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Arrow season 9 ?

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Arrow season 9

What do you know about the 9th season of Arrow? The CW channel made a strange decision about the release date in 2020. Let’s find out!

The series, which delighted viewers around the world, came to an end. For many years, The CW has been producing a mega-popular universe project, but there will be no continuation for Arrow TV series. The project is cancelled after a short eighth season.

The plot of Arrow TV series:

For a long time in the series there were many interesting events, and hundreds of villains were defeated. The hero, dressed in a cloak and mask, with the help of a bow and arrow fights evil in his hometown. The plot revolves around Oliver Queen, who during a period of long absence has become a completely different person. He was perceived as a playboy millionaire, but after the troubles that fell to his lot, the man changed dramatically. It turned out that Starling City was mired in corruption and crime, and who, except for indifferent residents, is obliged to resist it? To help the hero come a bow, arrows and loyal associates.

The series was filmed in Vancouver. It was his architecture and landscapes that made it possible to perfectly recreate the atmosphere of the town from comics. But the work is completed, and the release date of Arrow season 9 is not expected.

Why did The CW decide to complete the series? What is the reason?

The reason is simple: the ratings began to fall, and the writers and creators, apparently, were tired of working on the series, and decided to devote more time to working on other TV projects. The channel’s management announced its plans to stop filming back in August 2019 and since then their decision has not changed. Fans asked to extend the series Arrow for season 9, or at least offer an alternative solution in the form of a spin-off, but so far the CW channel does not plan to shoot something like that.

Starring of Arrow:

At the end of the project, we suggest recalling the heroes and actors who represented them for a long time. Consider those who participated in almost all seasons of Arrow:

Stephen Amell plays the role of Oliver Queen. He led the carefree life of a wealthy playboy, but ended up on an uninhabited island, where he stayed for 5 years. After returning to his hometown, Starling City wears an avenger costume and restores justice.

Willa Holland plays Speedy (Thea Queen) – was a member of the Green Arrow team. In addition to the mastery of archery, he is good at martial arts.

Katie Cassidy Rodgers embodies the image of the Black Canary – Laurel Lens. Was Oliver’s girlfriend. Later, having received a jacket from her sister, she joined his team.

David Ramsey plays the role of John Diggle – Spartan.

The interesting facts:

* The composer Blake Neely was involved in the writing of the music. It turns out that the creator of Arrow, Greg Berlanti, had already worked with him on the drama series “Everwood”. The musician was warned that the series would be gloomy and allowed to read the script before creating the compositions.

* Similar TV shows related to the ending Arrow are Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. If you like superhero adventures with drama elements, then pay attention to them.

* A total of 170 episodes were shot and shown, lasting 43 minutes. If you decide to watch all the series in a row, it will take more than five days.

And what next?

Unfortunately, in October 2020, we will not see season 9 of the Arrow series. The CW channel has not yet changed its mind, but loyal comic book fans hope for a miracle. There is no good news so far, and there is no planned release date for new episodes of Arrow or even a spin-off. Get news on the life of the DC Comics television universe on our website.

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