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Backstrom season 2?

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Backstrom is certain to be canceled. Will the show be renewed for a second season in 2015/2016? What about the premiere air date for the new episodes?

TV-channel: Fox
Developed by:: Hart Hanson
Genre: crime comedy-drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 7.98 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 9: 3.16 million U.S. viewers

The television series «Backstrom», which has kicked off on Fox at the beginning of this year, is one of the major candidates to be taken off from the television broadcast.

According to the statistics, the number of fans has fallen to 3 million people, while at the beginning of the season this figure comprised about 8 million fans.

A rapid decline of rating positions makes the renewal of the show for Season 2 very doubtful, the experts believe, that’s why the premiere date of the new episodes isn’t set yet. However, we will wait for the official verdict of Fox and publish it.

Backstrom season 2 start – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

Follow the update and support the show!

UPDATE 1 (May 8, 2015): Bad news… Fox cancelled Backstrom after one season.

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  1. Jeni Hatt

    I absolutely LOVE the show Backstrom! I really hope it gets picked up for a second season but I fear that will not.

  2. Golda

    Backstrom is good, should not be cancelled. I hope they bring it back.

  3. Jame

    Backstrom deserves to be renewed. I’ll be so disappointed if the show is cancelled. Rainn is a brilliant as a detective!

  4. Shelby G.

    I love this show,the characters interaction and writing is genius! please renew!

  5. Sandy

    I hope they bring it back, give it a chance, it’s a great show,

  6. Christina

    I love this show. At first I wasn’t sure but it grows on you. Good entertainment! I hope Fox gives it a second chance–second season. I want more crazy Backstrom episodes.

  7. G. Brurs

    We LOVE Backstrom! The actors pull off these unique characters. These
    odd balls have affection for each other and somehow they work together
    to follow Backtrom’s lead. The interplay between Backstrom and his half
    brother Valentine is touching. This show has great personality and appeal.
    We really hope it is renewed!

  8. Daquan

    Please renew, Ill shizzle my Jordan’s if they don’t!

  9. Castillo

    Backstrom is the best show on TV. Please bring it back for season 2. Me my family and all my friends will definitely watch season 2…

  10. Sparrowsma1

    Backstrom is one terrific show. The show is very different from most shows where the lead actor or actress is very proper. Backstrom is a real person doing a difficult job in catching bad guys. His team is just so great each person is different, but together they make all the pieces fall together. He is witty and a real person with real problems. Please renew this show. When you get a hit keep it on the air. I ‘ve told too many people about this show for them to find it cancel. I also hope there are ore episodes this season. Don’t give up n the fans FOX TV.

  11. RJ

    Great show, we are huge fans. It could be that “The Blacklist” (another great show) is on at the same time and viewers are opting to watch that instead (I DVR one while I watch the other). I really hope they air Season 2.

  12. Tony Pepperoni

    Well if it does get cancelled I demand that Last Man On Earth be cancelled not even a season in and its out lived its namesake

  13. Monty

    One of the best shows and one of the most original police shows on television, Fox would have to be full of morons not to see the shows potential………………………..

  14. Odis S.

    OK! The show was unwatchable.

  15. WernerValencia

    I loved Backstrom. Please Fox bring it back but promote it more!

  16. ZeTTa

    Great actors and writing. I’m sad to see it go…

  17. Rodrick*-*

    Canceled? Not surprised but still disappointed. I really wanted at least another season.

  18. BRO

    I can’t believe they cancelled it. Boo Fox. Backstrom was great, somebody please pick it up!

  19. Kelli

    I knew Backstrom would be canceled but I watched it anyways )

  20. VVV

    I actually enjoyed Backstrom. BRING IT BACK!!!

  21. Courtney M

    I just finished season1 on demand. And absolutely sad that its ending. If I would watch more t.v. this would def. Be a show I would have watched but since I rarely watch tv I didnt know about this. Please season 2 because aloteven tthough it was t.v. hit close to home.

  22. LC

    PlEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!! I feel like someone took all of my best friends away from me! They were just starting to gain momentum!

  23. Doug

    How can you drop a show after one season, after putting in a time slot that was not fit fro it…………shame shame shame FOX……another network would be smart to pick it up and run with it……..

  24. Carol

    Backstrom is fun, engaging, & has interesting characters. bring it back!

  25. mike

    This was a great show they should renew

  26. tom herrett

    there are some of us that appreciated the style and acting in Backstrom . It is too good of a show to trash! Maybe Netflix could run it!

  27. rick

    Really enjoy the show hope it at least comes back to fxx

  28. Troi

    I need a S2!!!!!!!!!!! its a great show.

  29. Genie

    I love this show. I think what caused the drop in ratings was the weeks the show was not on the air, then all of a sudden the show continued again. I know if I hadn’t done a search through my Dish Service Cable Company I wouldn’t have known there was a break, with new shows after the few weeks of hiatus. I really really think this is what created a ratings drop. WE DIDN’T KNOW THERE WERE MORE SHOWS. PLEASE BRING IT BACK

  30. Misty Jackson

    I really love the characters in Backstrom! Really hoping there is a season 2.

  31. Zoof

    I enjoy the way I can not predict the outcome I Love this real show that does not step on current trend and formula maybe some formula but the cinematography in is very good and lends to the plot line from episode to episode. Thank you and you will be missed if you go or I will be watching for Netflix of Hulu I do not had traditional Television.

  32. ReeRee

    I can’t believe they are even considering not having another season. My husband and I love this show. The last couple years it seems every time we find a show we love they end as quick as they start. What is up with that. They need to bring Backstrom back.

  33. Pam H.

    Keep Backstrom coming !!! I loved the humor in Backstrom’s comments; the cast was wonderful, the crimes interesting, the writing great. What’s not to like? RENEW BACKSTROM!

  34. A. Miller

    It’s so sad that television shows like empire with all it’s stereotypes and bafoonery gets praised and great shows like “Backstrom” are canceled. That’s why Americans and America is not what it once was. We celebrate the wrong things constantly and for the record “l’m a black man who had a record deal and use to rap and find “empire ” as new age COONARY!!!!!!!

  35. Chris

    What the hell is wrong with Fox? I expect this kind of incompetance out of NBC but not FOX. But they are bringing back X Files, but still…Backstrom was just getting intense and pretty intetesting. You ppl s*ck at fox

  36. fiona


  37. ana

    F*ck you too Fox, you just had to cancel Backstrom. Bring Backstrom back! It is one of the best shows on fox, and you guys just crushed lots of peoples dreams by canceling it.

  38. Portia Buttram

    This was one of the best shows Ive seen in years!! You S*ck FOX!!!

  39. Aimee Tanner

    What!! This show was awesome! I loved it and watched every episode. I hate when they cancel something really great, especially when it wasn’t even advertised enough. I came across it by chance. What a loss, smh

  40. Brenda

    Will Backstrom be renewed for a second season? I loved that show. It was a breath of fresh air from all the reality shows that are on. He was so inappropriate on the show and it was awesome.
    Please tell me if it will be back.

  41. md reduan

    a superb tv series. its a detective Dr House

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