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Archer season 7: start date (2016)

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When will Archer season 7 be released on FX? What is known about the new episodes premiere? The start air date is scheduled for January 2016!

TV-channel: FX
Created by: Adam Reed
Production companys: Floyd County Productions, Radical Axis, FX Productions

Season 5 Episode 1: 1.65 million U.S. viewers

Season 6 Episode 1: 1.51 million U.S. viewers

It should be mentioned, that last year the creators of animated series «Archer» reported about its renewal for two seasons at a time. 26 new episodes are to be financed.

The premiere of the first half of episodes (season 6) was at the beginning of the current year, and the start date of season 7 is scheduled for January 2016 March 31, 2016 (UPDATE 1).

It should be noted, that the popularity of the show is still high and it is being watched by more than 1 million Americans. It’s not a secret that only profitable series remain on air, that’s why the fans of «Archer» television series should provide it with several years more on FX!

UPDATE 1 (August 7, 2015): FXX will be the new home of Archer. Archer stayed on FX for season 7. The seventh season will air on March 31, 2016. What about SEASON 8 of Archer?

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  1. SouL

    One of the only consistantly funny shows on tv!

  2. Peter L.

    Can’t wait…

  3. Dashanti landery

    Archer is a really sexy guy and I’m waiting for season 7 come out and I’m hoping that archer will look a lot more sexier and abijene will look more grown up yeah #team archer wooyooh

  4. Alan O.

    I cannot wait for season 7 .. the cast is amazing and the dialogue is beyond funny, its hysterical ! I’ve watched all of them over and over

    • amikrazie

      Archer is just plain sexy.. even for a cartoon character! The dialogue is beyond brilliant. It is by far my most favorite TV show to watched over and over and over again. I have to have my daily dose of Archer-cation, thanks to Netflix for the 5 seasons can’t wait for them to add season 6 (whenever that is).

      I absolutely can not wait for Season 7 to air!

  5. Debra

    What? Thought it was going to be January! I think I have watched nearly every episode of every season at least 5 or more times since I “discovered” it while channel surfing last summer. I even paid amazon for a season pass for season 6 – and it will get me first crack at new episodes. I am so hooked! What are they going to do now? My husband now knows that march 31 he needs to back off and give me my “archer” space.

  6. tb

    funny I never get bored with this silly,sexy,and wacky group of would be spies/criminals the cast is perfect and writers are the best!!! cant wait to get back into the DANGERZONE!!!

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