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«Blue Bloods» season 4: premiere date

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When does «Blue Bloods» season 4 premiere? TV show renewed or cancelled? Start date is known!

TV-channel: CBS
Pilot episode: September 24, 2010
Creators: Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess

Season 1 (start): 13,01 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 (start): 11,22 million U.S. viewers

The amount of American fans of television series «Blue Bloods» comprised 11.22 million people at the beginning of the current Season, which proves the series to be successful and the one, which should be renewed. Fortunately, CBS management is satisfied with the project and isn’t going to close it. Last week the creators of the television series were approved to shoot the new episodes, which would be included into Season 4 of «Blue Bloods» project. According to CBS representatives, the premiere date for the episode 1 is scheduled for September 2013 and the series will be broadcast at the prime time.

«Blue Bloods» season 4 premiere – [September 27, 2013]

Do you expect new episodes or the story isn’t that interesting any more? Should it be continued?

UPDATE 1 (March 25, 2016): The series was renewed for a seventh season.

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  1. popunder

    I’m so happy we’ll get to have another season of Blue Bloods. great job!

  2. susanne and mike

    Happy that Blue Bloods is coming back! Best show on Television !

  3. i4u


  4. Ed Nachshin

    Love BlueBloods. Cannot wait until September!!!

  5. Frank Berry

    Great show! Great acting! Excellent story lines! Keep it going!

  6. marie pierre louis


  7. Chrissy

    So happy Blue Bloods I coming back!

  8. Sven Lindquist

    Det er gode nyheter!!

  9. K Baker

    Absolutely LOVE this show. Can’t wait for the season premier.

  10. Ester Schon

    I love this show, Can´t wait for the fourth season!!

  11. Karen Arledge

    Love this show!!!!!

  12. Bob

    I know one lady who’s upset that Tom Selleck doesn’t get as prominent a role as she’d like. In my opinion, EVERY one of the main actors in the show is terrific in their roles, and they all deserve the spotlight. One of the best dramas on tv.

  13. Isabel

    Can’t wait for series 4 to come out on DVD. I have got the first 3 series. Here in Malta i cannot get the TV show, but love Blue Bloods. even if I do have to wait a while.

  14. blue to the bone

    I can’t wait for the new season. It is refreshing to see good vs. evil, and good win, even when “what is good?” is questioned. I love Blue Bloods and so does my family!

  15. cliff

    have waited all summer for the new season to begin, the show is my favorite, hope it has a long run … best show on tv.

  16. faith

    Best show on TV and should be continued year after year. It happens to be an intellectual show and not a nonsentical show.

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