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Better Call Saul season 2: start date (2016)

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Better Call Saul has been renewed for a 13-episode second season. The premiere air date on AMC is scheduled for the early 2016. Let’s wait the start!

TV-channel: AMC
Executive producers: Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould, Mark Johnson, Melissa Bernstein
Producers: Bob Odenkirk, Nina Jack, Diane Mercer

Season 1 Episode 1: 6.88 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 6: 2.57 million U.S. viewers

An excellent start of «Better Call Saul» television series only proved the creators’ words about the fact that the project deserves to be noted and will be successful among the viewers. The premiere has been watched by 6,88 million Americans, which is a record for AMC channel.

Both experts and critics believe that after the show «Breaking Bad» is over, the large army of fans won’t be able to ignore the new spin-off, and the creators’ task is not to disappoint them.

It should be noted that in June the last year the rights holders informed about the renewal of the show for season 2, consisting of 13 episodes, the premiere date of the first of which is scheduled for the early 2016.

More exact date will be announced a little bit later and we will publish it for sure. Follow the updates!

UPDATE 1: Better Call Saul returns Monday, February 15, 2016 (at 10/9c) on AMC.

UPDATE 2 (March 15, 2016): The series was renewed for a 10-episode third season.

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  1. Mr Pioneer

    Good show! As for the early renewal – I’m not that surprised.

  2. Michelle R.

    Great spin-off! Biggest cable premiere of all time! Can’t wait season 2.

  3. Martooney

    Great show! Already going through withdraws!

  4. Jed aka Papa Doc

    Early 2016 for Season 2!?!?!? Are you kidding me??? I mean WTF! That is way too long and such royal B.S.!! 😐

  5. Patricia

    2016!!! A-r-r-r-gh! There is absolutely nothing to watch right now, with the exceptions of “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Project Runway” which are the ONLY ‘reality’ shows I can stomach. Re-runs? Don’t do ’em. I guess AMC wants to torture us.

  6. jimmy

    We enjoyed Breaking Bad and season 1 of Better Call Saul. There is nothing to watch except reruns of Big Bang Theory. We are looking forward to season 2 of Better Call Saul!

  7. Peter

    Breaking Bad,was the very best tv series ever. Saul was one of my favorite characters along with Mike another fantastic character ,can,t wait for Saul to come back,counting the days. Please hurry. sincerely PDS.

  8. Bob Box

    Better Call Saul ……NOW ! PLEASE There is no substitution. Well,,,I do dig Castle.

  9. Linda

    Personally, I thought Better Call Saul was better than Breaking Bad. Jimmy plays his character perfectly. Early 2016? does that mean January 1st or 2nd? Either is OK with me.

  10. Lisa

    AMC your killin’ ME! It’s bad enough to wait so long between seasons of Game of Thrones and only get 8 to 10 eps. There’s either a shit-ton of red tape or you just want to torture us!! At least the new season of Fargo starts 10/12. If you haven’t watched it, you won’t be disappointed and it will get you through the wait time for BCS

  11. De

    2016!!! Feels like forever! I absolutely love this show! Great acting, and story line.
    Can’t wait!

  12. VLAD

    I am extremely disappointed in your bad judgement so let me see if I get this right breaking bad ends you try to hook the fans on a spin off of what happen before breaking bad and you release a entire first season then we got to wait nearly a year for a season 2 as a huge fan I give you the middle finger you need better management other shows like supernatural and many other hit shows are going to smash the market and by the time you get off your over payed asses to give us a season 2 your loyal fan bass is going to tell you to kiss there *ss and move on to something else you can not dangle your fans in suspense forever and expect them to wait Boondock saints did the same sh*t and as much as we all love The Boondock saints you make us wait another 10 f*cking years for a movie aint no body going to be around to watch it who even remembers The Saints story and they will have to watch all the movies over again. see that’s the big problem with you taking forever between seasons by the time you get the next sh*t out we have already done a hundred things and we are like well why the f*ck is that happening then we got to go back and watch it all over again. AMC this one is for your board and your CEO start firing some people give those writers some incentive to get the dam show going. Oh and one last thing your whole Game of Thrones Dungeons and Dragons rip off just like world of war craft huge D&D rip off with all your incest brother and sister f*cking I am surprised with the FCC and all those rating boards the same pricks who said Trailer Park Boys was bad will let you watch brothers and sisters f*ck yeah that’s whole some TV your company should really consider pulling your sh*t together your bating a very bad average one every so often AMC has some sh*t worth watching I get into the rest of the time your pumping out pure garbage so much so I have consider hiring a lawyer to stuff so many injunctions across your desks that it would take so long to do the paper work you would no time to hire writers to and produce this sh*t. Honestly Better Call Saul is a pretty cool show waiting almost a year for another episode you guys just slap your fans in the face and say no worries b*tches AMC will do what it wants your as bad as Disney you need to start firing people if I ever win the lottery I am buying your company and firing everyone but the secretaries and the janitors.

  13. Rexxx

    The show is a little boring.. And they dont follow through with story lines.. Like the big lawsuit against the nursing home…. Theres not enough action…. And if they do another season like the last one.. ill bet its the last season..

  14. Mark S.

    Anxiously waiting……….fun stuff that makes me feel like I could be in his shoes.

  15. Lynn Shaw

    I’m pissed too.

  16. Brian Oconnor

    Lots of people loved this show and I can’t believe its now running non stop.
    I meant to say I can’t believe it’s not NOT running non stop. My mother who is 85 and didn’t care for all the drugs in Breaking Bad really loves Better Call Saul. Whole family loves it.

  17. Virginia

    I hope that they do more with Saul’s zany encounters like the episode with the dude getting hit by the car. That was fun. I like the upbeat pace of the first episode.

  18. tlp

    yeah by the time season 2 starts no body will have any clue whats going on because its been so long since it was last on. Either that or they will just forget about watching it at all because they have moved on to watching 8 or 10 more shows by now that are currently running or showing on netflix.

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