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«Being Human» (U.S.) season 5?

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Will «Being Human» (U.S.) renewed for a season 5 or on the verge of getting canceled by Syfy? Release air date is known? We need more episodes in 2015!

TV-channel: Syfy
Pilot episode: January 17, 2011
Creator: Toby Whithouse

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.96 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 1: 1.26 million U.S. viewers

Drama «Being Human», broadcast by SyFy, will be closed after its fourth season. The information was confirmed by Anna Fricke, the showrunner, ready to provide the viewers with a worthy final.

The release air date for the final episode is scheduled for April 7, 2014. The rights holders announced about the end of the storyline, as none of the TV channels is ready to finance the fifth season.

It should be mentioned that the original British version had exactly five seasons and has finished in 2013. The fans of the TV show still require its continuation.

Is it necessary to shoot Season 5?

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  1. Stella

    Being Human was the ONLY quality show on SyFy.

  2. Tattoo

    SYFY always cancel good shows. Remember Alphas?

  3. Mira


  4. Teresa

    Why? Because it was garbage next to the original! I hate when SyFy reboots and ruins good shows.

    • Natasha

      Not to those who found out about it by originally seeing the US version.

  5. Paul R.

    Big Mistake SYFY!

  6. Corba

    The powers that be at the syfy channel seem to all be complete id*ots!

  7. OMG

    I’m gonna really miss this show! What are y’all thinking Syfy? Cancel Lost Girl or should I say Sl*t Girl!

  8. F*ck u SyFy

    No reason to watch anything on SyFy after this. I hope the execs at the network see the comments here and realize the mistake they are making.

  9. leon

    this s*cks!
    it doesn’t feel like its the end yet. they have to give it one more season to properly wrap things up…… come on SyFy

  10. Trecie

    Being Human is the only reason I started watching SyFy again….it seems like every series they shoot that’s worth watching they cancel. This just shows me once again that SyFy has no care for what “we the people” want to see; therefore with the cancellation of Being Human after Season 4 will be my farewell to SyFy!!!!!!

  11. Billiejo Allen

    Omg I just heard this and hoped it was false, crying and very sad!

  12. Very p!$$ed

    Really syfy???? I won’t watch another show on syfy if u cancel being human!!! End lost girl or helix or ur paranormal that’s been really boring lately! I always hated syfy until watching the paranormal ghost hunters then seen being human and wait all year then every week for Monday nights! Now ur paranormal has sucked and helix I forced 4 shows before I was way over it, lost girl I never got why it keeps coming back on?! And I will blog a lot on how bad the channel and all shows are if being human is not brought back!!!!

  13. cis

    WTH! We loved this show! We will miss it so much!;;!
    we hope some station picks it up and brings the us version back. Please

  14. melody cherrette

    I can’t believe you are cancelling Being Human
    RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!! That’s why I stopped watching

  15. Lex

    That’s pretty dumb of syfy to cancel this show,Great plot ,great actors, Sally is my fav and if you cancel I won’t be watching syfy

  16. Tina

    0ct 8, 2014

    I was so upset with (Being Human) being cancelled that I wrote to Sam Wittwear I asked him if they had thought about producing the show between themselves and selling to (TNT) so far I havn’t heard or seen anything in regards to my question has anyone else?
    I really loved that show and would like to see someone give the guys another shot at it. I did try the Brittish version but it didn’t come close to the US, guys they are naturals.
    Maybes if the fans complain to SFY, enough they will get the message.

  17. Kathy Galloway

    It truly seems that when there is a product that the public enjoys, in this case The U.S. version of Being Human, that there should be a way that is actually effective to keep what we want available for us. I have done the whole Nielson ratings thing every single time I am asked to yet what I enjoy is almost always the programming that gets dropped. I do understand that means the my viewing choices are not the majorities choices, however why that means my choices should be dropped is something I will never understand. It is not a 1 channel available system we in America have. We have the possibility of unlimited viewing. Every possible sport has multiple channels per sport, per sporting event, yet where I live there is not 1 art program available. You can watch a show on every style of cooking on this planet, talk shows about every possible human problem, you can pray to whatever or whoever is your God. We can even watch people’s lives! So why is their not enough room for the U.S. version of the show Being Human to run its natural progression, following the UK version to the same amount of seasons or even to continue on to whenever it ends. I realize the U.S. version was different & that all things must end, there seemed to be quite a lot of people that were still enjoying this series. Why end it?

    We need more variety in our TV viewing. We have less & less free time to go out & actually participate in social interaction, which is terribly sad. Most American citizens spend the bulk of their time watching TV, yet we have songs mocking what choices we have. We need to find a new way of giving the people choices, the only available way that I know of is no longer effective.

    • Tina

      Thank you I agree we enjoy something so they take it off the air it’s not fair the U.S version was great your leaving us hanging why take something people enjoy

  18. C

    UNFKNBELIEVABLE!!!!! This is the whole reason noone watches Syfy!!!! You got rid of the only show I liked, Everyone DVRs Being Human so they’d skip commercials… DUH!!!! That was the only reason I’d watch Syfy is to watch that show.. Should have gotten rid of Lost Girls instead. Canceling Being Human was a big mistake. Now I am officially ALL DONE with Syfy.

    • Tina

      I agree get rid of lost girls instead keep being human the U.S version

  19. bitches

    your a**holes i loved this show i hate syfy!¡!¡!¡

  20. steph

    we should start a petition

  21. Retasha

    I Loooovvvveeeee being human! I cant get enough of it. ahhhh Some times the vampire bus. He acts like…a sot boy all the time. I wish e kick more but. The wolfs too. I’d like to see more of the female wolf. We nee more wolf packs. I lov th how, but bring it on!

  22. Tina

    I really enjoyed being human us I feel you should do a season 5 it’s a great show
    I feel it should not be cancelled I love josh and Nora and Sally and aiden being human (U S) version is great please bring it back you left us with josh and Nora having children but what happens after this show is great it should return for season 5

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