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The Big Bang Theory season 11 release date

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The Big Bang Theory season 11 release

How about Season 11 for Sheldon? Are you looking for The Big Bang Theory return on CBS in 2017? We know already the release date!

The production of Season 11 of the series The Big Bang Theory has already started. The release date of new episodes is confirmed by the creators.

Despite of the fact that there are not official comments from CBS on the renewal of the show, executive producer of the project Bill Prady on Facebook on his page has written that the series has been renewed for two seasons ahead. Contractual agreements with the creative team have already been signed, and the main actors retain their rather big salary (about $1 million-an-episode).

In just a few days before, Jim Parsons gave an interview in which he assured the viewers that there would be 11th season, because they all wanted it. The actor also added that “I would be shocked if that did not happen…”.

Now it is known that the returning of Sheldon and companies on the television channel CBS will be in September 2017, but the exact release date is still awaited. Fortunately, the project is renewed by right holders, so the next two years it will be something to laugh!

The Big Bang Theory season 11 release date – [September 25, 2017]

After the announcement about the exact date of the start this article will be updated. Do not miss!

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