Mar 26

«Archer» season 5: premiere date

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When does «Archer» season 5 start? Renewed or cancelled? Premiere date is known!

«Archer», animated TV series for adults, is being produced by Adam Reed for FX network. It was nominated for «Emmy Award» and later for «Annie Award». This fact confirms its success and the necessity to develop the storyline.

Launched in January 2013, Season 4 confirmed the creators were right concerning the show success, since the ratings of the animated story increased for 44 %. Soon in February the representative of FX TV channel Nick Grad will announce the start of Season 5 of «Archer». Premiere date for the new episodes was tentatively scheduled for January 13, 2014. All in all, the TV channel ordered 13 episodes.

The creators are sure that the ratings will continue rising and the number of show fans will increase in the following year. That will be the reason for creating some more Seasons. Time will show whether it will happen or not. But at the moment the producers aren’t going to close the show, which is very pleasant to know.

Are you supposed to be a fan of the given show?

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  1. Archer-fan

    Really! Archer is the best adult animated series out right now!!!

  2. Gray

    Funniest, most irreverent comedy on TV today.

  3. Bobby L.

    YAH !! Archer is great… and that psychotic secretary girl cracks me up =)

    • Ray_Gillette123

      Carol/Cheryl Tunt is great!!

  4. archerfan

    cant wait for season 5!! Archer is the best!

    • fosse

      When is season five released???

      • Smokey-san

        Read the article :points:

  5. order fan

    archer is the the funniest, the best

  6. ThisChis

    LOVE THIS SHOW AND CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON 5… I would watch it daily if I could!

    • Ichibod

      Get the DVD set and watch it daily like I do.

  7. bonx

    freaken awesome archer is such an a*s its awesome

  8. kye

    freggin love archer. Its gotta be one of the best animated shows Ive seen, in fact one of the best shows period lol.

  9. Michael

    Archer is one of the best shows on TV! Almost afraid to say that as it seems all the good shows are cancelled shortly thereafter! Keep this one rolling guys!!

  10. S. Archer

    I can`t wait until it´s comming. phrasing…

  11. Duchess

    This show is like a chupacabra, but for comedy. I could drown all of you in my panties as I eagerly anticipate the show’s season 5 debut.

  12. iozster

    My favorite show by far 🙂

  13. darkside

    I wanna marrie a girl like pam. I think she is my soulmate

  14. Tommy Thompson

    Wtf do you need 9 months to make a 13 episode season for? We want new episodes now!

    • jorge

      completly agreee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. aSandwich

    If you want them to be good, its best you be patient. Don’t try to talk them into pulling a “family guy” and just start throwing out sub-par, forgettable episodes of what was once a great show, just to satisfy demands of impatient fans… give it time buddy

  16. Dicky woodhouse

    I literally do watch this show daily (probably run through all episodes every few days) and can’t wait for both Season 4 to be on Netflix, so I don’t have to get up to change every episode, and for Season 5 to finally Air. I hear they’ve already started recording the upcoming season so it’s only a matter of time before I can enjoy Sterling all day long again, **Phrasing**. I do wish episodes would be released right now however this show is too good to rush. Like someone posted above, the last thing anyone would want is for it to turn into Family Guy and release a bunch of horrible episodes and completely ruin the series.

  17. Wee Baby Seamus

    I just keep watching this show over and over. You catch something new every time. I just love it. One of the best animated shows ever. So original, so fresh. Please don’t cancel it for a few more years!

  18. Ants Bloody Ants

    Soooo many classic one liners, I’m sure I use “phrasing” daily! And my coworkers who are Archer fans laugh their a*ses off.



  20. seekocean

    best show ever! i cant wait until season 5 comes PHRASING!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Ginger

    The show needs to come out soon or I’m going on a RAAAMMMPAAGGEEE!

  22. Swan

    Really need to keep a close out, just because people aren’t watching it on the network doesn’t mean it’s not being watched. I for one don’t have cable hooked up but will be watching it online and I will purchase the season on DVD once available. Plus, I know a few others who are doing the same.

  23. Pratt

    Best show ever, you would have to be a complete idiot to cancel comedy gold such as this!!!!

  24. janeDoe001

    I talk about it with my sister but I’ve been having trouble getting her to catch up with the series. I’m seriously considering tying her up to watch a marathon of Archer.


  25. towerboy

    Best secret agent show ever, the x-rated “Get Smart” ever.

  26. hunter t

    I was wrong at first . . . . Archer fans are terrible nerds. Bloope

  27. sy

    love LANA!!!


    ARCHER is the Best “Non Japanese Anime” Animated Show out there right now.
    Keep’em coming and I’ll keep buying.

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