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Hemlock Grove season 3: start date (2015)

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Netflix renewed Hemlock Grove TV-series for a third and final 10-episode season. When does the new episodes start in 2015?

TV-channel: Netflix
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Drama
Developed by: Brian McGreevy
Executive producers: Eli Roth, Charles H. Eglee, Eric Newman…

There are good and bad news for the fans of «Hemlock Grove» television series.

The good news is that show has been agreed for season 3 and the start date of the new episodes is scheduled for summer 2015 (UPDATE 1).

As for the bad news – the story will be over after the third season. According to the announcement, 10 episodes have been ordered. They are to become the last ones for «Hemlock Grove».

Eli Roth, the producer, expressed his gratitude to the TV viewers, and promised the final of the show to be really exciting. Looking forward to see the great final, Mr. Roth!

UPDATE 1 (August 27, 2015): Finally! We have a release date! Hemlock Grove will return for a third season on October 23, 2015.

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  1. Bounty

    hope it’s not true. don’t stop Hemlock Grove, please!

  2. Mike Bit


  3. Robin

    Please please please don’t stop making this epically awesome show! More more more!

  4. M P

    Please,don’t end Hemlock Grove!I binge watched the first two seasons and I am hooked! Don’t the change with Shelly though,but great show,all the unexpected new twists and monsters are great!

  5. ashley

    Love this show.

  6. mari

    Great show, great actors, great story. I am pleased to know that a new season is around the corner. However, devastated to know that it is the last. Such sad news!

  7. Kim

    Love the show please don’t cancel!

  8. Tanja brown

    One of the best shows in a long time! It should continue for years to come. I came across it by accident. Netflix has failed to advertise this.

  9. Vorhes

    No! No! No! Great show!

  10. Ben Morehouse

    As good or better than “The Walking Dead”! Could not get enough. Hope they will reconsider 3 as the final season. This show is a real GEM!

  11. JMS

    NOOOO!!!….. that’s it, I’m not watching Netflix TV shows anymore. Lame.

  12. CJ

    NOOO! Please don’t cancel Hemlock Grove! It gives me something to look forward to watching. There aren’t many shows that I get excited to watch!

  13. Crystal

    This is an amazing show! Of the actors are fantastic the story line is intriguing and the staging is on point! I just found it on Netflix and binge watched both seasons. I had no idea it even existed until I was bored and searched Netflix and found it. So disappointing I had no idea about this. And now learning its the final season is seems wrong for such a great show to go down without a fight! it would do better if it had more publicity!!!! SAVE HEMLOCK GROVE!!!

  14. Aleister

    I’m happy to see there’s going to be a new season!!! Awesome news! But why, why must they cancel this masterpiece of a series! This is the only show I’d watch!!

  15. gayla

    please dont let this be the last seson you couddo so much with this show it could go a long ways in intertainment i love it it seems that when i finly find a show i realy like that it has to come to a end way to soon i mean i no that all things has to end but not in only 3 sesons not when its such a good plot and could go on for quit a long time. but if not then thinks for the injoyment it has been.

  16. Debbie

    Love the show!! Excellent cast!! Original. Very disappointed and sad to here this will be the end. May want to reThink that boys!

  17. denetta

    my husband and i have similar taste so we totally binged on this show! we LOVE it!! it is a shame this will be the last season 🙁 i know there could be more of this show, they have a great idea and great actors and a great script! please make a season 4, pretty please 🙂

  18. Joy

    I’m sadden that this show is coming to an end! The first season was ok but dear God they came with it on season 2!!!! It was epic, mind blowing, and just all around AWESOME! Kudos to all of you n I’m seriously hoping you all are reconsidering on ending this illustrious show. I have gotten an enormous amount of people watching it on netflix simply because season 2 was so legendary!!!! I wish you all well with your glorious careers and continue to entertain with those creative and wonderous minds 😉 thank you all and good luck in all you do!!!

  19. Hemlock grove fan

    Please DO NOT stop Hemlock grove its awesome

  20. Ty

    This show does not cease to blow my mind, and like most of these people, I would be emptied of this show discontinued. However if it is necessary for Hemlock to be competed with only 10 more episodes then so be it. However I do see great potential for an extension as I would also find Netflix to become a void of epic proportions without more Hemlock Grove. This post will probably not be read by many but I can only hope it makes those responsible wonder what might be.. More than they have already discussed.

    Regards, Ty

  21. Stormer83

    I LOVED the first season the 2nd season was lacking a bit but still good hope the last season will be a awesome goodbye

  22. Alauda

    The regular networks ignore viewers, but I thought Netflix was different. Hemlock Grove is fantastic. It really shouldn’t be cancelled. No Hemlock Grove, no Lilyhammer, what will Netflix have left? Political cr*p?

  23. Josef

    This is by far an excellent show on Netflix than no other. I love the cast and characters. Peter and Roman really rock! The story line is awesome and I look forward to every episode. No other show does that for me. I haven’t loved another show in so many years as this one. The last real show that I was addicted to is Lost on ABC. I really hope that Netflix does not end it so soon. 3 Seasons are not enough! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T end after 3 seasons 🙁

  24. Shawn

    Why not put this brilliant show on the big screen or give it a series you know how many people pay netflix just for this show I’m from the hood and this show bout good as it gets y’all take this y’all loosing money and ratings

  25. Chris

    Please don’t end this show

  26. Gregg

    This show is incredible. I hope that you will run more than 10 episodes. Just like M P, I binge watched the first two seasons and can’t wait for season three.

  27. ChrisB

    Felt the same way when the Fringe ended. (5 seasons) still miss it. Hemlock Grove is unique. Actors, Writers, Emmy Award stuff.

  28. Steve

    Please don’t cancel the show. This show is on my top 5 with Game of Thrones, Vikings, American Horror Story and Big Bang. HG is different, sets itself apart from other shows and the acting is excellent. It truly is an original.

  29. paul

    Don’t stop now its awesome an the best Netflix show on netflix ill cancel Netflix when it’s over so keep it up I love the show an the actors are great Peter AN Roman rock Shelley kicks a*s couldn’t ask for a better show so keep it rolling guys

  30. Kristine

    Such an awesome show and I have been waiting for Season 3….please don’t cancel !!!

  31. Eflav

    PLEASE DONT CANCEL IT!!!!! I love this show…..

  32. Melody

    I love Hemlock Grove. I enjoy watching it. I hope they will continue showing it. It’s just wonderful and a good suspense thriller.

  33. Caitlin

    I love this series! I really hope they reconsider ending it at season 3…they end their original series soooo early usually…it is disappointing.

  34. Michelle

    This is the first and only Netflix show I’ve watched and now addicted to. Finally a great series and now it’s going to be a thing of the past. Remind me not do start another Netflix series!

  35. Gretchen

    This show is absolutely fantastic. I really hope it continues past season three. I have so many ideas for this show. Obviously I am in the wrong line of work! Please make more!

  36. Katherine

    Why does it have to end?

  37. maureen

    Love the show please don’t cancel!n Season 4 and 5 etc. would be very well accepted and cherished. This show is great and the cast is excellent. Thanks. Please make more seasons than just a season 3

  38. Simone

    Every time I like something, it goes away. *sigh*. I just my roku and binged watch both seasons. I was looking for info on the next season start date and find out it’s cancelled. So much story to squeeze into 10 episodes unless they’re longer like BBC Sherlock. Not sure how it’ll pan out but I’m already going through withdrawals…

  39. Jamie

    I was into HBO shows like True Blood and The Leftovers. Came across this show on Netflix. While it took several episodes to start developing, it turned into a great series. I really hate to see it go so soon. Really surprised that I never saw any promos for it. Anyone know of any other shows along this line? Maybe something on Amazon?

  40. Frank pineda

    This show is the best, it should not be cancel, I’ve seen shows that are so dumb and are still playing and should have been cancel long a go, hemlock grove is an asset to Netflix, it would be a shame to cancel it

  41. maryann

    Really lists to all this support please don’t cancel. Great show!!!

  42. Dan O

    You have a hit series, and you are ending it !!! WHY ????

  43. nick

    I;ve never completely watched an entire series in my life until I came across HEMLOCK GROVE. I’m hooked on this, it gives me something to look forward too and would hate to see it come to an end,,,,

  44. tjb3

    Please don’t stop giving us Hemlock Grove! The series is so compelling and the actors/actresses are so believable. The best series I have found on Netflix. Please Netflix, pick Hemlock Grove up for more seasons. Please??????!!!!!!

  45. tony

    although the last season is said to be awesome I believe it will lack the finality the viewer desires. why can ray romano get 9 seasons of dick and fart jokes but you got to cram 7 seasons into a ten episode stretch. nice to see trish from orange is the new black got a spot on the show hopefully she is not the reason for jumping the shark.

  46. Jarod

    I love this show – don’t cancel please

  47. howard

    I watch a lot of TV and I have to say this is the best! Gonna miss it!! TY Mr. Roth!

  48. Scott

    stumbled onto watching Hemlock Grove while trying to find something to watch one night and havent stop since i started. i hate that its leaving yet i could see another 3 to 5 more seasons of it. really need a petition to keep it on or im stuck to watching other supernatural like shows. Hemlock Grove is in my top 5 shows of its kind behind my #1 show Supernatural and right before my #3 show Bitten. So plz keep it on for us fans..

  49. Eric


    Ok, the suspense is killing us! We The Fans, Need to Know “THE EXACT RELEASE DATE” of Hemlock Grove, Season 3?

    • Ron

      Netflix has not announced an exact date yet

  50. mike sullivan

    very sad…great acting, great writing. I have many friends who are really into this show. I can’t imagine why they are cancelling after only three seasons. not much in the horror / sy-fi world ,worth watching. I hope they re consider this one.

  51. A. McAnulty

    Please reconsider renewing Hemlock Grove. It’s a great show!

  52. Tom

    They announced this right after Season 2 premiered on Netflix. They didn’t state the amount of episodes but I actually think its good. I enjoy the show but I don’t want them to run out of ideas and run the series into the ground.

  53. Keith

    No no no don’t stop it I need it!!!!

  54. Aj

    But when is the start date?

  55. zer0sanity

    The only reason they would ever end a show that is so popular is probably because of money. The actors probably want more and Netflix won’t pay, or, the producers are just idiots and think they can come up with something better. NETFLIX; You have a lot of people that really love the show (myself included), do what it takes to keep the new seasonS coming

  56. Shanti pena

    This is a really good show. Why is it that when they have a good show they end it… This is one of the reasons why i keep NETFLIX.

  57. jobri

    Make it possible to keep this show. My sisters, nieces, cousins, etc., all got into watching this show and we love it, and are happy to hear that there will be a season 3, please try to keep it. There are some shows that are really good and worth keeping, Hemlock Grove is one of them. Please do what ever is needed to at least give the viewers more than 3 seasons. There is so much on the show that need to come to light.

  58. cher

    I am thrilled to know HG has at least a partial season 3. (10 episodes does not quantify a full season.)
    I must admit, I am truly baffled as to the honest reason for the cancellation. The show can compete with Walking Dead on every level. I know people not necessarily big fans of the genre, yet they are as hooked as I am.
    You have an original storyline. You have a thriller filled with drama, love, loyalty, betrayal, rich characters, and a superb cast. The writers allow the audience to delve into why each character can be both villain and hero.
    This is rarely achieved in any series.
    I agree with former comments concerning Netflix actually rallying for viewership. This fact validates my belief the show found an audience more from word of mouth and people stumbling upon it.
    We fell in love with Hemlock Grove on it’s own merit.

  59. Heather

    I love this show! Don’t stop making this series!!!!!!

  60. Andrew

    Summer of 2015 is now coming to a close and yet no release of season 3. What’s the update?

  61. Emily

    LOVE this show!!! They always end the good ones too soon!! 🙁

  62. Nathan

    This is a great show and a great storyline. I really hope that the producers do not ended the way that the producers ended the 4400 right in the middle of the story line I really hope that you give this excellent show a great spectacular ending that it deserves

  63. Kathe

    OMG I love Hemlock Grove. Sort of stumbled across it, and ended up binge watching the first two seasons when I was home sick. This is an amazing show with great characters and a killer storyline. I agree with previous comments that this show shouldn’t be cancelled, and instead should live on. I’m glad that season 3 starts soon, but am extremely saddened to learn it will be the last

  64. Melissa

    I am so sad that they are cancelling this show. I felt like we really got to know characters last season. I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for the third season. Maybe Hulu would consider picking it up. The grabbed The Mindy Project and I’m so glad that they did! #hulu please save our show since Netflix isn’t. 🙁

  65. Cindy

    I cannot believe this!!!!! Why are they cancelling the show after 3 seasons. I love this show and wait patiently every year for the new season since it first came out. If Hulu picks it up, guess which subscription I will be signing up for just because of this show and I don’t really like Hulu.


    Can’t wait for Season 3 , however I am sad as well that this is the final show.
    Hemlock Grove is one of the best written, acted and produced tv series I have come across.
    Kudos to Brian McGreevy Lee Shipman and Eli Roth.

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