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Forever season 2?

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Forever cancelled or renewed for Season 2? We are waiting for the premiere air date in 2015 but the show remains on course for cancellation.

TV-channel: ABC
Created by:: Matt Miller
Genre: Crime drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 8.26 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 19: 4.66 million U.S. viewers

Matt Miller’s crime drama «Forever» was launched on TV in September 2014. The first episode attracted more than 8 million people, which was quite good for the newcomer.

Unfortunately, during its broadcast the show lost a significant number of fans and could not avoid the fall of its rating positions. The TV-project has received mixed reviews of critics, and its evaluation on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb comprised 5.8/10 and 83/100 accordingly.

Based on the results received, it could be concluded that the renewal of Season 2 is very doubtful and the premiere date of the new episodes has all the chances not to be announced.

Forever season 2 start – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

Let’s wait for the ABC announcement with the hope it would be positive.

UPDATE 1 (May 7, 2015): Bad news… ABC cancelled Forever after one season.

UPDATE 2 (July 7, 2015): Forever has not been saved by another network (at least not yet), said series creator Matt Miller.

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  1. Clay

    Please keep it. Forever is a great show. Good actors and good storytelling.

  2. Dave Delano

    I guess they renew it. Very interesting and unusual. Hope for the new season in 2015

  3. Ressie W.

    Why is it that when I like a show they always cancel?

    • Paulina

      Same here ;__; </3

    • Brygen D.

      Me too Ressie W. Whenever I happen to like the show, the bloody television cancel them. A good example is ” SECRET CIRCLES’. WTF !!!

  4. Ema

    Forever is such a good show. I know so many who watch and love it!

  5. Leonora

    please do not cancel this show! It’s one of my favorites. I’m waiting…

  6. jami

    best show ever!!!!

  7. Sandra Knight

    This is a great show with a great cast of characters. I love this show and the storylines are so exciting. The lead actor is outstanding and so is his co-worker in the medical lab he is so comical and funny, love the show please keep and give another season please please please

  8. SONNY

    just watched the season final. (spoilers0 he found what happened to Abagail. and found peace….at lest we can be thankful it didn’t end on a cliff hanger like so many unfortunate t.v shows. Still please please bring back season 2….it is such a good show.

  9. Sue

    I love this show! I hope they renew it for a second season!

  10. Dianna

    Where do these ratings come from? I watch it. My friends watch it. I’m very confused. It’s a great show

    • Jo K.

      I agree with everyone. I really enjoyed Forever’s story plot. I hope Hulu or Yahoo help support it.

  11. Christina A

    “Forever”is the BEST series on television.
    Please, please, please renew!

  12. Family of 8

    Hoping, hoping, hoping for season 2! This is the only show our entire family watches together, and you know how hard it is to get ages 22 to 65 to agree on a television show!!!

  13. mike

    Great show. Please renew.

  14. gar

    good show, keep it going for 2nd season.

  15. Eric

    It’s 8.3 on IMDB. Please do renew it.

  16. Keira Swiney

    WHY CANCELLED??? I liked that show. Forever was original, heartwarming, intellectual and wonderful. What is wrong with you, ABC???

  17. Tony

    One of my favorites, lets give it a season 2 if just to properly wrap things up. If it were promoted I’m sure this show would have done much better.

  18. James

    Its sad when shows that you really like lose their audience…

  19. Lyle Oney

    Very bad decision. So disappointed.

  20. Julene

    I’m pissed !!! It’s a shame that not enough people discovered this great show because it definitely deserved a second season. Hulu or Netflix – Save Forever PLEASE!

  21. joanne

    This was planned as far back as the fall of 14. ABC didn’t see it lasting through May. This is what pisses me off.

    The only other show I watch on the network is Galavant and I am really surprised it was renewed. You can’t tell after 8 episodes. Plus Sunday night in Jan. is a bad night.

    ABC could have moved Forever to another night if they had wanted to.

  22. Zoë Lenaerts

    This is a AMAZING show, there must come a season 2! En they have a score of 8,3/10 on IMDB! DON’T CANCEL THIS SHOW… PLEASSSSS…??

  23. Sharon

    Really good show. Good ones get cancelled. Bad ones stay on. Guess this is why I rarely watch ABC.

  24. Kabaev Kirill

    I liked that show.
    Please, keep it going for 2nd season.

  25. "Forever" A Fan

    Good stories like this one should never be cut short. “Forever” deserves a second season, and audiences deserve to keep enjoying a show that has intelligent philosophy, endearing characters, and excellent actors! Don’t let “Forever” go the same way as “Firefly”!

  26. Adette Buen

    Please renew the show!!!

  27. Sue

    I absolutely LOVE forever, I love the Sherlock Holmes type charactor Henry and he never dies, I love the down to earth emotions approach of Abraham, the constant presence of another immortal and the wheelchair dude who seems to have cottoned onto Henry’s secret adding another dimension, I’m not sure about Henry and Jo getting together ( even though part of me desperately wants them too) with shows that hold a certain amount of sexual tension eg Moonlighting, Remington Steele, etc it seems to fall apart. The tensions, the secrets etc is what keeps a tv show going. I love the show PLEASE ABC AMERICA bring us poor Aussies and the rest of the fans season 2,3,4 dare I say more??????

  28. Alice

    This is a very good show, we and my friends love it so much. The actors and actress everyone inside are very good. We truly deeply hope the”Forever” can be continued. Sincerely from Taiwan^~^

  29. Mike pilgrim

    That’s a shame. It’s my favorite show in a long time. All the actors and characters are great. Anybody that gets the chance Too watch it will agree that it rocks. I hope there is a season two coming someday.

  30. ginni chan

    it is a very good show. please let us watch the season2

  31. Adrian Awingan

    Please reconsider having Forever season 2, the shows presents a huge twist for crime investigation with a cheeky and witty approach. The cast is really great, 4million+ viewers is better than none at all. give it another chance pleassssseee. the ratings will surprise you when season 2 is aired!

  32. M Edwards

    Such a great show, such a shame it was cancelled I think it more than rivalled Elementary – if people actually took the time to sit and watch properly. Perhaps poor ratings were due to time slot. Please reconsider!

  33. Margie

    This is a great show ! If you need help with writing shows let your audience help! But keep it going !

  34. Kiwinchu

    Please keep the serie, it is the best one i ve seen in years. I am very intigred in knowing what wil happen. Please do your best to save it. Please.

  35. em

    It would be a real shame to cancel this show.
    It’s creative and enjoyable to watch without a lot of inane cr*p.
    The main actors are excellent with a superb support cast.
    There are more consumers than just the prepubescent.

  36. Kaldea

    It figures, you get a good WHOLESOME show like forever and it gets cancelled where STUPID shows which show Americans in a bad light like the Kardassians gets renewed. You people know how stupid this is. There is NOTHING real about reality shows. THEY ARE ALL SCRIPTED!!!

  37. JP

    Excellent show, some quirkiness but certainly worth a second series after all guy needs to get girl and visa versa. interesting, intellectual so come on guys keep it going. You have to consider what other free to air stations were playing what at the same time though – and that doesnt make it a poor show

  38. Jayme&Mario

    Please somebody do something!!! Such a great show should not be shelved just because only 4 million people watch it obviously there are millions of us that still love it !!! We can’t all just watch the same show like mindless zombies!!! Just because Every show with any intellectual content loses those who do not wish to think does not mean that those of us who like good mysteries & who done its should be forced to watch pretty little liars just because our millions of kids join in to watch.?!? Really?!?! Abc, CBS , so many good shows have been cancelled!!!! Legend of the seeker, stalker, people on a daily basis still trying to save legend of the seeker I mean come on!! We all love vampires but cw has that covered so please keep the shows that we love & don’t be so greedy about ratings…..

  39. Lyndsey

    LOVED this show! The characters are amazing and it’s so unique… I was very much looking forward to the next season! Please please please don’t cancel this show!!!!

  40. Briana

    Oh my gosh! Please bring this show back it gives me life lol PLEASE !!!!

  41. Dylan

    I only found out about this show recently, and I absolutely loved it and everyone else that I know also loved the show I cant see why such a great show can be cancelled after only one season I mean really now… please bring out a season 2 I can guarantee that it will get its views I haven’t read one bad remark about this series which means everyone who watched it really enjoyed it..
    please BRING OUT SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Kathy

    I loved the series Forever!!! Please don’t cancel it!!!!! I like it because of it’s uniqueness. It’s not just another detective/medical examiner show.

  43. Duey Thinkson

    ABC – Always Being Cancelled
    NBC – Nearly Being Cancelled

  44. monte johnson

    Well, I’m one of the four million, and I list Forever right up there with Castle, and Madam Secretary, and Scorpion, and NCIS. Bring it back! Matt, go to TNT if necessary.

  45. Ayden

    This a great show. We looked forward to another season. I really hope they bring it back.

  46. coreldave33

    Love the show and Actors, Really hope for another season too.

  47. Rachel

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh they can’t cancel it!!!! I love this show, my Mom and I sit and watch it on Tuesdays (last season). It’s amazing. And after that season finale? Oh gosh no. They need to keep it.

  48. Amanda

    Are you kidding me????

    The Brits love this sh*t!! I watched the whole season in four days!!! Bring it back or I will haunt you……….FOREVER!!!

  49. Catherine

    I am so sick of good TV shows getting cancelled and stupid ones being renewed season after season. I have reality TV. Networks need to let things Alone. This s*cks.

  50. Jenn

    This was such a good show! I watched Season 1 over a few days and am very disappointed to hear that it’s not coming back for Season 2. Please renew!

  51. Makirra

    Please someone save them! My Husband and I rated this as one of our favorite shows! The continuous string of attachments in the whole plot of the show is incredible. How can dumb shows be casted, but one with great actors and actresses with actually substance get booted off? Preposterous.

  52. shay

    Someone PLEASE save this series and bring it back for season two! i loved it. At least do one more season to wrap up what he tells jo and close it off right. DONT let it be another firefly or Tru Calling 🙁

  53. Hallie

    Wanted see if there is an update. This quickly became my favorite show. I didn’t even know about it until later in the season, but as soon as I did, I picked up watching every episode. Soooooo good!

  54. Shelbie

    This show is awesome. Please don’t cancel it.

  55. Sara

    Bring it back its such a great show and would like to know if he dose tell her the truth .

  56. ashish thakur

    this is most liked tv show by me so dont destroy it make it happen ,I like the showshow characters

  57. harshana

    Oh pls don’t cancel this i’m waiting for season 2 and am so curious what will happn nxt i love thi vry much ………. Pls start nxt season vry quick we r waiting….

  58. Meg

    Can not believe it’s been cancelled, someone somewhere MUST bring it back.

  59. sunny

    its a great show..pls don’t cancel it..we , the fans of forever , are just waiting for the next season of this show “FOREVER”….

  60. Truehandonheart

    I have only just found this series on Sky. You have to do Season 2!

  61. brian

    one of the better shows season 2 is a must there is a lot of cr*p on tv . about time they showed a good series . season 2 is a must

  62. Frank

    If you can’t see it your hearts to have a season 2, maybe you’re in the wrong business.

  63. Michelle Boxall

    I watched this show with my son and we were so upset that it ended , l love the chacters the storey line , the settings . Very clever show .

  64. Nancy

    pls don’t cancel the show…..it has a very nyc story line….season 2 is a must

  65. Dalton G.

    So many People liked forever but yet according to followers, it wasn’t good enough tomkeep going!!! But yet we all love the show…ABC got to get their act together!!!

  66. Rohan

    why the fuck would you cancel a good series I really love it ad I would like to no if Detective Jo Martinez and Henry morgan fall in love

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