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«Big bang theory» season 7: release date

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When does «Big bang theory» season 7 start? Official premiere date is known.

CBS TV channel started showing in the beginning of the autumn of resent year six season of popular American serial «Big bang theory». Comedy story form the life of talented physicists does not loose ratings until the present and attracts attention of more bigger viewership. The actor Jim Parsons was awarded by Emmy in 2010 for the best role in comedy serial, but the reel was awarded by audience sympathy prize in «Lovely TV serials» nomination.

High ratings, positive comments of the audience, development of plotline – all these leaded to the next agreement between CBS channel and WarnerBros Television company for prolongation of this story translation in 2013/2014.

«Big bang theory» season 7 premiere – [September 26, 2013]

It was declared that shooting group would proceed to creation of new series very soon and will show in September 2013 «Big bang theory» season 7. Release date did not surprise the admirers of this comedy because the opening of all previous seasons was started in the beginning of the autumn.

UPDATE 1 (March 1, 2016): The show has just been renewed for its 10th season on CBS.

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  1. Senior M

    I think the biggest success of this show is that it somehow manages to stay on the air. The writing isn’t bad by any means – but it’s not funny at all…

    • S M J

      Then why watch it? why come and comment? I don’t like CSI but I don’t go over to say it’s not good…

      • Michael Brown

        Very good point indeed. If you dislike something that much or even just don’t care for it, then why bother take the time out of your meaningless life (sorry… pulling a Sheldon. lol) to get on here and mad bash on the show. They must have done pretty good to last this long, Senior M. Speaking of which… What have you accomplished, Senior M? Other than a senior moment! BAZINGA! lol. Anyways… Just saying that if it bored you that much, then why the message. Let alone, the the time watching the many episodes that went into the show? I mean really now… It only took the first episode of “Arrow” to decide that this is a show that I will not watch more of. That and most drama shows that take place on the CW. Regardless of all that; the show was great and can’t wait for there to be more of it… and you can take that to the bank!

        • Han Ying

          I’m a Chinese fan of this. Begin with just wanting to learn English, but after a little time, I found I’m enjoying it! The idea to make science funny, and the stories. This series is now banned in our country somehow, for the cultural differences, it’s a pity, though, but I’m still loving it. lol

    • SFNZ

      I agree with you Senior M, Its not funny at all…for under-educated!!!

      • Michael Brown

        lol @ SFNZ. good way to make Senior M feel that you are agreeing with him but say that he is even less smart than Howard. Burn or is that… BAZINGA! LOL

      • debayan

        I never found Science to be hilarious Until i watched BBT , its been my favourite show since 2007

    • Jo

      Omg don’t you have a sense of humour this is my favourite comedy show and never fails to make me laugh, be honest have you really given this a shot as I find it hard to believe anyone could find fault with this.

    • holly tree

      Well if you had a sense of humour you might find it funny, Dork

    • Adi

      If any body think this not funny, because they not understand. Try to learn science, just little bit:). This the best sit com i ever seen.

    • David Tofu

      You sir, need to get a sense of humor.

    • chris s

      Dork you don’t understand science

    • Fredrik

      why comment? I love this show and think it is really funny, and as an engineer (Master), I can see myself in many of the characters story 🙂 go TBBT! ~<3

    • Dakota Bob

      Say what ? The show is extremely funny and you don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to get the humor lol.

  2. Portal

    if you don’t get the humor… =)

  3. Florea Nicusor

    it is funny if you understand the science humor, for me being a stargate sg-1 fan (addict) i understand this show very well

    • Flori.

      Chiar daca intelegi sau nu “science humor” tot e bun:))

  4. mickie

    There are a few funny moments in each episode but I think this show is only still on because Kaley Cuoco (penny) is so hot.

  5. Lauren

    you guys must be crazy if you think the big bang theory isnt funny!! i understand this show very well and i hope we have a few more seasons

    • Jo

      I hope it never ends, Sheldon my favourite characacter is so funny and always makes me laugh even if I’ve seen the episode 5 times before. Brilliant and so funny.

  6. chep

    Bang on! It is one show that is consistently funny!

  7. Kris.uk.

    The Big Bang theory is hilarious. End of, full stop, period!
    So Eat sh*t an die

    • Jo

      Yaayy! Well said, I couldn’t have put it better myself!

  8. Sieyi Phoelykx

    big bang should neva end. I’ll miss Sheldon most

    • nahomless belay

      big bang theory is the best comedy ever, hope sheldon gets even funnier at the same time offensive

  9. Lauren

    OMG how can some one say Big Bang is NOT funny! Even if you don’t get the science jokes, they are hilarious!!!

  10. Dingz

    If you do not understand the jokes or you think the series is not funny then… 😕 its either you have a problem with your ventromedial prefrontal cortex or your just an i*iot. Bazinga

    • vi

      This show is far better than those dumbass reality nonsense

      • ed hashim

        Amen to that.

      • SFNZ

        The only negative ratings it gets is from – how to put it delicately – dumb people!

  11. Megs

    I’d say I get most to all of the science jokes, and only about a fourth to a half of the comic/sci-fi/video game jokes. But the characters bring it all to life for me. For someone to say this show isn’t funny, or at least interesting, has got some serious mood problems. Maybe depression. I was stuck in that rut once…

  12. carl

    The beauty of this show is just that.
    Every aspect of the show the writing, the character development, the obvious warmth the cast have for each other can only be encapsulated in one word
    I know all shows have a life span but this one deserves to go on and on
    Sometimes the wider audience needs that little extra in their lives to look forward to or just to relax to – there is nothing better than a good belly laugh and this show provides it.

  13. Sheldor Baggins

    OMG U GUIES! HOW CAN U SAY IT NO FUNNY?! OMG I FINK I MIGHT JUST PEE MY ONLINE PANTIES! Oh and look at all them shi*s the rest of the world gives! Yes you can write a beautifully detailed paragraph about how beautiful this and that is in this show alongside more utter bullshi* but for the love of Gandalf you’re just wasting your time because nobody in all honesty cares about your pitiliassed comments. It’s simple, you either watch the show or you don’t. If you have a serious problem with being unable to withhold your comments then I invite you to proceed to the nearest piss off point.

  14. jrrjrr

    I love this show and it is funny all the time. If it is not funny maybe you need a brain scan.

  15. Anticleon

    This show is super funny. I actuallu wait for next episode every week. This helps me forget my stress to zero. Hope this would continue.

  16. Pundi Masala

    O Balls … i have to wait until September ….

  17. anirudh

    Big bang theory is the best comedy show ever and all the dumbasses who think its not funny lack something called “SENSE OF HUMOR”!

  18. You People are sh*theads

    Oh I agree to some people who says this show is funny,.. well infact it actually is,.. this is one of the or should I at least say the funniest show I’ve seen so far,… Every minute has its humor, from science jokes, game jokes, about love, everything in it is humorous,.. I wonder why some of the id*ots here says its not funny at all,.. this is even far better than those reality dramas, which only depresses you more than you already are whenever you/we have dilemmas,.. Its not the show who has a problem,… maybe you just find yourself the lack of understanding since some of you who says this isn’t as good as the other boring shows you watched, are very low intellect, no offense! why don’t you study more, and watch it again whenever you’re ready.. then you might already be able to get the jokes,.. If you do, I swear its really hilarious,.. everything is funny… trust me..

  19. Tonya

    @mickie, I personally think they’re all very easy on the eyes, men and women both.

    I think the show is absolutely hilarious. I have laughed in every single episode of this show, and have watched the series thus far twice, and it was just as funny the second time around.

    Maybe a lot of you just don’t have a sense of humor? I would have a hard time keeping a straight face on stage with these guys. I don’t see how they do it, but they do it well! Cannot wait until season 7, so bring it on!

  20. Ashes

    To those of you who are saying this show isn’t funny, that’s your opinion. But don’t comment on it saying how bad it is. What’s the point. I don’t like American Idol but I’m not going to go find a page about it just to say I hate it. It’s pointless. BBT is one of the funniest sitcoms on TV.

  21. Anthony

    So many say its not funny and yet its one of the number one shows. Atleast this show is more family oriented then most. example 2 and half men is a repeated after another. sex, stupid son and dad with no money the same every episode. Big bang something different all the time and its fun for whole family and you don’t have to be smart but you understand it anyways. we need more shows like this.

  22. Amir

    in this comedy story never make you uneasy , and funny thing are at moment sec by sec not like friends or other kind of comedy they killing you for next season by storyline , but big bang theory it’s just so dam fun by atmosphere and characters.

  23. Hiba

    The big bang theory is my favourite show!it is so so funny!! My favourite character is sheldon , he always makes me laugh!! Im waiting impatiently for season 7!!

  24. naruto

    Simply perfect…..am a die hard fan of naruto but I tell u,….I sooooo luv BBT…it just takes away my pain

  25. chris s

    This show is the bomb, ok sure u have to understand physics to get some of the humour but its not that hard to do. Best show ever

  26. Hannah

    Big bang theory is hilarious. U s*ck if u dont find it funny. Im 11 and I understand all of it so if u don’t get it u r a dork.

  27. Debs

    One of the best and by far funniest shows I have ever seen

  28. nic

    From Australia…..I have done a season 1- 6 marathon a couple of times and still laugh so hard. In my opinion best shown on TV !!!!!

  29. di

    I am addicted to the Big Bang Theory. I have dvr over 90 shows and counting….watching them over and over….Have to have my Big Bang everyday

  30. Siddy

    I love this show. Good stuff. Only a month to wait? I better warm up the recorder box. Eh eh lol?

  31. relichunter

    my wife & i were introduced to bbt by a 20yr old .we a 65 plus. we pulled faces & said we would watch.ended up staying up till 3 am. the acting ,the timing , the script, everything is by far the best to come out of the USA .LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!. how can anyone not find it funny is beyond us . the actors expressions are superb .i must be sad because i have bbt as my sceensaver ,watch it over and over on the web. GET A LIFE SENIOR M and listen to the scipt. we get withdrawl symptons when the series ends. what will we do if it ends ? will we live to see the end?

  32. imric46

    You know how Penny doesn’t get the guys are funny? Well, her character isn’t too bright either.

  33. Tasha Allen

    My family,friends & I absolutely love the big bang theory. We’ve watched all six seasons twice and laughed at each episode. They are all such great actors, The show just gets better every year. We’re so looking forward and excited for season 7 to start.

  34. Sonam Tobgay

    Am from Bhutan, we people like The Big Bang Theory. Its really awesome… Keep rocking dude.

  35. BMK

    This show is laughing till my stomach cramps; my bev spraying out of my nostrils; super duper fun, fun, funny!!!!!! I must see!!!!!

  36. SMJ

    Never watched this show til my son started buying all the DVDs. Now I love love love it. BAZINGA! I want my own Sheldon

  37. hannah

    Love tbbt gonna be awsome xxx luv them

  38. MKW

    I just hope that Sheldon remains neutralsexual and they don’t make him gay. His neutralsexuality is the funniest element of the show, imo.

  39. hollymichele

    I have to say this is the best tv series that I have seen yet! I find myself laughing nonstop! if you don’t think its funny then you must not have a since of humor at all or you have been sheltered for far to long! TRY THINKING OUT SIDE THE BOX!!

  40. Bazinga

    BBT is hilarious me n my 9 year old son watch it all the time!!

  41. lozza

    hey world. bbt is very popular in australia. just bought season6 watched it many many times and now hunting around for season7. hope i can find it somewhere.

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