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Banshee season 5 ?

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Banshee season 5 premiere date

What about the season 5 of Banshee? Is the series Renewed or Cancelled by Cinemax? Do you want to know the premiere start date in 2017?

Will Banshee series be renewed for Season 5? Should fans expect a continuation of the story?

Unfortunately, there is already an official confirmation from the Cinemax channel that the fourth season of the project is the latest and in the ordered 8 episodes the viewers will see the finale. Co-creator and executive producer Jonathan Tropper in an interview said that at first he planned to create a fifth season, but “when the story was told, it would be time to move on, and that time has come”.

His opinion on this matter also expressed Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming, who always positively commented about the project. He stressed that he appreciated the show Banshee and also would like to see its fifth season in 2017, but the final, which the creators’ team had prepared, was really magnificent and it didn’t not make sense to stretch the story.

According to Lombardo the series Banshee set high standards for original programming for Cinemax, and the channel is very grateful to the creative team, headed by Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler.

What do you think about the series Banshee?

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  1. Lance Key

    I love this show. Banshee is one of my favorites and never miss it. It’s the only reason I sign up for Cinemax. I will be sad to see it go…

  2. Ollie

    The best show! I’m going to miss you Banshee. Please, get more seasons!

  3. Susann W.

    This is crazy, how can a great show be ending so soon?! I love this series so much, BANSHEE is too awesome to just let it end!

  4. Charlyn--

    One of the top shows on TV right now! 5 seasons would have been better at least, but good to end with a plan I guess.

  5. MM3

    Will miss Banshee. really looked forward

  6. German

    Shame it’s the final season! It was a ridiculous decision. Banshee is terrific and 8 episodes isn’t enough for a final season.

  7. Tina Wong

    I hate to see Banshee end. I was hoping that there was more than one season of the story left to tell. I’m so disappointed!

  8. Kathy Brigham

    I’m so f*cking sad! There is no TV show that can touch the standard that this show has set! Hope its not real that they are cancelling Banshee. It’s my best show so far, looking forward to see it go up to season 5.

  9. GREG

    NO SEASON 5???? I can’t believe it’s ending. This is upsetting news. Banchee was one of the best series. I wish the would sell the rights to Netflix. If they had advertised correctly, the show would have been a big hit.

  10. +Larissa+

    Are you f***ing kidding me?Banshee is brilliant and will miss it. Maybe a spin off???

  11. Sergio H.

    F*ck Cinemax!!! Another channel should continue it!

  12. minnie

    So so disappoint that there will not be a season 5 ….

  13. Mel

    Cant believe they end something that is worth watching and renew so much other cr*p!!!

  14. Shawn Chandler

    Banshee is one of the Best show I have ever seen, just love it. I am so sad to see it end. I hope there might be a spin off.

  15. steve

    it good but you cant end it like this is not dead yet

  16. mr S£th

    So intriguing and mind blowing… Urged for continuation!

  17. Richard U.K.

    One of the best programmes ever. Come on somebody see sense and let’s continue.

  18. Gambo

    They have so much more to tell, like their past etc. They could easily write more for ongoing seasons. Gutted it has ended – for now

  19. Kenneth Brock

    This is bs banshee most continue. Stop with the grand finale and finally complete or continue something fans want. We love the story and the characters. You ended strike back which was great now the best show on any network banshee is to end. That’s just nonsense. This is the biggest disappointment since 24 was discontinued. You don’t deserve our loyalty. Make it public and sell the rights to fans to continue it if money is the issue.

  20. ori elnas

    Oh this is sad cuz i love this series so much

  21. J

    Banshee was a greeeeat series, I just hate for the show to end!!! I would have liked to know what happened to Jobe and the Sheriff in new york as well as the daughter in College….
    But oh well a great show still!!!!!

  22. J.Phelps

    Why do they end the great ones and keep the sorry ones going? It’s gotten where I hate to even get involved with a show anymore. Another one was True Detective. Get your audience, drop em, give em something pitiful to chew on. At least with a book you know when it’s ending from the get-go. Very very disappointed Banshee is ending, especially since it the final episode was set up for the next beginning. Never crossed my mind there wouldn’t be a continuation of the series. Shame!

  23. Carol Ann Young

    Banshee was one of the best series I have seen. I believe if it dragged out it wouldn;t be as well received. Loved it from start to finish.

  24. Moha

    Banshee it wonderful show why stop it!!!,

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