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«Bates Motel» season 3: premiere air date

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Will «Bates Motel» TV show return for season 3 in 2015? When will new epidodes premiere on TV? The air date on A&E is scheduled for spring.

TV-channel: A&E
Pilot episode: March 18, 2013
Developed by: Carlton Cuse, Kerry Ehrin

Season 1 Episode 1: 3.04 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 1: 3.07 million U.S. viewers

The television series «Bates Motel» has been keeping on A&E television channel for 2 years already and is being watched by 2,2 million Americans.

Such a success couldn’t go unnoticed, that’s why the network management decided to renew the psychological drama for Season 3. The given information has been confirmed by David McKillop, the Vice President of the Company, who suggests the project to be one of the most unique on the TV.

According to the official announcements, the filming process is to be started in autumn the current year and the premiere date for the new episodes on A&E channel is scheduled for March 9, 2015. As for the fresh episodes, its number will comprise 10 again.

Are you looking forward to it?

UPDATE 1 (June 15, 2015): The show was renewed for a fourth and fifth season.

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  1. Master

    I thought season one was excellent. Well written, well acted. But season two? Utter crap.

  2. LimoNezz

    I actually thought the second season has been as good as if not better than the first. But … (((

  3. Little Gem

    Great news. One can never have enough of Vera Farmiga’s Norma Bates. Freddie Highmore is also outstanding as Norman Bates.

  4. Camelia

    Yes Vera plays Norman Bates so beautifully, she deserves an Emmy for it. This show is amazing. So huppy! Thanks A&E for Season 3!

  5. kat chambers

    Awesome show. Cant believe waited all year for season two and it went by so fast. The seasons are so short!

  6. Amanda

    Love the show but the seasons are too short, I hate waiting a year to see the next one. They need longer seasons!

  7. debbie

    I can’t go that long without watching this show im additicted they need longer seasons and need to film faster!!

    • Jen

      I know right!!! I think 10 episodes s*cks it’s like ur getting Into it then bam.. They have to quickly go through everything bc they only have 10 epi!!

  8. judy

    Yes I agree the seasons are way to short they need longer episodes and not wait a year between shows

  9. Luz M Barcelona

    Looking forward for the next season, keep me posted please.. I love it. Norma is wonderful and Norman is GREAT!

  10. Joshua st.pierre

    there’s gonna be haters. But wow this show is amazing, you should keep it going for at least 10+ seasons please!!!! it would be greatly appreciated.

  11. deb

    I have been waiting thinking it would start up again in the fall. Since when do we have to wait for a whole year before they start filming again? They should have been filming in the Spring to start again this Fall. Ugh! By March, I probably could care less.

    • Rebecca glaser

      It’s ” couldn’t care less “. Sorry, but I couldn’t resist- think about it.. Btw, I also hate waiting forever for the next short season. We’re Americans, dammit! We love instant gratification. Haha!

  12. James Craig Bourgeois

    Are the producers going for a GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS for length of hiatus? You have a winner in this great show, and I cannot understand having to wait until next year for the show’s return.

  13. LMB

    What?? March???what the hec!! This is the best show on A&Emore episodes more often please!!!

  14. Carolyn

    Really liked watching the show, cant wait until the others. I always tape them, so I can have friends come and watch too. on another day.

  15. vg

    I’m not go naw lie I love the show but… People could lose interest with such a long wait between seasons! That’s a lot to ask loyal viewers!

  16. David G

    This is such a great show… I haven’t missed an episode..but I agree with the rest of the comments.. There IS too much time between seasons… I can see why someone would lose interest. I will always be a fan… Vera Farmiga is awesome…she plays the perfect role… Loving yet, dark ,cunning, and vengeful. Keep up the excellent work.. I’m your biggest fan.

  17. Andrew

    I agree with the others. Really enjoy the show however, ten episodes and then another year to wait? Too long.

    • Loretta yescavage

      I love this show….why is it taking so long to come back on? March, really? This show is well acted, suspenseful, and full of intrigue…much better than some of the cr*p that is on some of the three prime channels…..”

  18. Ingrid Hrvey

    Looking forward to seeing more of Bates Motel. Terrific!!

  19. pamm

    great show getting better i agree season 2 not too good in some shows but the writers can come up with some great ideas and please keep this coming back for more years- also lets see more than 10 shows really not fair to fans to only watch 10 shows like 3months worth depending on if there are any breaks in between weeks and us FANS the ones WHO WATCH THIS SHOW really dont like to be hangin for SOOO LONG IN BETWEEN SHOOTING please make more and continue to come back thanks

  20. Chuck A

    I pretty much agree with most on this topic,The show is great,It would be awesome to have 20 episodes a year (If we have to wait that long) Please!!! the wait is too long,a lot of viewers forget about it all together in that length of time,come on people,don’t let a good thing get messed up!!

    • clawdie

      totally agree with you; thought it would be coming back this fall but MARCH? damn. 🙁 I love the show.

  21. smb

    Awsome show hurry up march!!!!!can’t wait

  22. clawdie

    I am anxiously awaiting the new episodes which I thought would air in the fall; why keep all of us waiting til Spring 2015, that s*cks.

  23. Loretta yescavage

    I love this show…premiere not until March? Are you kidding? I think the acting, the drama, the suspense this show has it all…far more better than some of the shows popping up on the three famous networks…

  24. Gerald

    I’ve watched both épisodes . And injoyed. Them both vert Much Hope its going to carry on


    I have to agree with everyone else…….too long between seasons. and, only 10 episodes. this is a bit too much to deal with!!!!!

  26. Mrs l powell

    Really loved series 1&2 wish series 3 would hurry up lol

  27. Ron

    10 shows is way to few. I would love to see 20 per season! I can’t wait for season 3!

  28. p.smith

    came here looking for a start date , found it ,can’t say I like it ,but found it and it s*cks, {not the series} the timing

  29. Glen Bronsn

    Several times there has been a hint of a sexual relationship between Norman and Norma. IS this true or not ? It was hinted in the original PHYSCO movie.
    Let us know !!

  30. Catlaboure

    Cannot wait for 2015. LOVE this show.

  31. Coach Luther

    March???? I need more of Norma!!! This is a great series and you will win an award or more! Hurry and do your best. All be Safe!!

  32. Lisa

    I think all the actors &actresses are great!!!! They couldn’t have picked a better cast!!! I have to agree with everyone the seasons are to short why not 13 episodes like most other series’?? I also hate waiting a year for each season but thats the way it has to be they have to give all their series air time and well thats just the way it works

  33. Mark Zimmerly

    Love the show, but dont like season being very, very short and that makes for a longer off season haitus. Probably find something else to watch, that will hold my attention longer, with more episodes.

  34. GoOfyFlan

    EyE LOVE this show and grew afraid that it had been cancelled! March though?

  35. Carolyn

    Is show is awesome, and I cant wait to watch in march. Really moving and wonder what is next that is going to happen.. love the excitement. Other shows you can figure them out right away. But this one, is really fun to watch because you don’t know.. Thanks for giving such a great show to enjoy….

  36. Carol

    I am waiting for March with Bated breath…..
    Best show in years!!

  37. Anne

    It’s funny, I thought I was the only one that thought ” Geez, the season’s over already? Did I miss episodes?” Hopefully the folks that produce this show will read these comments, and get to work making it right. LOVE this show!!!

  38. Diane

    Love this show I thought for sure it was cancelled although everyone I talk to watches.
    Thanks for bringing it back

  39. Juanette

    It’s so great to see something different, away from the the same old, same old TV crime shows, reality shows etc. I’ve never enjoyed a show so much. Thanks!!!

  40. Thurmond Miller

    I am really getting sick of these 10 week seasons, I do like the Bates Motel it’s a great concept but you have 10 shows and nothing for 42 weeks.

    I started watched the first season of Resurrection, when it came back on I missed the start and now I’m over it. The same thing with Last Ship.

    Why don’t you do eight episodes in the spring and eight in the fall?

    • amma

      What happened to “the Good Old Days” when shows started in the Fall & ran all the way to the Spring before we even saw reruns??
      10 weeks isn’t even HALF of a “season”.

  41. flinch

    Great acting. Love Norma changes at the drop of a hat and the big eyed girl that drags the O2 tank around. Very intelligent show. How about 16 or even 12 please.

  42. Hallie Johnson

    10 weeks is nothing! we are hooked…now reel us in…

  43. Bebe28

    Hurry up already.

  44. Coach Luther

    Best Show on TV………Keep it Going!!

  45. Carmster

    Bates Motel is the best show on tv. It gots everything, romance, mystery, intrigue, suspence. It’s totally warped and I love it. Well written, great acting and well directed. I hope there’s 20 seasons. Thumbs up 🙂

  46. Jamie

    We LOVE Bates Motel but it’s so frustrating that it airs at occurred times I’m the year and only has 10 shows then it’s done! It’s hard to keep interest!

  47. Nobody

    Norman`s mother Norma makes the show all the way, without her the show would not work, it would just be the movie done over again.

  48. Karen

    Love the show, but agree that the seasons need to be longer….more…more…more!

  49. Cathie DeVaney

    I loved both seasons and can’t wait for the 3rd season to air!!! The season could be longer and there is too much time between seasons. I am just glad there will be another season as the plot is beginning to thicken :-))))

  50. Rosa

    Love this show been hooked since season 1 never seen a show like this. The actors are all very good and each episode keep you wanting more. Please continue to air A&E. Can’t get enough of it.

  51. Judy Opyd

    I am looking forward to the new season.The actors are super and love the script. I hope it will air longer this season and not so long a wait for the next.
    The best show on television in my opinion.

  52. Priscilla

    My husband and myself loved season1 as well as season 2. We are excited to see what season 3 will reveal.

  53. Debbie

    So happy season 3 is about to start. Love love love this show ! The boy is an excellent actor that plays Norman. Please please start shooting season 4

  54. Stefano

    Just this weekend, a friend and I watched all 4 Psycho movies. She asked me about the Bates Hotel and I told her that I thought they had taken it off. So see, we fans really do need some continuity. How about 13 shows? Ya, that would be appropriate.

  55. pillar

    Best show ever keep it going

  56. Michael DeSouza

    I simply love the series!!! Along with everyone else I wish the seasons were longer and didn’t take
    so long to start up again between seasons. The acting is first rate. Has the show won an Emmy or the actors? This is a ground breaking show. I have always been a fan of Psycho and I am sure
    Hitchcock would finally be proud. Those other films (Psycho 1,2,3,4) were all bombs at the box
    office. Keep them coming!

  57. Julie-Beth

    Bates Motel is a brilliant prequel to Psycho that is just as brilliantly written, and I’m so glad someone thought to do this show. I’m on the edge of my seat with every episode. The psychology of the primary characters astoundingly pulls me into their lives, their desires, their hopes, their horrors like no other show ever has.
    I want sometimes to weep as they inch closer and closer toward the inexorable fate that awaits them. We, the audience, know the outcome of, say, Norma Bates, but none of the other characters do, not even Norman.
    It’s also the only show I both DVR and allow the commercials to play through, for I need some time to come to grips with the preceding segment before watching the next.

  58. Bettie Smith

    Want to know if it s coming on in 2015,or in 2016? I want to know when it’s coming on,I don’t want to miss it!



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