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«Arrow» season 2: release date

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When does «Arrow» season 2 come out? Premiere date is known!

Initially «Arrow» show consisted of 13 episodes. It premiered last year in October. The premier episode was proved to be successful, that’s why CW authorities announced about the extension of the series to the full season.

Later in one of its interviews President of CW Mark Pedowitz noted that he hadn’t expected the series debut to be so successful. The fact that since 2009 the series had the highest ratings surprised both the rightholders and the whole crew. On February 11 the given channel ordered season 2 of «Arrow» series. The release date for the premier episode is scheduled for October 9, 2013.

The fans of the series, whose amount reached 4,3 million at the start of the season, did a great contribution to the production of show continuation. Airtime of 2013/2014 was also kept by such projects as «The Vampire Diaries» and «Supernatural». CW authorities stress that these three shows were worth to be continued, since their ratings were constantly rising or at least remained stable.

What do you want out of season 2? Leave your reply below!

UPDATE 1 (March 11, 2016): The series was renewed for a fifth season.

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  1. zana

    I want Oliver and Laurel to get together and I want her to find about his secret by him saving her life.

    • Robert W.

      that is something you would expect to happen if she does find out i dont think they will get together

    • Tiana

      That’s too predictable and cliche.

    • Donavyn

      forget about Oliver and Laurel, Oliver and Felicity is a better couple. But we all know thats not gonna happen

      • Mimii D

        I know , right!And also Thea and Roy <3

        • Trey

          Roy Harper in the comics ends up as the “Green Arrow’s” side kick.

          • Dan

            That would be awesome!

      • gunjo

        Opposite attract – I agree a much better couple

    • F*ck

      How the fck cares what you want ?

      • lol-12


        • just-me

          Grammar Nazi

    • aamir

      isn’t that like the same thing that happened in spider man

    • mubashir

      yup it will posibly happen at the end!

    • Hat

      they will never get together again just a few flings here and there, in the comics he never got with laurel and soon she becomes the Black Canary

    • The Wiz

      That’s a great idea!!!!!

    • Magician

      dinah is olivers true love just sayin

  2. arif

    why does it take so long for the season 2 to be premiered.October is a very long time to me.

  3. alle

    It’s no surprise Arrow got a second season with the positive rating

  4. Dan E.

    I hope the action is much better. This season was really boring…

    • Nabashalam

      What? Is it to cerebral for you?

    • Robert W.

      Dude you cant be serious. I can think of many words to describe the show. Such words as Awesome, Exciting, Amazing. but boring doesn’t even come to mind when i hear about Arrow.

    • Luke

      It Was Not Boring.

    • Cindy

      Then why are you watching it at all???

  5. martin

    october is far,bt wil stil ,we blive is best

  6. Danny L.

    i am so happy arrow got renewed for season 2

  7. kyle

    i want oliver to get together with laurel and she knows he is the man in the hood. i think that october is far away though :/

  8. Bright

    I want oliva’s mother to know that the man in the hood is his son and october is too far,can you limit the time?

  9. Dingz

    I dont want to be rude but, arrow is a pretty good series but after watching about five episodes, the whole dissapearing thing became a cliche. Everything became a cliche. The only parts that intrigue me are the flashbacks. Some episodes are just upsurd, like the part where oliver goes to the prison to save lauren. 1, the jump was just too fake, he could have just jumped on the guard than land next to him from an obvious fake land. 2, how can guards in prison not stop a man in a guard uniform who has a bow and arrows, moreover, wearing a mask whn the news report of a vigilante who attacks with a bow and an arrow. It felt like i watched it because i knew they could do better and i was expecting it, but, if the first 3 episodes of S2 are the same as the previous season, with the lines ‘you have failed this city’ at the end, il watch something better. But anyway, its coolish. 2 outa 5 for me.

    • Maxxxy


      • GabrielWolf

        i wouldn’t say best i think Supernatural and Arrow are in the running for best

    • Robert W.

      ‘You have failed this city’ is what he says so deal

      • GabrielWolf

        exactly right
        jeez some people just don’t get it

    • Anonymous

      Seriously well it’s a adaption of green arrow, just like all superhero movies and shows
      it’s going to be like that and your a idi*t if you thought otherwise

    • Victor

      you never watched the entire season so you cant make grade you have to watchit all and also
      you have failed this city its a phrase of the hero almost every hero have one

    • David

      You have failed this city!

    • Stupid Cupid

      You won’t really enjoy the show if you always based it in real life…

    • l.thomaspinky

      i wanna see more about how he got off the island
      can’t wait for s2 i don’t think oliver should go out with anyone
      and roy he shouldn’t become anyone famous because he will just take over instead.
      awesome show

    • Fraser

      You sir… are a muppet.
      “You have failed this city”, ties it back to the flashbacks that are what you consider to be the best part of the show. Plus, some stunts will look a little “off”, its a tv show, not a blockbuster film with a huge CGI fund. Stephen does most of his own stunts.
      So, in conclusion, you sir, are a colossal muppet.

      • Kat

        May I just say Fraser, I believe you have summed up the situation perfectly.

  10. Shayyan Shah

    After Prison Break…The only season i njoyd watching thrice…
    plxxx plxxx release season 2 as soon as possible….
    i’ll b very thanksful to u…

  11. Dark Arrow

    What i want from the 2nd season is two times more the episodes at least …. haha .. this show is just spectacular :*

  12. Abhinav


    • GabrielWolf

      this show is just to exciting i really hope they don’t mess it up

  13. Nabashalam

    This show could turn into another “Lost”…

  14. Ann

    My husband and I love Arrow! It has some of everything in it. October is just too far away for season 2 to start though. We will keep watching (saw episode 1 four times).

  15. chees

    Cant wait for season 2! This show is awesome!

  16. Johnny

    This show is amazing and season 2 is far away. One thing that annoys me is that this shoe copied dexter a lot. and dexter is the best tv show of all time and season 8 starts june 30 i cant wait.

    • TheAllKnowing

      Lemme tell you this Johnny first of all the ”Show” is way better than Dexter, it didn’t copy a single thing so straighten your facts! Your stupidity has reached a new climax please refrain yourself of this stupidity.

      • pie

        Well said theallknowing arrow is my favourite TV show especially when you consider some of the they shove on these days.

  17. Wiseman

    Arrow is an interesting film am looking forward to season 2 october is too far please.

  18. Peculiar

    Yeeaa realy wants 2c 2d end, how his secret got revealed 2his loved ones and what their expression is. Truely want the season2 sooner than october plxsssss.

  19. Leon

    Arrow copy Dexter? Here I SWORE green arrow started in 1941… Jackass, BTW in the comic, laurel is black canary, bring on the sexy leathers baby!!

  20. Bibson

    Three words to describe Arrow; classy, awesome and amazing

  21. arrow

    the longer it takes for season 2 to come out the better it will be

  22. arrow

    episode 21 is amazing best fighting scenes yet episode 22 looks amazing BEST SHOW EVER!

  23. Juan

    oliver and laurel will get togetha….well in the comics version, its says that both got married and hav one son…alias connor hakwe. they might be a higher change they will be together…

  24. Rayd1127

    He’s just like batman whom I love super heros with no powers are the best I was late for season 1 but Cauht the arrow hard with them bringing in Roy Harper red arrow sealed the deal for me and I think CW has it on lock great shows beast on tv keep bringing the heat

  25. nathalie

    i so love Arrow, without a doubt best show after Prison break and Spartacus. please air season 2 soon, cant wait!!1 by the way that Oliver is Fine

  26. Amy

    Now if there’s one thing I can say, it’s that I don’t want Laurel and Oliver together. Now Felicity and Oliver on the other hand.. THAT I would love to see! Like, honestly. They’d just have that kind of relationship that would keep you constantly intrigued, whereas with Laurel, it’s kind of predictable. Like Elena and Stefan in the first few series of TVD or Angel and Buffy, etc.
    I also think it would be interesting if his sister found out who he was, what with her boyfriend searching relentlessly for our beloved Green Arrow.

  27. tabasom

    october is too far plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. I’m so happy they came back together, I really love laurel & oliver too. I can’t wait for second season

  28. hamZa

    oliver a perfect face for arrow……………….
    and his bow break……..cant wait for season 2

  29. series fan

    i dying for season2..i hope it releases soon….

  30. fan

    i think yau fei will be killed after he takes the blame for the plane bombing and laurel might be kidnapped but the kidnapping will be planned by laurels father.



  32. Tasneem basha

    I want oliver and felicity together please………:)

  33. Ipe

    I can’t wait to watch season 2. I think this is the best TV series I have ever watched. I never felt bored watching season 1. What about earlier than October? pls 🙂

    • R.MaRio

      U R Right ! 🙂

  34. x3 tam

    I want oliver and laurel to be a couple again and that she’s pregnant

  35. Green Beret

    It was expected that Laurel & Olly would eventually get together, but I did like the spice that Helena added…I would love to see Felicity & Olly have an unexpected romance with Olly then torn between his past that always haunts him with Laurel and then the fresh and vibrant air that Felicity brings….
    I love the fact that Arrow has many of our fave superheroes/heroes entwined – like a bit of Superman, Lois Lane, Iron Man, Robin Hood, Batman & Robin, Cat Woman etc…very smart…looking forward to Season 2 🙂

  36. Dutch Arrow

    I can’t wait till season 2 is out !!
    This is freacking awesome !!! But i hope Oliver and Laurel won’t get together, its more fun this way, the tension between them.. Aaah, i love that !!
    October is way to late, release in july or something…

  37. arrow

    Its so similar to spiderman. Laurel is like Mary Jane, Oliver like Peter Parker, Tommy like Harry and Tommy’s father like Harry’s father.
    It’s also very predictable. Tommy will eventually become the dark hood guy after Oliver has to kill Tommy’s dad. There will be an epic fight between them.
    Roy will become his sidekick. although I would like to see Ollie and Felicity together, cause F. Is my favorite character, I think Oliver and Laurel will come back together, I think.

    • BxGamer

      Tommy could not have become Dark Arrow simply because he never had any type of training. In the comics, the villain Merlyn (dark arrow) is every bit as good if not better than Green Arrow. It was only logical that malcolm stayed alive since WB and DC know how to follow their source material. Felicity doesn’t exist in the book so I doubt she’ll have any future with Oliver. Laurel will become Black Canary, Roy harper the Red Arrow since they’re hinting at Thea being Speedy. It’s a great show and since WB never seems to disappoint (10 seasons of Smallville) I can’t wait for season two. Slade hopefully will become Deathstroke in season two or season three….can’t wait for that…

    • arrow2

      you must be kidding me? Tommy is already dead! so i don’t think tommy is coming back again.

      • arrow

        Yeah, I take everything back. the new episode just came out and I watched it. Sad that Tommy died, actually liked that guy. I also like Felicity more than Laurel.
        The next season’s gonna be good, can’t wait

  38. Green Arrow

    [Spoiler for Non-Comic fans]
    I think most of Comic fans and Young Justice fans and Smallville know what will happen in season 2.As Roy Harper is recruited by Oliver and he becomes his side kick Speedy after which he calls himself as Red Arrow And Laurel finds she have a power an ultrasonic scream and trains in hand to hand combat and names herself as Black Canary And this season will introduce the DC Comics organization called ARGUS, as a sort of counterpart to the much more famous Marvel outfit, SHIELD (which, not coincidentally, now has its own show over on ABC).

  39. Dogdig

    Hell yes! Arrow is the best show ever. I want Laurel and Oliver to get together and I wanna see them introduce batman or some other DC character. But October seems so far

  40. Nordiclover

    Just watched the final episode of season one just loved it. Can’t wait for October this year… Thank god true blood starts soon to fill the gap.

  41. Luke

    Arrow Was a Short Season With Just 13 Episodes I Hope Next Season Has More Episodes Arrow is a Awesome Great Show.

  42. arrow

    the first season has 23 episodes mate go to project free tv and look for urself

  43. borne

    October is way too far!!!

  44. Tommy

    Absolutely awesome show
    ….a great ending as well. Just love how they’ve made Oliver feel guilty about Tommy getting to Laurel first and saving her but dying in the process.
    If I was a writer for the show, I’d finish the first episode off with the funeral of Tommy with both Oliver & Malcolm there and Laurel just completely broken.
    It’s going to take a while but I still think there’s going to be this will they, won’t they thing between Laurel and Oliver especially after what’s happened with Tommy.
    But if you read the comics you should know that they get together eventually and she becomes the Black Canary but I don’t think that will happen until the end of season 2.
    I think Roy will end up finding out Oliver is the Green Arrow and end up being recruited into the group about 10/11 episodes in. But will back away from Thea which will mean that she will then start following Roy around to see why he isn’t with her as much.
    It will be another great season but I still think that there’s so much to go into this show that will run for alot more than a couple of seasons.

    • dnfhvbvr

      That does sound about right,… I’m wondering if they might bring Mrs. Queen’s trial into the first episode, as well…? Do you think Oliver might end up in some conversation with Diggle or Felicity about his guilt on how he should’ve been the one to die? I really want to see how it looks about 5 or 6 episodes in.

    • Wayne

      Well they Left it open with many possibility’s Remember what Oliver Kept saying OPen your eyes tommy Open your eyes showing the viewers that he could live if they wanted him to orrrr they kill him off so oliver can go with Laurel Also When tommy asked if he killed his father Oliver said no so was it the truth and dark arched was stabbed in the shoulder and he passes out or did Oliver Lie so Tommy could die happily that his friend chose not to kill his father

  45. WinCraft

    Arrow was everything i wanted from it. =D Just wanted more episodes maybe. But other then that i loved it. 😀

    Keep it coming!

  46. EZE

    I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH! i have never seen a full season of anything because i would get bored. I like how they mix things up, Love the action scenes and I would like to see a bit more of what Happened to Oliver on the island but other than that, i believe it was an amazing Season and i can’t wait till it comes out On Blu Ray to buy it! =D

  47. Mikeee

    What a cliffhanger in the latest episode !! And the last of this seasom… Too bad tommy died… Looking forward of the next season 😀

  48. husam

    i enjoyed watching ARROW…It is one of the best series i have ever seen.. I hope they release the second season as soon as possible..

  49. TH

    it was just great!

  50. Pimp

    There were 22 episodes of season one am I right? That’s how many I got upto and they were great. Don’t really wanna want until October to see more 🙁

  51. dnfhvbvr

    This show is awesome. 🙂 Just finished watching episode 23, which I believe is supposed to be the last episode of this season? I definitely applaud the writers of the show… Been a fan of green arrow ever since I first saw him on a JL episode. Was so excited when I first found out about the series Arrow, but never even thought it could be this awesome. 😀

  52. Unknown

    I want Shado and Slain to join Oliver in the next season. Awesome Show..!! Waiting for the 2nd season…:-)

  53. Rhys

    I would like to see Thea find out that Oliver is the Hood and that Roy joins him
    That would be pretty good
    And I am glad season 2 is out before 2014

  54. Tsupakampra

    My thoughts are kind of weird….I would like Oliver let Laurel go and continue with Felicity !!! xD

  55. razvan

    i want oliver to find who are the people behind the island ,the man who control the operation on the island any many things to appear

  56. Adil

    I just want to say incredible show brilliant adaptation of the green arrow. I’ve never been that find of the green arrow in the comics but after this it’s made me realise how cool he really is. Just like almost everyone here I CAN NOT wait for the next season to start. So excited

  57. Sasu Saku Kanchi Shams

    Dats 2 long………………..
    October sh*t….!!!!!

  58. Brian

    if you go by smallville felicity would end up with oliver…

    • Nice

      Yeah, thats right. Chloe ended up with him

  59. Wayne

    I noticed You have been giving Felictiy character more involved with Oliver and how she always says things in the wrong way I would actually like Tommy to open his eyes and live and Throw a curve ball showing felicity wanting Oliver and I would love to have more smallville actors come on arrow Like you did with Michael Daingirfield that played Godfree for instance justin Hartley the smallville Green Arrow have him kinda of embracing the new arrow to be a hero!

  60. salum

    i think oliver s best friend will become a terrible killer

    • Wagari

      I know i am sure they will follow up with that. it creates great drama and keeps you hooked up.

  61. Wagari

    Anyone see Episode 23?? if you didnt, BEWARE OF MAJOR SPOILERS!

    oliver stabbed through himself with his arrow to kill Malcom. The arrow went completely through his chest, and he just walked it off, even though Malcom go less than half of the arrow shaft and died immediately. A little cliche in some parts, but the show is good

  62. MMM

    sneak peak for season 2 saying that TOMMY’S NOT DEAD.after the injury, oliver took him to the hospital and they fixed him up.

    ohh did i mention he’ll become SPEEDY on season 2?

  63. Subhadeep Dey

    I would be happy to see a bit more of the “island”.. and october!! Ohhhhhhhhhh its too late 🙁

    • Victor

      Please when is the season 2 gonna be released???

  64. Badace15

    Felicity and Oliver would be good together. I think after the death of Tommy laurel won’t wanna be with him anymore.

  65. Connor

    forget oliver and laurel and oliver and felicity, we need roy like red arrow

  66. Derrick

    I wanna see Tommy alive and Oliver falling in love with Felicity

  67. frank

    i want oliver and filisity get to gather and be love like per of super hero and filisity have some action roll like heroin in the story

  68. bobo

    Arrow Is d best series I hv ever watched entire life….i mean it Neva seizes to amaze u…i just pray October comes vewi fast coz I cnt wait

  69. joe

    why did tommy died

  70. Age

    Roy is Red Arrow!

    • tasha

      i know roy gonna be red arrow cause red arrow name is roy harper

  71. Miller

    This Show Is Amazing ! Can’t wait To See the next Season ! Hurry up October !!!!!

  72. tasha

    oliver is going to teach roy how to use an arrow and bow and hes gonna become red arrow which roy harper is his real name

  73. yackson


  74. Jason

    I still say that since this was a spin off of smallville they should have kept the same actor that played green arrow.. Maybe even have guest stars from the smallville series and have Chloe played by allison mack come in and be the real love interest. Since by the end of smallville they were married and had a son.

    • Brian B

      This is not a spin-off Smallville. No connection whatsoever to Smallville. Different creators and producers for one thing. And if it was a Spin-off they wouldn’t be going back to the beginning with Oliver Queen on the island for 5 years. In Smallville Oliver was on the island for 2 years and he met a woman Tess Mercer. In this show it’s a woman named Shado. Completely different.

  75. cheeyaa

    mother of all TV series, great job !!! Just keep surprising me….respect man….you have just proven, amongst other thing that good plot will prevail, don’t need all other ‘extras and distraction’ once again, respect….

  76. Brad

    I wonder in season 2 they will reveal who the female was that was the boss, could it be Oliver’s mother or is there another female in deeper then both the Queen’s and Merlin’s who actually ran and controlled everything????

  77. iloveLaurel

    im from nz and mayyyun arrow is awesome!!! im looking for links to season 2!! anyone ???.. lol
    yous all must be from america? yeah ?.. could anyone kindly send me a link so i can enjoy my
    miserable days watching oliver and laurel make out hahaha.. nah yeah really this tv show is interesting.. it brings the butterflies out of me 🙂 in a strangely weird way?…. awkward… :l

  78. Rick

    On of the best shows on the circuit at the moment and definitely well written with a very cohesive blend of flash backs combined with real time plot. I’m interested to see the development of Roy into Red Arrow.

    I think Roy will discover Oliver is the hood and then beg him to teach him. This in turn causes Ollie to agree on one condition, that Roy must choose between life as a hood or Thea. Roy chooses the hood and Thea spends the rest of the season trying to figure out why Roy dumped her and what he’s doing

    After the events of the finale Oliver distances himself from Laurel out of guilt for Tommy’s death and this leads Ollie to throw himself into work but felicity get him to slow down and comforts him

  79. youri

    it’s a amazing serie !
    i can’t wait for the next one.

  80. jess

    hi ppl i love the show but i think Roy meets Oliver because Thea dies as it never shows her escaping the earthquake at the end of the show. i mean u see Tommy die and Oliver, laurel, he dad but you don’t see Roy Thea or Felicity.
    i also think Roy would call himself possibly speedy to honor Thea before he becomes red arrow

  81. Alex

    Let the season 2 be released, great work on season 1, I believe that they will do the same on the season 2… keep on going

  82. unknown

    i wnt oliver to find out who the other archer iz n will daniel be shocked after finding the secret of his dad

  83. ilove sex

    i wish oliver has a real sex scene in season 2

  84. Ryan

    I think someone from the island should show up and realize Oliver is the vigilante Cuse of he’s fighting style if its a bad guy he should threaten to tell evry one who he is

  85. Devin

    I would like to see crossovers with other heroes as well as seeing more of Green Arrow enemies. It would be surprising if Tommy turned out to be his arch Nemesis.

  86. Devin

    More action more gadgets high speed chases an more leaving the audience guessing to what happens next and what about the guy the people that help him become the hero he came to be? It should just beginning on their roles I presume?

  87. kevyn

    I like the back and fourth plot from the island to the present. I want to see more development on how Oliver learned things such as speaking different languages. Also want to know how the dark archer became so good even if he is dead.maybe laurel should die by the hands of the hundreds and then Oliver takes down the hundreds. bring the girl from the island thAt taught Oliver archery into it it and have them end up together.

  88. Michael

    I hope in the near future if/when Laurel becomes Black Canary, she has that screech ability.

  89. James

    Can’t wait to c what happen’s when Oliver’s mum find out his secret and also laurel too…….can’t wait see yaaa

  90. Eto

    I just what 2 c what with happen with Oliver nd is frnd father

  91. Komogson

    Ye Oliver and felicity that would be an interesting season to watch.

  92. Mel

    I didn’t watch Arrow on tv. It didn’t look that interesting but my son bought the 1st season and made me watch the pilot. After that I was hooked and watched the rest of the series. I also got my other son hooked and then my husband. My daughter who lives in another town was complaining that everything was reruns and there wasn’t anything to watch so I suggested Arrow. She read about it and didn’t think she would like it but she bought one episode. She then bought the whole season and watched it all in one weekend. It’s a great show. One of the best on tv.

  93. Doug

    Flash is going to show up and make off with his own pilot episode

  94. DbuDg1e95

    It would be awesome to see slade or shado appear in the present day at starling city (unless they die on the island of course). And it would be good to learn about the background to felicity and diggle like in his army days or how his brother got killed by deadshot. Arrow is a great show i have watched the whole season more than five times over and still havent got bored. Cant wait for season two.

  95. vageesh mishra

    you have failed this city , so u hve to die …….

  96. Victor

    Please i really want to watch the season 2, please has it been released because i can’t find it,not on netflix

  97. shannon

    i hope you keep it going for about 5 or more seasons i know its a lot but this is a epic tv show i don’t want Oliver to die and i hope laurel finds out who he is same as his sister and Roy he should get to be the hoods partner. i think laurel should also find out her sister is not dead after all and Oliver Roy and Shara should all work together to fight crime plz plz make loads more.

  98. greenarcher

    Im ready for arrow (s-3 this hero is an inspiration to me I have become an unknown guardian angel in my city and what I do. Shows ppl in my city that they can feel safe from crime

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