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Bates Motel season 4: start date (2016)

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Will Bates Motel be renewed for a fourth season? The show will run for a total of five seasons, said Carlton Cuse. What about the premiere (start) date in 2016?

TV-channel: A&E
Developed by: Carlton Cuse, Kerry Ehrin
Based on: Characters from Psycho by Robert Bloch
Genre: drama thriller

Season 2 Episode 10: 2.30 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 7: 1.69 million U.S. viewers

Last year the showrunner of «Bates Motel» Carlton Cuse said that the TV-project would have Season 4 and 5, and only after that the story would be ended logically.

This year the show has lost a little of it fans and its number has reduced to 1,7 million people, but according to Carlton, Season 4 is being worked on, so there is no need to worry about the renewal of the series.

Of course, A&E management has the last word, as they are to announce the start date of the new episodes if the last are financed.

Bates Motel season 4 premiere – [March 7, 2016] (UPDATE 1)

So let’s wait a bit! Follow the news!

UPDATE 1 (June 15, 2015): Good news! The series was renewed for a fourth and FIFTH SEASON, to air in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

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  1. Marisa Doby

    Vera Farmiga should get an EMMY. Can’t understand why more people aren’t watching. Can’t wait season 4.

  2. Victor C.

    Great show! Make season 4 please. I think even if A&E cancels it, the another network will pick it up.

  3. Lamar33

    Please don’t cancel this series. I love it.

  4. -+Zina+-

    Bates Motel is so well written and acted! There should not be any question about renewing this wonderful show!

  5. BMfan (NY)

    The actors are great! I hope they renew season 4 and 5
    P.S. Wish that it wasn’t a whole year between seasons.

  6. C.A.

    Been hooked from the beginning!! Great cast, great script! Anticipating season 4 and 5. Won’t lose this viewer!

  7. Kolby DeHart

    I’m hooked on Bates Motel! Please keep the seasons coming! Great Show

  8. marie oshetski

    I so hope there will be more Bates Motel series. It went so fast. Am really anxiious for the next!

  9. Clark Adkins

    The only show I care to watch on TV. The best cast all in one show, truly entertaining. A must see every Monday!

  10. L. Tilton

    Bates Motel is my favorite show on TV. It has the very best actors. Vera Farmiga couldn’t be better or more believable as Norman’s mother. Nurse Jackie and Bate’s Motel are some of the best TV out there. Please keep Bate’s Motel on TV for the full 5 seasons.

  11. Susan

    I’m completely addicted to this show! When will season 4 be released?

  12. janice B, (N.J.)

    i can’t say enough about this show! Please, please, please keep the episodes coming!!!!! Monday nights wouldn’t be the same without Bates! I’m addicted!

  13. Tina

    This is the best series I have watched in a long time. The acting is edge of your seat exciting! Love Max, Vera, Freddie and the rest of the great cast. Cant wait till next season will miss watching it every week till then.

  14. Rene Dornack

    Bates Motel is the best show on TV. The cast is second to none. It should win the EMMY for the best drama series. Hopefully, they will have the full 5 seasons plus more. I do not want to see the show end. My husband and I look forward to Monday nights. Every episode is gripping. Kudos to the writers! I would love to see Norma and Sheriff Romero get together. Their passion is WOW!

  15. John Reid

    Theres no way they can cancel this show! Tied for first of my personal favorite along with TWD! Wish there were a few more episodes of the season and maybe do like TWD does and splits the season up so the dialogue of the show still stays somewhat fresh in peoples mind, not having too wait a year too pick up the pieces on the next season….but Bates is freaking awesome! ya cant find any better acting on television!

  16. P. Green

    Love it, love it, love it! One of the best shows on TV. Been hooked since episode one. The actors and actresses are awesome. So sad when the season ends. Hate waiting a year for another season. Wish it lasted longer . Bring on season 4 !!!

  17. Anne

    LOVE this show. It must continue. A&E…keep in kind Nielsen Ratings don’t show those who DVR and are watching on Amazon Prime! I just heard of this show for the first time mid season 3! So maybe a little marketing is needed. Needless to say I marathon watched the previous seasons and caught up. Cannot wait for more. Please give us a little “Nomero” action in season 4!!! May watch the series all over again I love the show so much!!! 🙂

  18. Cheryl

    A&E better renew this show, it is the best on TV right now. Forget the reality shows give us more Norma & Norman.

    • Sue Peres

      They shouldn’t wait so long before coming out with another series. That is what withdraws people from watching it. I love the show…but it should have come back on by now.

  19. Laurie

    Adored Parenthood and thought Mad Men was great, but am even more entranced with Bates Motel. Have never seen better writing nor characters. At least two more seasons please.

  20. pete

    I don’t get hooked on tv shows too often, but this one has me hook, line and sinker. Waiting for next season is torture. Makes me want to take up taxidermy to kill time and get my mind off of whats going to happen next.

  21. MARK

    Loved season 3. Hope they make a season 4.

  22. Susan

    One of the best shows that have been on T.V. for a long time. Please keep them coming!!!

  23. Anne

    Hands down a favorite show with excellent acting and intriguing storyline. Everyone needs to be telling their friends and family about this fantastic show. I recently heard about it from a friend. (Hadn’t even known the show existed!) I marathon watched the first two seasons and 1/2 of season 3 until I got caught up and then watched the rest of the season on its regular night. What an addicting show!!! Season 4 and 5 are a must!!! We need some Norma/Romero action! 🙂

  24. JoJoMonkey

    Great show. Freddie Highmore is fantastic in his role as he slowly transforms into the Norman we know and love from Psycho. I also enjoy the other characters and story lines apart from Norman’s descent into insanity. One minor quibble though. When officer Romero was shot and lying unconscious in the hospital, he likely would have been surrounded by fellow officers of the law. I understand that it was important for him to be alone in view of what happened next, which I will not mention, but it was somewhat of a distraction. Notwithstanding this minor nit, I hope the show will be renewed for seasons 4 and 5.

  25. sharon zimmerman

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL BATES MOTEL! There are so few enjoyable shows on TV these days. Please don’t cancel the one show that so many truly enjoy and look forward to every season. Please remember, also, that there are people who watch the series after it has aired so they can watch it in its entirety in on sitting. I am sure those people haven;t people haven’t been included in the ratings. It would be very unfair of A & E to just cancel this series with no prior warning to its loyal audience We have been loyal to BATES from the very beginning and we deserve at least one more season with the knowledge that the Series, not the Season, has ended.

    • Benjamin Ryan

      I totally agree there should be an appropriate ending to the series not just cancelled without warning! How lame would that be. I don’t even watch any other shows on A & E.. whaaa?

  26. Dee

    Is there any way to extend the seasons so season 5 won’t be the last?

  27. Ann G.

    I am a huge Roert Carlyle fan. I started searching his movies and found Stargate Universe. I searched Netflix, and YouTube with no luck. I finally found it on Hulu and started watching it. I’m not too much into Syfi shows, but I truly loved this one. I hated to see it end. The ending of season 2 did have you believing in a season 3. I hope it does return for another season. They have to reach Earth.

  28. Rose U.

    Please bring Bates Motel back!!!!!!! I just love this show and the actors are excellent!!! They play their parts sooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Lesli M.

    Absolutely love this show. When Norma seems to forgive her brother when it seems impossible to do so. Love the connection between Norma and Sheriff Romero. I already so miss the show. I hope they figure out a great storyline as they have been doing. It has really touched my heart. Keep up the good work. I will look forward to seeing this show. YAY – so glad there will be another episode.

  30. Joe

    This show is awesome for anyone who has watch the Original Movie, Please keep it going.

  31. Anne Ren


    • RB Brown

      The last few seconds of the show, Norma was not breathing. Romero had failed to revive her .
      Norma looked pretty gone to me ??

  32. Craig Bourgeois

    I’ll never understand programming decisions that are made by the folks at A & E. In BATES MOTEL, you have a terrific show with a loyal following. How can you justify putting BATES MOTEL in hiatus until March of 2016? Even more puzzling is the very long hiatus given to the WALKING DEAD. Hey guys it’s the NUMBER ONE SHOW ON TELEVISION, right here in the good old USA. For the average viewer, keeping up with all of this is just too confounding.

  33. Sandra KTucker

    This is a series that you either love or hate.Norman makes me crazy and he really pulls you in ,Ihope that the series runs for as long as the writing keeps me intrigued, as well as the network sees that its worth airing.So keep airing Bates Motel!!!

  34. Sam Skansen

    Watched Psycho as a preteen and scared the cr*p out of me! Love the Bates Motel series and can’t wait for season four!

  35. Bobbie Burns

    I love this show! I cannot wait until season 4! Every actor and actress on this show deserves an Emmy! Please keep airing Bates Motel!

  36. Jen girl

    Please don’t ever cancel this series this is the best show ever. The acting is excellent, the cast is awesome and the story line is so extremely captivating!!!! I wish it didn’t have such a long wait between seasons..I hope Romero and Norma get together. I think Dylan is handsome and I love that he and Emma seem to be getting close… Please hurry and bring the new season 4 soon…I can’t wait!!!

  37. Katherine Mann

    Wow extraordinary acting and script, love love the show could watch it every night and I don’t watch a lot of TV, this show I don’t miss, please keep up the amazing work…excellent, thank you, Katherine.

  38. Barb Janett

    Absolutely love this show! Freddie Highmore does a terrific acting job in this series and it really irks me that he has not been nominated for an Emmy. All of the actors do a great job but I think he is wonderful in the part of Norman.

  39. Iliana C

    One of the best shows TV. Not much I watch anymore as most of the shows I enjoyed have been cancelled. A dedicated viewer each week.

  40. nara

    well I’m trying to find the start date of season 4 , is it sometime in 2016? Am hoping it continues on, is really a terrific story and actors are so good!

    • Joyce heere

      Love this show!! My husband and I each year have looked forward every week to see Bates Motel And we love it because it is way out there and weird but explains why Norman is the way he is from little on! If we couldn’t watch it when it was playing on Sunday afternoon then we would record it!!! Great actors, very mysterious snd extremely full of suspense!! It would be a real shame to drop Bates Motel in the middle of the story! There are worse shows on tv than this show that has spinned off of the old old movie Psycho!!! Give all the actors a lot of credit for doing such an outstanding job with this sitcom!! They deserve to get this whole story accomplished and a chance to win an award for all of their outstanding achievements! They deserve an Oscar!!!

  41. Benjamin Ryan

    Love this show, great story lines, excellent writting, superb acting. Wish it would stay on longer, but every great story comes to a climax eventually. Also I would prefer more episodes per season, seems many shows now are reducing the number of episodes. kind of lame. Thanks for the entertainment thoroughly exciting to watch!!!

  42. Julia Garcia

    THe best Show ever. Great acting, great lines, all characters are A plus. I ‘m always looking to see when the next season starts, please give a follow up date. I cant wait. HOpe it never ends!!!!

  43. Catherine Stout

    I believe that A&E should show the original “Psycho” before the new series of “Bates Motel” so that they younger generation will appreciate the series on a whole new level. When will I be getting my casting call to have an affair with the Sheriff???

  44. ed collins

    Have watched this show from the very first episode and LOVE IT! Writing is original and smart, and the setting for the series is at times creepy. Best thing about it is the acting however. An excellent case headed by Vera Farmiga who is consistently robbed of Emmy Nominations especially last season. The scenes between her and her brother were heartbreaking and she was brilliant. Glad to know its been renewed for 2 additional seasons.

  45. Judy S.

    We love this show and we aren’t in the 18-49 age group. Don’t you think older people like these shows? Discrimination? I think so.

    • mousie

      I agree with Judy S. I’m in my 70s and am overly addicted to Bates Motel. I think you lose viewers when you make them wait a year+ for a new season. It’s not fair to the viewing public. This is one of the most intelligent shows on TV; well-written, acted, and I appreciate the fact that “Norman” really is in school and films during his vacations. This is not at all a stupid cast; That Vera is an accomplished actress, producer, etc. is phenomenal. I never heard of her before Bates Motel.

      Perhaps “intelligent programming” isn’t for everyone, but it is for me, and A & E isn’t doing this program any justice at all. In fact, I wish it was on PBS.

  46. Gary parsons

    Love it , love it , love it , can’t wait for next season!

  47. Carol W

    This show is the bomb! The actors especially Norman and his mother is impressive!

  48. Silvia

    Can’t get enough of Bates Motel…want more more more.

  49. Cindy

    Why so long in between seasons? I think you are going to loose a lot of viewers. Too long to wait.

    • mousie

      I believe Cindy is right. If a program loses viewers, the station needs to look at the WHY of it and not blame everyone else – especially the viewers – for what it’s doing wrong. Forcing viewers to wait for a year of more for a new season isn’t right, and certainly not fair. I realize “Norman” is in school and films when he’s on break/vacation, but seriously, the school year is broken up enough that enough shows can be ready to show within a year of the last season. If the station wants to lose viewers, they want to lose money.

  50. Belinda Crandall

    Bates Motel is one of the best t.v. shows on air right now. There are to many reality shows on that show peoples lives, like we care about their life….? This show has a great story line, has a great cast and a great script. T.V doesn’t get any better than this. I did read that they are making a season 4 and season 5, I so wish it would keep going from there I wish the writers could come up with more of a story line for a season 6!!!!

  51. martha

    I’m Addicted to this show can’t wait for season 4… Ppl don’t know what they are missing

  52. Sandy K.

    Great show but way too long a gap between seasons. It’s hard to maintain interest in a show when it’s so long between seasons.

  53. karma

    One of the best acted shows I have ever seen.

  54. Deborah

    I truly love this show and it’s story line. I don’t understand why or how Producers make decisions, but this is an amazing show with phenomenal actors. I grew up watching Psycho and was deathly afraid of it and still to this date I get anxious watching each and every episode. That’s great writing and producing. It would be sad if the network cancels them and doesn’t recognize talent.

  55. Natascha

    I’ve been waiting and anticipating for season 4 …5…6..7..!!! 🙂 I am a huge fan and absolutely love this show. The writing and the actors are awesome. I recorded every episode. I watched 2 seasons at one time. I couldn’t stop watching the show. Please do not cancel this show. I would be devastated.

  56. tony

    love the show it is my favorite show on tv when might season 3 be out on dvd as I collect these for my collection thanks so much and keep them comin

  57. Peggy

    LOVE BATES MOTEL! Looking forward to the next season. The writers and actors are hands down the best. Keep this series going…there is so much more to tell in the life of Norman Bates.

  58. Jeanette Kuhn Moss

    Do some good promotion when the show starts up again. It’s been too long, and people might miss the start date. It’s a great show.

  59. Elaine

    Love the show. Please don’t cancel after 2017. So much junk on TV but this is wonderful. Thanks!




  61. Julie

    I love the show, but they wait WAY too long between seasons. I’m sure that is part of the reason the show has lost some viewers. It’s been so long I can’t even remember how the last episode ended. You start to lose interest when it’s been so long.

  62. Dottye

    I love the series Bates Motel.
    it is a great drama.I cannot wait till season 4 starts.
    The actors in it are so so good.

  63. Kathleen

    Love Bates! We can’t wait until season 4. Vera (Norma)& Eddie (Norman) are fantastic and looking forward to see what happens next. Please continue the series.

  64. Rosie

    I have been waiting for the new season to start. It has been so long. So I decided to look it up and see what was happening.
    I really enjoy the show and I was sad to hear that it may be cancelled.

  65. Rita B.

    I am so anxious to watch Bates Motel. Why the delay? Hey, y’all got fans out here!!!! Make it a good one!!!!!!!!!

  66. valerie f

    Bates Motel is one of the best shows on tv. It is well written and keeps me glued to it. I love all the actors and all the suspense.. Please do not cancel this great show.

  67. Caroline M Brodie

    Love this show. Can’t wait for the next. Looking forward to what happens next. Actors are excellent, always leaves me guessing. Edged of your seat, nail biting fun. “Yes mother, I told them.” LOL

  68. Tracy

    Yes, please, I implore as well as everyone else on this thread does……. DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW!!! This show is absolutely “The Bomb”, LOVE me some Bates Motel!!! This is by far THE BEST series on tv, just wish the hiatus was WAAAAY shorter (as is everyone else’s thoughts too, it seems). Brilliant and intelligent writing, wonderfully intriguing storylines, awesome chemistry and flow between ALL of the cast members. Their connections to one another are so realistic and believable as part of the story. Vera Farmiga in particular does such an amazing job. Yes, would love to see Norma and Sheriff Romero together, their chemistry is electric! Also, love Dylan and Emma together as well. Please, let’s keep this series going strong for as long as possible! That’s some good tv viewing right there!! Lol

  69. Trish


  70. Donna H

    losing viewers because there is so much time in between series.

  71. Sue Tibbets

    Will Netflix release Season 4 of Longmire on DVD?

  72. Georgene

    So happy it’s back. I can’t wait to watch it. I wish it was on all year.

  73. Sue Tibbets

    Same here! I have the first three seasons on DVD that I watch all the time, but since TNT cancelled it and we don’t have Netflix, missed out on Season 4, unless they put it out on DVD.

  74. Kathy H.

    Please, please take Bates away. It’s the only thing I will home to make sure to see Bates. I hope it isn’t taken away from us.

  75. Jennifer Hobgood

    Phenomenal cast. Phenomenal direction. Phenomenal script.

  76. Mimi

    Love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is the only show that I watch.

  77. Liz

    Love this show! I miss it, why do we wait so long for the next season each time? Please hurry!! 😉

  78. Sandralee Nordquist

    I watched all the shows Today, it ended with Norman and Norma dying. Would there be a prequel or an offshoot of the story with Dylan and Norma’s Sheriff husband?

  79. Lyn campello

    Whatdhe date it starts

  80. Roze Albina

    This is one of the best series on TV. Don’t cancel, please! The cast is perfect and everyone you bring in is a perfect fit! Please keep it going. There’s so much more to the story.
    If you need writers, please send me an inbox message and I will send my resume to you. I would love the opportunity. :):)

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