kennex finds out the reason why his ex-friend set him up?? These are those questions that you leave us hanging with, also with Kennex and stahl get together?? Please bring this show back!!

  51. Erzat

    Sadly, FUX network has chosen to cancel yet another of the shows I was beginning to enjoy.
    I think I will simply quit checking any new shows on their network since it will be cancelled anyway.

  52. shellv

    Gutted, really enjoyed this show.

  53. Kai Bear

    Fox 5 never give a show a chance, but they would renew all those stupid comedies and reality shows. Some one need to cancel the representatives of Fox 5. Give us another season of Almost Human, and maybe I would believe you are human!!!!

  54. ray

    season one has nearly finished her in uk . its a great program cant believe its been cancelled bring it back

  55. Taylor


  56. alkesm50

    I really hope fox can get there act together and keep this show for season 2 it was well acted and funny at times and they need another platform the put down this current government !

  57. webster

    season 2 is a must bring it back

  58. Dave s

    Come on, this was the best show in years, I’ve seen some of the shows your doing and frankly I won’t be watching them.

  59. Great Show

    Watching from the UK. Great show, great relationship between Kennex & Dorian, great cases and the whole backdrop is brilliant. I want a 2nd season, please Fox make it happen.

  60. nick C

    Almost Human has a great plot, good strong actors and actress and provides believable series plots. Why in all that holy on TV should this show be cancelled? I can think of some real bummers that are still on including the all to seen sluts the Kardasians. Give us a break and put this totally enjoyable show back on!

  61. Richard Waite

    Great show, I hope someone picks this up, it’s a good show.

  62. marla

    this is the second really good series that they are throwing away after 1 season Terra Nova and Almost Human are both wonderful series and should of been continued.

  63. Deborah Johnson

    I think the show should be renewed. These stations don’t give there shows a chance to pick up viewers. If it doesn’t do well in a couple of episodes it’s considered a dude. It’s a great show with great characters and actors and it should be given a real chance to continue.

  64. Ishbel

    One of the best scifi series to come out of the Canadian production system. Keep it going, please. It appeals to scientists and has so much philosophical argument to it it could be used for an ethics module at university.

  65. jennifer

    Oh come on this is a good show. My son and I have been waiting for season 2. Please bring it back.

  66. JoJo

    I justt don’t get you guys. You apparently do nothave the patience to build an audience for a new show. It’s ridiculous that you consider approx. 6 million viewers not a large enough demographic to continue a new entry. We put up with 11 minute (mostly inane and insulting) commercials and wait 6 mos. to tWo years for a sequel to a set. THE FAULT IS YOURS! Outrageous salaries, continued production of shows with shallow content; etc,. What do you want from us? YOU REMIND ME A LOT OF CONGRESS. Thank goodness for PBS. Another show that fell even more quickly was Intelligence.
    It wasn’t given a half minute’s chance to fin its feet, and off it goes. And this represents only two the many. The shame is yours and the disapointment ours.

    • dan neville

      that’s right.

  67. Kathy Luna

    So disappointed that “Almost Human,” is not coming back. I truly enjoyed watching it. Perfect pair! SUPER DISAPPOINTED

  68. Maria Papadopoulos

    Very Very disappointed the series is not continuing. Anything we can do to change your mind!

  69. dax

    Cheers was the lowest rated show of it’s time in it’s first year. Gotham will be a dud and the Red Band Society will be Fox’s PSA/feel good show. Neither will be half as good as Almost Human. Other than football, no reason to keep fox as a favorite channel.

  70. dan neville

    I am very unhappy that ALMOST HUMAN has been cancelled. the program kicked *ss. FOX you are wrong.

  71. Eric

    yep always cancel decent shows and keep the trash on, another reason I seldom watch anything anymore.

  72. bob zeski

    this is for me one of the straws that is going to break my tv watching back. I am so sick of networks cancelling shows that i get into and enjoy. I am slowly working toward not watching certian networks. Hero’s, no ordanairy family, the riches, the new night rider, lie to me, almost human, the cape just to mentnion a few…. These networks get us into a show then if their money making %’s arnt right they ax them…. So sick of this

  73. allen

    why is it they same that big guns axe it like they did with star trek .
    Then look at that now making more cash .
    To be its like they have there up there *ss with the net the way it is all the need to do is set up a site so we who the fans can have a say .
    AS in am in New Zealand and this show is on at 10.30 pm it will not get a good showing and it like if we like it they cut the show and level the show that needed to be cut still running .
    it think we all need to start emailing fox all at one time and when they get shout down from all the email say we like this show and the others out we miss might get them to see us as the reel power be hide them as if we start to turn away or just turn there show out and see how there ratings go then we all need to start standing up for what we like and stop having the guys like fox tell us what we need to see
    your Allen bridsin

  74. Donna

    I would love to see almost human come back. It was very entertaining and also was an added treat, it had some humor. Please renew.

  75. Tonya

    U people really s*ck. Really liked this show. What is the deal you start a show and then its gone. Maybe it will be picked up by another station. Would be nice, you keep moving things around anyway so why not.

  76. Mike

    don’t cancel Almost Human, please

  77. Veronica Lynn

    Almost Human is the best sci-fi television series I have seen yet. It was an immediate favorite of the entire family. The entire first season has been saved on our DVR and we have view each episode several times.

    It’s mixture of humor, mystery, and the creative futuristic concepts is total entertainment. In addition, the actors/actresses have great chemistry together. John and Dorian’s interactions make un laugh out loud.

    My entire family is disappointed that FOX has not brought back Almost Human. Hopefully the powers that be will reconsider this decision.

  78. Elbert Hopkins

    Almost human is a very entertaining show, it is better than a lot of the new shows that are replacing the good series

  79. leella

    Bring the show Back! Please, it is one of the greatest show on TV. the humor is awesome and the chemistry is by far one of the greatest on TV today. It was one of our must watch. Please bring it back

  80. Nancy

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!!…..bring Almost Human BACK ! It was the one show that my husband and I LOVED to watch together because he loved the action and I loved the sci-fi. We are extremely disappointed that it was not brought back for season 2. We hope Fox or another network will consider picking it up for another season. Meanwhile…we are impatiently waiting…

  81. Bev and Chuck

    My husband and I LOVED Almost Human! We were really upset when we heard it was canceled. We really hope that the rumors that it is coming back are correct!!!

  82. Heather

    Love this show me an my girlfriend enjoyed it very much an my dad we are so sad it’s gone an want it to come back right now pleaz !:( it was a great show an it’s one of the few shows we could watch with our teens that they luved it also!

  83. sean

    Bring it back……….

  84. Gwen

    I really enjoyed the show. I have been checking to see when it will be coming back and now I hear it has been cancelled. I am one that truly enjoys Sci-fi. I am truly going to miss the show. I live that sweet sexy smile Michael has.

  85. Keal200

    That not fair I was sitting at home going through my DVR wondering why almost human not recording to my surprise someone at work told me that you guys up their at fox plan on cancel it I know that theirs are a lots of people out their feel the same way I do and find out today and I’m very mad about that you people up their at fox need to stop this bs and put our show back on hope to see it back soon bring it back

  86. Margaret Stupples

    Almost Human is a brilliant show. We want it back. Why does Fox cancel the best shows and make more series of rubbish ones??????

  87. avalonmaid

    First it was Space: Above and Beyond, then Firefly…
    one can only hope that Fox begins to pay attention to the lovers of sci-fi who have no where else to go. Personally, amazon books is feeding my hunger for the good stuff. Please let us have our brain food!

  88. Sundari

    I think, fox should come back showing almost human for the second session. I was a spectator of Indonesia, in developing countries the technology has not been as fast as developed countries such as America and Europe, and provided that FOX knows, that ALMOST HUMAN series has inspired many people in developing countries to at least be able to imagine or learn a little about what will happen with The world is more or less 34 years.

    regardless of the good acting of the actors and storylines can not be easily guessed, the thing I regret if ALMOST HUMAN deprived of impressions is that it feels like FOX has ignored the main essence of a show itself. Know what it is? namely to provide education or knowledge to understand that yet. apart from just entertainment, for me the spectacle must also be able to provide benefits. And I think, ALMOST HUMAN provide both. we would not be connected in a big world which could grow together and share? so, when FOX ALMOST HUMAN stop running, then the meaning of the world who share and grow together it has faded. while in other states are enthusiastically learning through a program that is qualified as ALMOST HUMAN, then why FOX even stop this? I had read on various sites, financial problems became one of the main reasons ALMOST HUMAN stopped. I think the reason this kind of very classic and should be overcome by a very powerful television stations such as FOX. and also I read on many other sites, another reason ALMOST HUMAN deprived of views is because the rating is still inferior to another serial program. I think the second reason is also a classic, I think when it ALMOST HUMAN yet received the highest rating of other programs that already exist beforehand than ALMOST HUMAN is a natural thing, because ALMOST HUMAN recently aired on television and I think it is not much knowing this series.

    FOX should be able to wait a little longer in order to ALMOST HUMAN be familiar with FOX loyal audience, not necessarily stop with just the two reasons that can still be addressed. Even if these are not much interested in ALMOST HUMAN because the story is complicated and not about present-day life, for me it is just a matter of perspective between majority and minority groups only. Majority and minority is what I mean: first, the majority group is interested in people with perspectives tend to show that discusses the reality of the present and not like a lot of thinking about the future and secondly, minority groups are people who like to show that invites thinking and develop their thinking, and I think, that this is a minority who like ALMOST HUMAN. however, FOX must not only sided with the majority only.

    FOX should consider the importance and usefulness decisions based on those impressions. although perhaps the audience’s impressions ALMOST HUMAN minority, but should FOX can see how much potential the people who enter this minority, because why? because they are people who like the challenge of thinking, with a spectacle like ALMOST HUMAN the minds of these people will develop and who knows that the people of this minority will be donated major works for the betterment of our world forward later. and I think FOX should know one thing, great leaders usually born of minorities. I think, FOX will be proud to know that one of the programs that display also contributed to the presence of such a great leader. That’s the real essence of globalization, becoming nations grow and share together. FOX, did you ever think this is a real great sense of ALMOST HUMAN for the fans? not only about the story on screen and expertise of the actors playing the characters, but because ALMOST HUMAN teach us a strong moral message, BE GROWING AND SHARING TOGETHER.

    so FOX, I think you should reconsider your decision which has revoked ALMOST HUMAN of impressions. like Dorian said, he wanted to continue to live, because he wanted to be a cop, because he wants to protect others. similarly with ALMOST HUMAN our fans, we want this series aired back, because we want to learn, because we wanted to create a world that can grow and share together. That’s important essence of our lives as human beings.

    Thank You.

  89. david

    love the show never miss any, should be continue ,always waiting to next season,great show ,
    good story line , everything is great in this show. 10/10

  90. Mitch Jenkins

    Why is it a show getting almost 2 million more views a week is canceled while dull old shows keep rolling????

  91. Rbird

    So who are these tween critics who seem to get great shows like Wayward Pines, Under the Dome, and Almost Human cancelled, but seem to keep CR*P tv such as DATING NAKED and other CR*P REALITY SHOWS on the air destroying our minds and souls.
    , Are you frekin serious…COME ON ALREADY!!!!!

  92. Dawn

    Here we finally have a show that is entertaining with fun characters and great actors (Karl Urban for one – you know of Lord of the Rings, Star Trek the new movies as well as other futuristic movies, Michael Ely and a well recognized supporting cast), a good story and what happens?, the Neanderthals decide to cancel the program – what could they possibly be thinking? So afraid that they might lose a penny that they do not give a show a chance. I have not once talked with a person who saw this program and did not like it.

    So what happens it it is cancelled. Seriously?

  93. matt w

    hi please bring back the show. I like the story about it. it is good show to watch. just like intelligence a good show to watch too.

  94. Gold

    Y it was cancelled????………. I really LOVE the Whole Gang…….Season 1 is great!!! Pls. bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pls. Bring Back Detective Kennex and “DRN” Dorian!!!!!

  95. Momma Boy

    WTF FOX cancelled “Almost Human” I love that show 1000 out of 1000 stars I giving

  96. Connor Cavanagh

    Bring back “Almost Human” I have not once talked to someone who didn’t like it, why are people so afraid of losing money that they wont even give a show a chance, this is a good show that got over 1-2 million views per week, at least continue it on netflix so people can see it, it doesn’t have to show on TV but let like netflix or something continue season 2/the series, KEEPING THE SAME ACTORS. The actors are great and it s*cks to see a great show with amazing actors get cancelled. Go read Sundari’s comment and it will show you how “Almost Human” gave people in other countries a glimpse of how technology could be one day.

  97. Connor Cavanagh

    If FOX doesn’t like its viewers opinions on the show look at the review gave it and even IMDB. gave it a 9/10 stars and IMDB gave it a 8.1/10 yeah its not a 10/10 but most viewers give it a 10/10 and even if you agree with IMDB & its not 10/10) then its pretty damn close

  98. Nathaniel

    I can’t believe they cancelled the second season its been outstanding so far

  99. Robot

    Fox always cancelled the best tv shows they made…nothing strange about that…Just hope maybe someday Netflix or Amazon will take over the good shows Fox cancelled…Shame on you Fox…

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