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Banshee season 4: start date (2016)

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When will Banshee season 4 be out on Cinemax? The show has been renewed and premiere air date is already known! Let’s wait for the start in 2016!

TV-channel: Cinemax
Distributor: HBO
Starring: Antony Starr, Ivana Miličević, Ulrich Thomsen, Frankie Faison
Genre: action drama

Season 3 Episode 1: 0.55 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 5: 0.58 million U.S. viewers

Back in August the last year, Jonathan Tropper, the executive producer of «Banshee» television series, said that the show wasn’t planned to be finished in the coming years. He stressed that the storyline could be expressed with the help of six seasons, which pleased the fans very much.

The fact, that the number of viewers increased, also attracted a lot of attention and it became a reason to discuss the start date of season 4.

At the moment, Cinemax hasn’t made the official announcement concerning the new episodes ordering yet, that’s why we’re waiting for the confirmed data on the TV-project and will publish them as soon as they appear.

UPDATE 1 (February 12, 2015): Good news! The series was renewed for an 8-episode fourth season. Premiere air on Cinemax – January 2016. Banshee will also be moving their production from Charlotte, NC to Pittsburgh, PA.

UPDATE 2 (July 28, 2015): Banshee‘s upcoming eight-episode fourth season will be the show’s last.

UPDATE 3 (October 9, 2015): The fourth season of Banshee will premiere Friday, January 29, 2016.

UPDATE 4 (Dec.18, 2015): Banshee final season premiere will now be April 1, 2016 (Jonathan Tropper announced on Twitter).

UPDATE 5 (Febr. 25, 2016): Cinemax has released a new trailer for the final season of Banshee:

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  1. Nicole

    I like the show very much, i hope it keeps going for many more seasons!

  2. Patty33

    Good “update 1”! But only 8 episodes? Does that mean it will be it’s last season?


      Really s*cks this suppose to be the last season,
      wish would give us more then just 8 EPISODES :((( dam good show,

  3. Kerry Sutton

    Was starting to worry they weren’t going to renew it. Scared that with only 8 episodes it will be the last, though.

  4. Oliver

    One of the most consistently entertaining shows on TV. Absolutely amazing!

  5. Emily T.

    The show must go on. Excellent series, maybe the best.

  6. AlexVYV

    Yeah! The show is great, with awesome cast. I hope it goes on for many more seasons.

  7. Mark Ingram

    Good, it’s easily one of the best shows on TV and this season has been incredible!

  8. Grab72

    They move their production, they order just 8 episodes… Things are not looking good for Banshee.

  9. Sjennie

    Love the new Bunker character…… please can we have some more of him.

  10. carson

    Great show! Need a few more seasons at least I hope

  11. Dixie

    I cant wait! Me and my boyfriend love Banshee! It was our date night

  12. John falor

    What a great ride this series has given me, just binged watched all 3 seasons in a week. An incredible show.

  13. Ruth

    Fantastic show!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!

  14. Dei

    This is thee ONLY reason I subscribe to Cinemax! I have all 3 seasons recorded/DVR and I binge watch all the time…..so if Banshee gets canceled… so does Cinemax. Lets hope there’s more episodes per season and more seasons to come!

  15. mespiro

    i like this series so much, i want more and more seasons.

  16. Tammy

    Sooooooo bummed to hear banshee is going to be over! Best site on tv hands down!

  17. Kim


  18. missy

    banshee is best show on cinemax, perfect cast, excellent series, even bought all the dvd. season 4 go banshee.

  19. Steve

    I too love the show and it is the ONLY reason I ordered Cinemax as well. As soon as season 4 is done bye-bye Cinemax. I miss the show big time but I’ll save $170/yr,

  20. Glenys

    By far the best series in years. This is not for kids to watch. This is hardcore violence, drama and suspense with the sexiest cast. Maybe the network needs to promote this a little more, then they’d see the viewers increase 2 fold. Please continue filming. Big mistake if they cancel the series.

  21. petie

    I truly love this show. DO NOT CANCEL. sell it to another network if need be. I’ll pay to watch it online. Put it on youtube or Netflix. DON’T LET IT GO. this is the first tv show to captivate me right up front all the way to the sucker punch in the end. I live in central Pa. and I’m from Pittsburg so I can really relate. TOTALLY AWESOME SHOW!!!

  22. Joe

    One of the absolute best shows on. Up there with GOT. Just doesn’t get the publicity it should. It would be a shame to lose it.

  23. Ron

    This show could run for 8 seasons and more people will continue to watch,best show on tv.

  24. Gary

    By far the best show on all of TV, we watch without a miss, make more seasons

  25. Sandra

    Banshee is the best show out there on Cinemax. I can hardly wait to see the next show every week.

  26. martin heywood

    What an incredible show. The best I’ve seen. More PLEASE.

  27. Fatboymatt

    It is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. D’ ONT STOP WITH 4 SEASON. Keep it going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Alex

    Ok so first you make it 8 episodes, then you make it the last episodes and then you move it back another 6 months? What the hell! If you wanted to piss off your fans congratulations job done!

  29. Al

    Nice of the powers that be to let us know the premiere date has been changed. It’s bad enough the show has been cancelled when the amount of viewers has been climbing every season but to push back the date without announcing or giving a reason , come on. The people that make these decision in the first place, supposedly based on the Neilson ratings or whatever should be replaced. There are so many shows that have less viewers and have way surpassed there life span that should have been cancelled so long ago , then they go and cancel a great show like Banshee . Fire some of those idiots. Hopefully the season will continue.

  30. dan350zr

    Maybe Netflix will pick It up…. They seem to be picking up a lot of shows that get cancelled on other networks like Longmire which used to be on A&E

  31. Candy

    Please don’t make this the final season! Banshee is the best show on ANY channel! As good as the last three seasons I know you can come up with a lot of material for many more seasons.

  32. Ken Strain

    I hate this! The final season NO! The best show no doubts!

  33. The Grim Reaper

    Is it the same clowns, that ran NBC. Now a part of HBO? After Banshee end no need for Cinemax or HBO.

  34. Sad Face

    WHY? WHY? One of the greatest shows ever. The entire cast is Phenomenal! Too bad it their last season! Will be missed.

  35. Graciemae

    OMG I’m dieing too see the last seasons !!!!! NEVER END BATES MOTEL PLEASE

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