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Austin & Ally season 5?

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Will Austin & Ally show renewed for a season 5 by Disney Channel? Has the show been cancelled? What about start air date of the new episodes in 2016?

TV-channel: Disney Channel
Created by: Kevin Kopelow, Heath Seifert
Genre: Sitcom

Season 3 Episode 1: 3.28 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 1: 3.08 million U.S. viewers

The fourth season of «Austin & Ally» television series was launched in January. It has been watched by more than 3 million viewers.

It is not a secret, that this show keeps its high positions in Disney channel ranking, as well as it has been nominated for the prestigious movie awards, such as Teen Choice Awards.

Such a success could guarantee the renewal of the show for season 5, but instead of the premiere date of the new «pack» of episodes, the fans were informed about the finish of the show after its fourth season.

This information has been confirmed by the actress Laura Marano. She noted that the final of the TV-project was scheduled for early 2016 and it would be really exciting!

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  1. OopLA

    Bad move, Disney!

  2. Lama

    Really sad Austin & Ally is coming to an end ((
    I do hope that it will be renewed. I need season 5 and more…

  3. TAKO

    The best show EVER! I hope it gets picked up again.

  4. Sam17

    It’s so sad…

  5. Marisha

    Really hope they change their minds after season 4 finale!

  6. Polina D.

    I can’t live without this show. Please Disney, make season 5! Don’t stop Austin & Ally.

  7. Monique L.

    I love this series. I think it is crazy that they did not renew.

  8. Andrea D.

    It’s so frustrating! I saw the series finale the other day…this was just as upsetting as when iCarly ended!!!

    • Mia

      I know right

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