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«Baby Daddy» season 4: start date

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How many episodes will Baby Daddy have for its 4th season? What is known about start iar date on ABC Family. Premiere coming in 2014?

TV-channel: ABC Family
Pilot episode: June 20, 2012
Creator: Dan Berendsen

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.65 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 1: 1.10 million U.S. viewers

The TV-series «Baby Daddy» of ABC Family channel premiered on the American television in June 2012 and managed to attract 1,65 million viewers.

Den Berendsen’s comedy got mixed reviews and some actors (Jean-Luc Bilodeau and Chelsea Kane) were nominated for «Teen Choice Awards».

The fans’ support ensured three years of air time for the show and at the moment season 4 has been announced to be ordered. The exact premiere date for the new episodes hasn’t been announced yet, but the experts predict the show is to be launched at the end of 2014 and it will be the complete season.

«Baby Daddy» season 4 start – [October 22, 2014] (update)

We will provide you with the fresh information concerning the fourth season as soon as it is announced. Follow the news!

S4E13 start – June 3, 2015

On February 27, 2015, the series was renewed for a fifth season.

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  1. Branda

    Love Baby Daddy! Cant wait for season 4!

  2. Sam K.

    i need season 4 now! ABC Family, hurry up!!!

  3. Polina

    Season 4 just started this Fall…

  4. robert sprague

    love babby daddy hoping there taping in January so I can go to the taping again . all the cast is great people and funny as hell.

  5. lory

    爱死了少男老爸!居然还有 matt dalas!!!I love you!

  6. Mary

    I want Riley with Danny. He treats her better then Ben treats her.

    • McKinzie

      Yes I do agree with you!

  7. Kathy

    Please put it back on I love this show so much …please let Danny finally tell Riley the truth and finally let them be together

  8. jae

    TEAM Danny An Riley !

  9. Amanda

    I have just finished Baby Daddy on Netflix… and I am HOOKED!!! I LOVE the show!! Bring it back ASAP! 🙂

  10. Angie

    I enjoyed watching this show. I am all for Danny and Riley as a couple. The group works really well together. Bonnie Wheeler makes me laugh the hardest. I like the whole crew, but Bonnie and Danny are my favorites. I will be sad to see it go almost as I did the show “Friends”. I still watch that over and over. I’m glad to see that ABC didn’t leave the viewers hanging again. It’s a real bummer when you watch something like “Heroes” and out if the blue you are hit with a slam shut case. It has happened a lot and I’m glad to see we will get the final episodes…thank you

  11. Debbie Sabin

    Bring on season 4,
    Danny and Riley together .

  12. Sarah

    Can’t wait for season 4 to start!!! I want Riley and Ben to actually have a chance with their relationship it seems like its one thing after another they could work out if given the chance! They could be such a cute little family.

    • dani

      I so agree with you on the ben and riley front. It seems everyone else wants it to be danny and riley.

  13. Martine

    best series ever!! can’t wait for season 4! and please let Danny tell Riley the truth!! so Team Danny & Riley! He always loved her, even when she was not HOT! that’s true love!!

  14. Michelle K

    please keep baby daddy on the air, super funny…our family loves it.
    Tucker is the best, love bonnie too!!! well done abc, keep it clean please, can still be funny without sexual cr*p

  15. Angela

    I love Baby Daddy!! I its a very funny show!!!

  16. Danielle

    Danny and Riley need to be together can’t wait.Please take Mystery Girls off the air.

  17. Grace

    Ben and Riley forever

  18. Emma

    I think this show is so Funny Ben and Riley!!

  19. alexis

    Im 13 and im hoping there will be a season 4 because i love this show

  20. Ana

    Love love baby daddy it’s so funny !!!team Riley and Danny all the way !!

  21. Betty

    I am 62 and I love this show. Please keep it going.

  22. Calley

    Everyone seems to want Danny and Riley together but if given the chance I think Ben and Riley would be soo cute together

  23. Baby daddy lover and big fan

    It is on tv all days danny lie to them he stay in new york city I hope it goes on netflix soon who with me am I right or not it is on tv on demand now season 4 e1

  24. Baby daddy lover and big fan

    It is on tv all days danny lie to them he stay in new york city I hope it goes on netflix soon who with me am I right or not it is on tv on demand now season 4 e1
    Team Danny and Riley and Ben and tucker emma and bonnie

  25. Gorgie

    Team Ben and Riley

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