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«Good Luck Charlie» season 5: no premiere air date?

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Will «Good Luck Charlie» renewed for a season 5 or on the verge of getting canceled by Disney Channel? What is known about air date on TV?

TV-channel: Disney Channel
Pilot episode: April 4, 2010
Creators: Phil Baker, Drew Vaupen

Season 1 Episode 1: 4.7 million U.S. viewers
Season 4 Episode 1: 3.9 million U.S. viewers

The announcements about «Good Luck Charlie» TV show closing after its fourth season, have been officially confirmed. According to the recent data, the premiere date for the final episode has been scheduled for February 16, 2014.

One-hour episode titled «Good-Bye, Charlie» is the final one for Disney Channel project. After its airing the television series will get «closed» status and the season 5 won’t be produced.

The fans of the given story don’t support such a decision and require renewing the show for the next season. It should be noted that «Good Luck Charlie» sitcom has about 5 million fans only across the USA. Its fan club is much bigger worldwide.

So why shouldn’t the show be renewed for another couple of episodes? You do need fresh episodes, don’t you?

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  1. Polly

    We are not happy that show is canceled because its a really funny show. We all hope series stays on tv.

  2. Gio

    my favorite show on Disney Channel. please dont stop!

  3. Corey

    it’s too bad there aren’t more shows on TV like that, where the whole family can be together and watch…

  4. Amanda L.

    That’s too bad. My kids watch many of the live action Disney shows and I think this is the best one.

  5. G.F.

    I love watching this show with my kids! Disney needs to reconsider, this is the best show they have.

  6. Kiwi

    please bring its back !!!! we need more seasons

  7. One direction

    I love watching this movie my dad loves watching this movie it’s the best show ever u can’t cancel it I would die please don’t cut it off I want my kids to be able to watch it when they grow up to

  8. One direction

    Please make more

  9. avi

    It’s a great show and I enjoy watching it, because it makes me being glued to the TV.
    Though since the family grew and the older kids are “leaving” home, there isn’t much to make of the show.
    In addition, I think there should be a spin off as for going the 5-10 years forward of how Charlie is using the knowlege she got from the video diaries.

  10. christy

    It’s ashame how the good wholesome shows are always canceled. Hope to see a reunion if not more seasons

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