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Blue Bloods season 6: premiere date (2015)

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Will Blue Bloods be renewed for a season 6 or will it be cancelled instead? The show is likely to be renewed. We are waiting for the premiere air date in 2015!

TV-channel: CBS
Creators: Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess
Distributor: CBS Television
Genre: Police procedural

Season 4 Episode 22: 11.78 million U.S. viewers

Season 5 Episode 20: 10.31 million U.S. viewers

Last year the viewers were reported about the renewal of the «Blue Bloods» series already in March, but now the rights holders decided not to make hasty decisions and to wait for the end of the fifth season.

Despite the delay in response from CBS, the experts believe there is no reason to worry about the future of the TV-project, as it remains important for the TV channel and has a great army of fans. It’s not just about the fans in the USA, as the series is quite popular in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom and Ireland.

We will wait for the official verdict of CBS and will publish the premiere date of Season 6 as soon as it is announced.

Blue Bloods season 6 start – [September 25, 2015] (Friday, 10 pm)

Season 6B premiere – [January 8, 2016]

Follow the updates of the article and you will be the first to know the results!

UPDATE 1 (May 11, 2015): It’s Official: CBS renewed Blue Bloods for a sixth season.

UPDATE 2 (March 25, 2016): The series was renewed for a seventh season.

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  1. Pam

    My husband and I watch the show. We hope it stays on television.

  2. Lizbeth Elamin

    Clean great family show. Thanks to all the characters. Hope for season 6

  3. -Elden-

    I need my Blue Bloods renewals, CBS!!!

  4. Herta

    It is the best series on TV. Please, we want to keep The Family!

  5. Shanna Jahns

    Do NOT cancel! Blue Bloods is an amazing show and one of the very few family oriented shows on the air. It should continue. Stay on Blue Bloods!

  6. Fredrick

    Please renew Blue Bloods. I love that show. It’s current, entertaining, well written and beautifully acted.

  7. Derick Kadel

    Please don’t cancel! I’m hooked! Good storyline and believeable characters. There’s not many good series left.

  8. G.R.77

    Love Blue Bloods! It will be a real shame if CBS cancels next season of this entertaining show.

  9. irwin

    CBS would be foolish to cancel a show as great as Blue Bloods. Renew the series!!

  10. John & Nancy

    Plz give us all a hint of the date the new season of Blue Bloods will begin, sure have missed it during the last few weeks, have been watching the RERUNS. . . Great family program. Thx! John & Nancy

  11. Gary

    Best show in years I hope it continues

  12. skip and barbara

    have never watched serial tv with the only exception of blue bloods. fantastic stories, superb acting and outstanding morals. please let there be a season 6 and more.

  13. Debbie

    A great show! One of a very few shows that’s decent
    and has family values. Please bring back my
    favorite show, BLUE BLOODS!!

  14. Kathy

    Great show, writing and actors are superb! My husband And I (both in our 60’s) are thrilled at the portrayal of respect, family values, and the importance of family traditions while still incorporating modern attitudes. While it is still fiction, it is a great avenue to explore some very current issues happening today. It is great to have a show that the whole family can watch and discuss together.

  15. Gene Nicholson

    To the CBS station, me and my wife watch Blue Bloods, we gotta have the new series on as soon as possible, GREAT FANTASTIC show, we love it, come on CBS announce the new date, America, and all over wanta know, just like “Inquiry Minds” wanta know

  16. gesela

    I just love watching blue bloods every Friday nights that the best show on the air besides Hawaii five 0 I love watching will estes and tom selleck blue bloods is the best renew blue bloods renew blue bloods for season 6 thank you from gesela

  17. Sonia and Chuck

    OMG please let there be a season 6 of Blue Bloods our teen age girls even love the show. It is the best show ever Tom Selleck make the show along with the rest of the reagans they better not cancel it.

  18. Julie

    My husband and I love this show. Never miss an episode. Such a positive and uplifting family show. Not enough of these kind of shows left on TV. Please don’t cancel this show.

  19. Sue

    I love this show more than any other show on. I never miss an episode. It is great to see a family show that the family loves each other so much. Please don’t cancel……….

  20. Lori Taylor

    This is my favorite show of all time. I Love all the actors and actress they are wonderful! I cant Fathom the thought of you guy’s taking this show off the air! PLEASE DONT DO THAT TO US FAN’S! PLEASE RENEW IT! It Is So Wonderful To Finally See And Watch A Family That Show’s Love And Support For Each other And Keeps God In Their Lives! Wish There Were More Show’s Like Blue Bloods! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT CANCEL OUR FAVORITE SHOW!!!!!

  21. Jody D.

    RENEWED! RENEWED! RENEWED! So glad Blue Bloods is coming back. A great show!

  22. Cora

    Thanks YOU , CBS!

  23. Anne

    Love Blue Bloods! This is great news.

  24. Missy

    Best show you have CBS! I never miss it.

  25. Henry

    I have read some of the viewer comments and support the feeling of them. Blue Bloods Is ac great show that has been a long time coming. This study of morals and ethics of reality is refreshing. Please don’t cancel this show. Please leave a comment. Again pLease do not cancel.

  26. jill alongi

    please renewed its my first favorite show in the world I watch you every day

  27. Patricia C.

    Just heard that Blue Bloods was renewed… YESSS!

  28. Cindy

    Love this show! Excellent story line, excellent acting. Thank goodness a show that isn’t afraid of God, prayer, and honesty! ENJOY THE FAMILY VALUES IT PORTRAYS ”
    Can’t wait for season 6. BEST SHOW ON TV.


    It Is AWESOME To Finally Watch A Family That Show’s Love And Support For Each other And Keeps God In Their Lives! Wish There Were More Show’s Like BLUE BLOODS. We all need God in our lives and if we can use blue bloods as a model for that it’s awesome especially with Tom Selleck being the head of his family in this series.!
    I myself encourage many of my friends to watch it because it shows so many different facets in our lives especially the Roman Catholic faith being part of this series I have shown it to my students in my Catholic education classes to show different beliefs in our faith. It is so true and real.
    Especially the Roman Catholic faith being part of this series I have shown it to my students in my Catholic education classes to show different beliefs and practices and their value in our faith !!

  30. Nancy

    Please don not cancel Blue Bloods is the best show to ever come along. I bought all 5 seasons and watch them all the time. Need the seasons to keep comming. Love all the actors and it is like a real life show. Great family values. Also got CBS All Access so I clould watch them.

  31. Carol Land

    My husband and I love this show and have watched the reruns over and over. PLEASE keep it on the air.

  32. Libby

    Waiting on the new season of Blue Bloods; I’ve watched and re-watched all I have recorded! Looking forward to the new episodes!!

  33. Caroline

    I have watched every single episode and am so looking forward
    To season six (6) thank you for all of the other seasons, still re watch
    Them over and over. Don’t hold us in suspense any longer

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