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«Bones» season 10: premiere date

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When does «Bones» season 10 premiere on TV? We need more episodes and release date! Don’t let it be the last season!

TV-channel: Fox
Pilot episode: September 13, 2005
Creator: Hart Hanson

Season 1 Episode 1: 10.79 million U.S. viewers

Season 9 Episode 1: 7.76 million U.S. viewers

The creators of the «Bones» television series were talking about the possible ending of the story after the ninth season already at the beginning of the current season.

However, the project proved to be very popular again. According to critics, the new broadcasting time of the show is to become the main reason for the series to fail, since it won’t succeed in gaining the necessary rates for the Friday’s television show. But the rights holders were surprised by the number of TV viewers, continuing watching the series, so the decision about show renewal for the season 10 was to be taken again.

The premiere date for the new episodes is still being discussed, but Stephen Nathan has already promised the ending of the current season to be exciting, but whether it is the final of the whole story – the executive producer is not ready to answer yet.

«Bones» season 10 premiere – [September 25, 2014] (update 1)

He even joked the tenth season could be shot at his living room, if Fox refuses to extend the project.

Follow the announcements and you will be the first to know about the new episodes release.

UPDATE 1 (Jan. 29, 2014): «Bones» Renewed for Season 10! Officially!

UPDATE 2: Bones return (Ep.201)- March 26, 2015

UPDATE 3 (February 25, 2016): The series was renewed for a twelfth season (final). No Bones season 13 release date.

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  1. Kappa

    this show cant be cancelled! Please do more episodes !!!!!
    P.S This is one of FOXs best productions

  2. Sofi

    I wish and hope that FOX will continue the series.
    Stephen Nathan, we want BONNNEESSS to continue!

  3. Pimp J.

    CMON! make a season 10! Fox u can do it !

  4. showmustgoON

    They must keep this show on air! I’ve watched it from the beginning and look forward to every episode.

  5. Mila L.F.

    I am anxiously waiting for season 10. It just cannot end with season 9!

  6. Planetario

    Best show ever, please ReNeW!

  7. season 9 final please

    Bones lost my interest …

    • lovebones

      Why don’t you keep your nasty opinion to yourself because we don’t want to hear it.

    • Heather

      Watch something else if your not interested. I bet your not interesting either you sound boring! You got to be a party pooper, don’t ya! My whole family and I look forward to this show, please keep it going.

    • Niki

      You seriously got to be a tard…it is absolutely one of the best…and most realistic shows ever made

  8. Michelle

    Anyone know when Bones season 9 comes out on DVD?

    • Cap

      fall 2014 on DVD

  9. Kol

    “Season 10 would likely be Bones‘ last” – Kevin Reilly told reporters at the TCA winter press tour.

    dont stop the show!!!!!!!

  10. Polina

    omg ! please, dont cancel the show! love love love

  11. rich

    give me season 10 please!!!!!

  12. Beth

    I will cry if they take bones away

  13. Yuniper

    Love the characters (and their rapport with each other) and storylines on Bones. It falls into one of my favorite types of show categories – crime-solving with a twist, and with quirky characters.

  14. Sheree Pinkerton

    Love bones. Keep it going.

  15. Tracey McReynolds

    My husband and I love BONES!!! We started watching from beginning on Netflix, we literally Jones for Bones. We just finished season 8 last night and are so disappointed that we can’t access season 9, believe me I tried to locate, only episodes season 9 on demand are the last few. Can’t wait for it to come out on Netflix. Please don’t end Bones we will be devastated!

    • Lely

      Hulu has all of bones season 9

  16. Cindy

    I love the show bones, with so many other cancellation of shows, please leave this show on, It is a very good show, and I love the actors.

  17. Victor Flores

    Bones is a great show and I enjoy the story line which develops each of the characters and binds them together. I hope that FOX will continue the series beyond session 10. Thank you for this great show. It has given me many hours of entertainment and relaxation. Great Job FOX and to the actors a big round of applause. I love this show!

  18. bonnie wade


  19. alex wan

    don’t remove booth from bones

  20. Trish Nailor

    My daughter and I have been watching Bones since she was 2 or 3. I taught her what flanges were by watching this show before she was even going to school. Please do not let season 9 be the grand finally. My whole family absolutely love the show.


    Brilliant programme never let it end can wait for season 10

  22. Audrey Alvarado Bernal

    I watch this show with my 4, 6 and 11 year old children. They look forward to watching it at least 3 times a week. We record every episode aired and watch them on the weekend. We still watch past seasons that we already seen. It helped my children increase their vocabulary since the story lines are intense enough to catch the interest of all ages. We even have my husband involved and watches it with us. My 11 year old daughter wants to be a forensic anthropologist now.
    Please keep the seasons coming!

  23. lovebones

    I can’t even begin to tell you all the wonderful incredible feelings I get when I watch booth and bones together. She is the most beautiful women on television, and booth is most definitely the sexiest man on television. I would give up anything to meet the crew in person. I love Angie and Hodgens as well. Oh and don’t forget the FBI prosecutor she is fabulous. Thank you so much for the show, and I look forward to watching season 10, in anxious anticipation.

  24. quettalove

    OMG please don’t cancel Bones. I have no life and this is the only show I can watch rather I am in the field, deployed, or home sitting in my living room. I love this show and everyone on it. My favorite “squintern” was Nigel. However I see he’s on another show…lol So good for him. I love the whole team on Bones. I cant see the show ever ending.

  25. E want bones

    We need more Bones! When? When? When?

  26. S. Schafer

    I have been watching Bones since it first aired. It is one of my favorite shows. I look forward to seeing it each week during it’s season(s). I am anxious and hope there is a Season 10 to watch this Fall. The team of actors blend so well together. There is diversity in personalities, suspense, humor, encompassing the scientific edge. The season finale was fantastic and unexpected turn of events.
    Can’t wait to see how it continues. I can not see the show ending for a long time.

    • anita(senior Citizen)

      Bones ismy favorite tv series ever!!!I even have all 8 on Netflix and have watched ALL of each one numerous times and now have them recorded on U-Verse. Please do not ever stop this series or change the cast.This is one of the few things this elderly grandmother has left to look forward to, please have compassion.

  27. Erica Roman

    Please please please keep going…….I love this show I don’t want it to end ever.

  28. Heather

    It cant end with booth being arrested n not have a season ten that be messed up i love bones and i hope theres 50 more seasons to come. this is the best show on fox so they shouldnt cut it

  29. Mary

    Still waiting for answer. When will season 9 appear on netflix?

    • Heather

      You are wasting your time with Netflix go to seasons 1-9 all episodes available

  30. Bev

    Please continue this show. It is my favorite and can watch over and over again – the characters are the best.

  31. Dapper Dawg

    Amazing quality show with excellent stories and great acting. This show can go on and on and should never be cancelled. I look forward to watching this show every week.

  32. Acelyn Corderious

    Season 10 has to be the final season. The actors and actresses are getting old (especially David Boreanaz). I think I’ll be satisfied with just season 10 as the final season. It makes total sense.

    • Heather

      that’s what people love..something that they can grow with and no change in actresses. No one cares what you are satisfied with, if your not satisfied don’t watch it, duh!

  33. salina

    Please do not take Bones off the air! It is my absolute favorite show on television. If they take it off, I will never watch another Fox program. It doesn’t make sense to take a show off television when it is watched by so many people. The actors on the show are the best on TV. I own all of the dvds of Bones and I watch them over and over again! The people at FOX need to listen to the people who watch this program and renew it for another season. Thank you to everyone on the show! I love watching all of you!!!

  34. Mathew

    Bones cannot be cancelled. Just got hooked onto this 1-2 weeks ago, and yet Im waiting for season 10 to come out… Don’t cancel this show it’s one of the -Best- Fox Tv Series!!!!!!
    This show also contains many learning aspects to those who wish to learn more about bones. Canceling this show will be a horrible decision, many people enjoy this show as for me and my family also loves this show after introducing 1-3 episodes!!! So Don’t Cancel Bones! Thanks and I hope to take appreciation into Bones!

  35. Drika

    Please Please Please : Bones cannot be cancelled.Very good entertaining program.Cant wait for season 10 and………..the rest which is going to follow.


    Thanks for giving us such a good series

  36. Nancy Powell

    I agree with all of the above, except Acelyn Cordderious. David Boreanaz is like a fine wine, he only gets better with age

    • Heather

      O, girl how I agree. Id go to jail if I seen him in person.. I wouldn’t be able keep my hands off him!!!

  37. Heather

    Dear Fox,
    If you cut Bones I’ll never watch you again! I know you will lose a lot of viewers and I will be one of them. If you cut bones, I’ll never watch a ‘FOX’ program again! I PROMISE U THAT!!!

  38. Linda Soderstrom

    I have been looking everywhere for the beginning date of season 10. The end of season 9 left us hanging with no real end to the series. I do not want to miss the first program so please inform us as to the date. This is about the only program I watch on Fox, it is one of my favorite program series. Thank you.

  39. Claudine

    PLEASE do NOT discontinue BONES!!!! This is thee BEST series I have ever watched and CANNOT wait for season 10 to be released!!!! The last episode of season 9 has left me so excited for the next season.

  40. Yvonne

    Please do not discontinue Bone. I tell everyone this is my time of the day. Please try to find a way. I thank all the actors you have given me such happiness THANK YOU . I pray you will find a way to keep Bones going. Not many programs excite me as this one dose .PLEASE.

  41. Catherine

    I live for Bones. I record every episode and buy every season on dvd. I only watch 2 tv shows both of which are on fox. The other is Sleepy Hollow. If these shows are cancelled it will RUIN my evenings. If soap operas can last for 30 years or more then so should nighttime series. Please DO NOT CANCEL.

  42. Bonnie

    We really enjoy Bones. Please keep it on Fox. Please let us know when the first show is to be

  43. Carol Whitson

    Please do not cancel Bones. There are so few good programs on the TV anymore.
    My husband and I do not miss an episode . If we can not watch at the time it is on we record
    it so we do not miss one single story. Please keep it on the air

    Thank You
    PS do not let any of the cast go either, the parts they play would be lost without them no one
    could replace them

  44. Sabrina

    Love this show! This show just has to be renewed and the cast should stay. Love all the characters!!!

  45. Holly

    This show cannot be cancelled. The dynamics of the cast are amazing. Please don’t think about canceling it. I still watch all the reruns on hulu. Please continue making mire good stories……… DO NOT CANCEL BONESSSSSSS!!!!!!!

  46. Yolanda

    Love this show, we always look forward to see every week, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee don’t cancel.

  47. Darlene Gilbert

    This show is the best ever one to have come onto TV,,,I hope it never ends. I have all the series, and watch Bones on Charter in Demand. This show has the best ever characters, and the people playing the characters, play them so well. You would honestly think this was happening in real life! This series has it all….mystery, love, real life stuff…between all the episodes, you will feel anger, hurt, love, hate, pain, happiness, honesty, dis-honesty, understanding, confusion, I mean every feeling know to man, this show brings out. I can only hope that this show never ends, but if for some reason it does, I will have my DVD,s. To all the cast and the producer and whoever has a part in this series I commend you,,, TOTALLY AWESOME SHOW!

  48. Pam Howard

    I even watch reruns over and over. Please don’t end.

  49. Ana

    Please bring the show back we need it I watch all over again all the time this is my life technically without this life is boring

  50. Beverly

    Darlene, Couldn’t have said it beter myself. I absolutely love this show and have watched all episodes over and over again. Each time, I learn something I didn’t see the first time. Quite interesting and movitated me to study more to learn all I could. This show has EVERYTHING!!! Please make the rewards worthwhile for the stars so they will stay. I love the few mentions of Pittsburgh that Booth makes, and I have a coffee mug the same as was shown on the show. LOVE IT.

  51. Sharon

    Dear Fox, if you don’t continue with the incredible story of Brennan Booth and the rest of the cast that make up the delicious, heart warming, marvelously gory at times, program that is Bones I will personally swim across the pond with thousands of other Bones fans from the UK to prove what a fabulous program you have, love love love it.

  52. Lisa

    Bones is the best show on TV ever… Please do not end this show… I love the characters & storylines and let’s face it … It is a never ending story as life goes on & murder continues on a daily basis… Long live this series!!!!!!!

  53. yvonne

    Please don’re let this be the last season.I’m 59 and this the beset show ever.Not much to watch on tv anymore.I even watch rerun over and over again.It gives my senior brain a workout.For once you did something good.Please make a old lady happy.

  54. Bekah

    Please don’t cancel the show , I just watched season 1-9 on Netflix in just one short month and a couple weeks there are so many episodes but they are so AMAZING so real , I’ve learned so much. All other shows are not even close to how interesting breath taking and edge of sits , this show hands down is just amazing. I’ve started watching so many shows but can’t finish cause it gets boring or doesn’t make since , bones is one of the only show ANYONE can watch non stop and still love it. Please don’t cancel bones , fox will most likely lose followers and viewers for canceling such an outstanding show .

  55. Cathy

    I like this show, don’t cancel it.

  56. Stephanie

    Can’t wait til March 26th for Bones to return! I’ve missed it.
    It’s a great show with a great cast! FOX’s best show! Do not cancel it!

  57. Marya

    Thank you for renewal of Bones can’t wait!

  58. Sherry hulsey

    This is my favorite show I have watched since season 1 and watch reruns regularly, please continue it would be like the loss of the over dramatic family you never have but would love to hear about lol

  59. sammy

    Counting down the time till season 10 BONES comes out an hopefully further seasons on past 10 as I really really love the show just finished watching season 9 now I need season 10

  60. savanna

    I cant believe they would tack bones off the air

  61. Hannah

    Please don’t discontinue bones u left us hanging , we love bones please, please keep it on we all are waiting for season 10 please renew it

  62. Saabirah

    anyone know when season 10 will be on Netflix??

  63. Angie B.

    I love Bones, can’t wait for the new season.

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