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Awkward season 5: premiere date (2015)

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Awkward was renewed for a fifth and final season. When does the new episodes premiere in 2015? We are waiting for the start air date on MTV!

TV-channel: MTV
Genre: teen comedy
Creator: Lauren Iungerich

Season 3 Episode 20: 1.30 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 18: 0.82 million U.S. viewers

There is good and bad news for the fans of «Awkward» sitcom, which is broadcast by MTV television channel from July 2011.

Good news is that the television series has been officially renewed for season 5 and the premiere date of the new episodes is scheduled for Summer 2015 (officially). And here is the bad news – the fifth season is announced as the last one and the show won’t be renewed any more.

The creators promise the culmination to be worthy and logical, as the fans deserve it. The storyline won’t be interrupted and the viewers will get the answers to all the remaining questions, the rights holders say.

According to the critics, the decision of MTV leadership is totally justified, as the show rating has began to fall rapidly, but the fans aren’t satisfied with the given verdict.

Are you ready to say good-bye to the heroes of the beloved series?

UPDATE 1 (April 21, 2015): The final season of Awkward will kick off August 31, 2015.

UPDATE 2 (November 9, 2015): “We’re hopeful that Season 5B is not going to be the end of the show. But it would be the end of this chapter of the story,” Mike Chessler explains. Thoughts on a potential Season 6?

UPDATE 3 (February 12, 2016): MTV announced on Friday the premiere date for Awkward Season 5B – March 15, 2016 (at 10/9c). It’s the final run of episodes. The showrunners’ dream of an 11th-hour sixth season doesn’t come to fruition.

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  1. Tanya

    I think it’s a decent show on MTV with a great cast. Don’t stop!!!!

  2. Kamila C.

    OMG NOOOO! Why? Why is it the last season? I need more!!

  3. Angelica (NY)

    stop? ok! I stopped watching when Ming left. She was the best character.

  4. Ang3l

    I’m going to miss Awkward so much ((((

  5. Eva Todd

    I’m happy that they are renewing the show for a final season! Please, give us 20 episodes!

  6. Allison

    5 seasons of Awkward seems like a logical ending point.

  7. KiaraDance

    I love this show, I don’t want it to end. Please, MTV!

  8. mckeest

    I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Awkward!! I will be so sad to see it go, but as with every other high school drama-based tv series eventually the main characters must graduate and the underclassmen never live up the original main characters. So, unless the main characters all go to the same college and then eventually all move into the same neighborhood (really realistic [insert sarcasm]), I guess it would be better to end it [insert deep emotional sigh]!

    • taelor snarich

      I do not agree with that

  9. Michelle

    Please,please,please tell me that Matty and Jenna will end up together. I feel like a teenager again watching this show and I’m in my mid-20’s!!!!!!! If not, well that would be extremely depressing! I’m defiantly going to miss the laughter and relief this show provides me with from my daily life! Great show MTV!!!

  10. Dawn

    Don’t stop gonna miss the show !

  11. Nicole

    I love this sow they cant cancel it they got so much story to tell….#TeamJenna

  12. Madonna

    I normally do not watch a lot of television but I have been watching Awkward religiously. The sixth season could be Jenna off at college. I look forward to season 5;)

  13. Isabel

    Ahh,,,, Noooo!

    Season 5 can NOT be the last season!?
    It’s such a good show… Whyyyy???

  14. Sio

    I loooove awkward ! 2 more seasons pleaaaaase

  15. Anita

    Please dont stop with awkward!Its a great show!

  16. sara

    Awkward is the best show!!!! Amazing cast! Amazing show!!! Incredibly funny!!!! Dont stop the show.

  17. Kelly

    Sad to see the show go. Loved all the characters and the story line the whole way. Farewell awkward, I’ll be watching til the end, been watching since day one. :,-(

  18. Zoe

    Don’t stop this show we love it we don’t want it to lose you can make season 6 to season some numbers you want 🙁

  19. Becca

    Final season?!?!!!!
    What will I ever do without my Awkward?!

    All of my favorite shows get cancelled….Black Box, Rush, House, Off the Map, even Pretty Little Liars is ending next season. WTF??!
    But, of course, absolute garbage like American Idol, The Batchelor, and Survivor will just keep going until I die.
    Where is the justice, I ask you….where?

  20. Kat

    I love this show, I can’t believe season 5 is the last one

  21. Sriparna

    I want it to go on and on

  22. Emily

    No!! Don’t stop it!! It’s my favorite show ever

  23. Walt

    It’s a great show. Can’t wait for season 5

  24. eric sanders

    awkward is my favorite show maybe the release date is in april like tuesday jenna hamilton journey will end the new beginning of awkward has begun to the new chapter if they air the 2-hours series finale of graduation day two-part event so if they make there own spinoff series like laguna beach /the hills this show will live forever so mtv keep going make more shows bring back another laguna beach remake again this time and make the real world fullerton and more please thank you

  25. Llister

    NOoooOo!!! C’mon you guys you can’t end this show it has kept me going from bad mood to GREAT mood. Awkward is the best teen series ever though I’m not a teenager myself but I LOVE it.
    Sad for days!!! :(:(:(:(

  26. Rebecca

    I can’t believe this show isn’t renewing!!! Thisbisnmy all time favorite show and I really wish that it will continue 🙁

  27. Crystal

    I just don’t get it! Every time I actually get into a show it ends up, not renewed. I grew up watching shows like saved by the bell, Charles in charge, hey dude & the one & only – general hospital. Awkward has the potential to be a long running tv show. If season 5 is truly the shows last all I have to say is Big Big Big Mistake! This show has a wide age range of watchers. Not every season can be great but the show itself is great & is headed in a good direction, some college… Or not… golden opportunity for storyline here along with many more seasons! Why waste it???? Bad call & Big mistake to whoever takes this show off the air!!!

  28. Megan McGill (add me on facebook)

    when is the premier and did it go off air????

  29. Crystal

    Glad we get a last season that is going to give us answers but I am so going to miss Matty McKibben!!

  30. Mel

    No, please don’t… A few more seasons!?

  31. Wendy

    I fell in love with the show and watched all 4 seasons in 6 days. Can’t wait for the season 5 premiere. Totally understand that the show has to come to an end since not all friends and enemies can attend the same college. Will hate the series finale. What a great cast!

  32. Anonymous

    Have you ever noticed or wondered why, all the suckish shows get renewed for a lot more seasons. Examples are; How I met your mother (9 seasons), The big bang theory (8 seasons) and finally an old one charmed(8 seasons),Yeah you know that little witchy show. Proving my point, I seriously think its up to us to vote which shows should get more seasons. Since we are the ones who, I don’t know lets think, watch the damn shows and pay to watch them. I think its time to tell these people what we think.

    P.S-C YA

    Plus I’m sorta addicted to this show yeah I’m sitting at 5 in the morning typing this coz erm I’m addicted its like my drug

  33. Stop it

    Don’t do it

  34. Alwayz_Ash

    I actually love watching awkward. I even bought the first season on dvd! Plan on getting all of them. I kept forgetting when the next season would start but I would always watch. Keep awkward on the air!!! Pick a different season. Summer? LET’S STAY AWKARD!!

  35. isabella

    please don’t stop keep going its so intersting make MOREEEEEE PLEASE i really
    love whatching awkward its like the number one show i ever seen DON’T STOP *******

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