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«Bones» season 9: premiere date

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When will «Bones» season 9 start? TV series renewed or cancelled? Premiere air date is known!

«Bones» is the longest crime drama on the American FOX network. The show about forensic anthropologists premiered in 2005 and since that time there was not a hint for series closing.

FOX authorities announced the continuation of «Bones» for Season 9 without the revival of the eighth season. Release date for the premier episode is scheduled for September, 2013. The exact number of episodes is still a secret. The agreements with the actors are confirmed to be extended for 2013/2014, which guarantees new complete season production.

«Bones» season 9 premiere – [September 16, 2013]

It should be mentioned that at the moment the number of «Bones» episodes is more that 160 and many critics have already started performing their «black deeds». Most of them consider the storyline to be dragged out and due to that fact the continuation could fail. That’s why Season 9 should be the last one. Who supports those views?

UPDATE 1 (February 25, 2016): The series was renewed for a twelfth season (final). What about Bones season 13 release date?

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  1. Charlotte

    Die Bones-Show liebe ich und finde sie nach wie vor die Beste. Auch liebe ich alle Schauspieler, es sind alle grossartig. Aber natürlich liebe ich vor allem David Boreanaz und Emily Deschanel.
    Es wäre schade wenn die Show nicht noch mehr Staffeln bekäme, denke dass die Produzenten und die Autoren noch viel Material für neuen Folgen haben und das müsste ausgenutzt werden.
    Würde es bedauern, wenn nach Staffel 9 die Show nicht weiter gehen würde. Charlotte

    • Person


    • Holly

      I LOVE BONES !!! as well as all the rest… and the comment below I didn’t know and all I seen was die bones and was so upset that someone said that about the show that I had to translate it and for anyone else who feels a bit unhappy from not knowing what it means I will translate for you as well:

      I love and find it to be the best. I also love all the actors are all great. But of course I especially love David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel.
      It would be a shame if the show did not get more seasons, think that the producers and the writers still have a lot of material for new episodes and should be exploited.
      Would regret it if after Season 9, the show would not go on. Charlotte


      • sadie

        totes true im 11 but i still find it awesome especially brennan

        • Jessy

          why does it matter how old you are? i hate it when people do that mostly its on youtube “im 12 and i like this song” so what? people like what they like regardless of their age!!!!

          • Natalie

            Probably what she is saying is that it really doesnt matter the age range, you still enjoy such a good TV show. She is proving a point! The tv show is good enough for a 11 years old or a 30 60 70 years old.

            And by the way this is one of the few Tv shows that are actually good to watch, Since nowadays everything is so sexually explicit and out there.. This TV show leaves those things out but still a great story line.

          • Igor

            your 12 are you… JK

        • Kaya

          I’m 11 too

      • Jasreen

        I’m British but I know a bit of German. The Message does not mean die as in dead die it means THE as in The Bones Show. She has stated these are her exact words this may not be clear as german is worded in a different order from english she has said

        “The Bones-Show I love and find the best. Also I love all of the actors, they are all great. But of course I love especially David Boreanaz and Emily Zooey Deschanel. It would be a pity if the Show doesn’t even more seasons, I would think that the producers and the writers still have plenty of material for new consequences and that is something that would have to be exploited. Would regret it if after season 9 the show doesn’t go further. Charlotte”

        I agree with you and her that the series must go on there are so many other senareos that can be explored. Some reviewer are just being anoying if the viewers have no problem with the show going on then what is their problem. Isn’t TV all about it’s viewers and what they want to see. So I also say LET BONES GO ON we ourselves will speak up when we get tired of Bones.(Which I don’t think will happen in the next atleast 2 years maybe more.)

      • tammy

        i am from the uk and am a bones lover it is the only programme of its nature that i watch but i think its very true to fact and the two main actors emily and david do the show justice and for the person ho didnt write in english about it dieing is a very petty narrow minded person with nothing else to do i only came onto the site looking for the season 9 release date and i hope that bones continues for years to come beacuse it shows what ugliness happenes in real life and the fact that david boreanaz is sexy as hell …..

      • Lani

        Thank you, was worried that person hated the show. I don’t want to see it canceled either, but if they ever (hoping they don’t) have to cancel I hope they follow the story with the babies grown.

        Bones is a wonderful, awsome show. All epoisdes are great and wish it went on forever. “To the Cast of Bones… Don’t work too hard, you all are doing a wonderful job.”

        Season Nine… Hope they caught/kill Pelant so Booth the two can truely love each other.

      • Nicole

        I love bones it’s inspired me to be a forensic anthropologist. And I love it when booth and bones argue like at the end of every episode.

  2. Sheri

    Bones is my favorite tv show and after Season 9 thay have 2 continue 2 Season 10. Bones tv program has so many followers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please do not cancel after season 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Janet

    Bones is one of my favorite shows for both me and my daughters. It is interesting, there is always something new to learn, and the characters make the show great. We celebrated when Hodgins and Angela wed, and again when Booth and Bones got together. We have a great time with King of the Lab, and our favorites among the squinterns. The stories are not stale and I hope they can keep it going.

    • Marg

      I agree with you, Janet. I hope they leave Hodgins and Angela alone – to build their lives with their child (and possibly more). Breaking them up yet again would just not do – they need to keep them together to make their relationship stronger. The Pelant story is getting stale – why not have it so that Zac gets Hodgins’ fortune back somehow, without Hodgins knowing it?

  4. Linieta

    Bones is my ultimate favourite TV series!!!! Please don’t cancel after season 9.

  5. ashley

    Bones in my fav tv show please don’t cancel it as it is the best and season 10 would be even better then an season, please don’t cancel it 🙁

  6. destanie

    I love bones!!!!! please don’t let it be the last season!!!!! I love the actors the stories everything….DO NOT CANCEL

  7. theresa


  8. nothing

    please do not cancel bones season 9!!!!!!!!!! continue on to season 10 this is my favorite show and i love to see dr.brenan and booth together in their own house…..with that said all i can wish for is that you continue the series!!!!!!!!!

  9. elizabeth temourian

    please dont cancel after season 9. this show is so insperational. this show is good for teenagers beacuase it teaches them alot about science and history but not only science it teaches the diffrence between right and a singlw tv show could replace bones. all the actors that have worked on this show deserve to go on as a family. if you take this show away from them they will have to make appointments to see there cast family. so please just go on for as long as you can. and throw in a really big wedding for booth and bones maybe another kid.OH and bring zooey deschanel to the wedding. love this show. thank you

    • Jessy

      it cant go forever and if they drag it on too long then it will become stale and i’d rather it ended after 9 seasons and was still great than perhaps went on for 12 seasons but ended with all the fans bored and thinking the storyline was over written. for instance my fave show is Prison Break (old i know) they only did 4 seasons cause it has to end some time and it should end with everyone loving it on a high!

    • Jessy

      plus come on it does not teach you much about real science or history sure there’s the odd fact but its pretty unrealistic

      • Gail

        If you have the first season on DVD watch the Special Features were they talk about the show and they talk to Kathy who came up with the idea Bones. They try to make everything as realistic as possible.

  10. Tessa

    I just started watching bones this year.. I have already brought 7 seasons and are up to date with the 8th.. Dont end bones its an awesome show.. I love it cant wait to see whats to come.. I did feel 1 or 2 episodes a season bored me probably because i watched all 7 seasons in 3 weeks.. Each time though i got pulled in more and more and and the facts are just amazing. P.s soo glad bones and booth ended up together, they really should do an episode where they show what happened, disnt like that she laid in bed with him one episode and was pregant the next. Would have loved to see the invetween romance that came about.. Too job on bones though. This is the only other tv show ive ever felt the need to write in to keep it alive

  11. Edna

    Never have had a show I Have followed every episode of every season this is the best TV show of my time and I am not a young person bones should go on for several more seasons

  12. kira

    i have never commented on something like this before me and my mum have been following bones since just after its release in the uk i know watch it online because i cant wait for it to be aired in the uk. bones is the only tv show i really followed. you cant cancel it yet there are so many potential story lines for more than season 9. it not just a good drama its educational and actually gives people hope for futures it helps understand the world a lot better. pleaseeeeeeeee try and carry on past season 9

    • Jessy

      what do you mean hope for futures?

  13. Jackie

    Just finished season 8 finale! Unless certain issues arise please don’t cancel Bones! By far the best show I’ve watched faithfully from the beginning! There’s not a lot of shows on tv anymore with the quality the producers and cast have created here! Please please please keep it going! We all love you!

  14. Tessa

    I love bones!!!!!!!! I totally absolutely positivitly DO NOT want bones to end. It should not end after season 9! Bones is my favorite show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ending bones is the worst idea ever! There are endless ideas! The show should not end after season 9.

  15. madelyn

    I love bones this is my favorite show ever i stop everything to watch this show.

  16. Robyn

    Bones is my family’s favorite show. We have rewatched the entire series several times. Please don’t cancel it. You can kill off Pelant, though.

  17. Brooke

    I watch Bones for hours every day. I am ADDICTED! I cant ever get enough. I would be so heartbroken if the show was cancelled. Those people don’t know what they are talking about. Look at all the different CSI seasons. They even have different CSI shows.. There is SO much you can do with a show like this. The possibilities are endless! I have never followed a show religiously as I have with Bones. I first fell in love with the show as a young teen in 7th grade.. I wanted to be just like Dr. Brennan. This show is amazing. PLEASE don’t cancel on us. There will be so many disappointed fans.

  18. Martha

    Bones are not allowed to end.
    It is the best show in the history, and I’m a total addict. If this show ends I’m just going to die, I wait every week for a new episode to come. and as many of the others also said, there will be so many disappointed fans if this show ends.

  19. Ansjeela

    Please do not stop after season 9!! This happens everytime.. You people make us fall in love and addicted to a tv show and then you suddenly cancel the show after a few years. Bones is a great show with a good stoy line and great actors!!

    You will see that if you continue with a 10th season that you still will have many fans watching the show.

    Greets from Holland

  20. toyoungtocare

    Do not end Bones!!
    Its just a great show and it deserves at least go to season 10.
    believe they have enough fans to make it possible!

    From Portugal with love <3

  21. Goda

    I believe that Bones should continue after season 9 (of course with both main actors- Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz and also with their lovely team). Moreover, even though there are people, who believe that if the show will continue after season 9 it might result losing interest, but with such brilliant writers, producers and actors I can’t imagine that the show could fail meeting our expectations and losing interest;) Keep up the Great Job! And I’m looking forward to see the season 9 premiere!!!

  22. Alex

    This is the greatest TV series I have ever watched. Hodgens is the reason I chose to go into science myself!! It would be horrible for this show to end, especially so soon after the heart tearing season 8 finale! If news for this show being cancelled at the end of season 9 is confirmed, the millions of fans of this show will certainly band together to show their support for more seasons.

  23. fan

    I love this show please don’t cancel it I think that bones and booth have a good sense of humor will miss the show heaps if it goes. There is endless story lines they could use keep it going please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Lauren

    Dont’t end Bones! It is the only tv series I have followed from the very beginning and it would be a shame to end it before it came to its 10th season!i know all good things come to an end butatleast let it go one for 2 more seasons 😀

  25. Ethan

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO this show cant be cancelled! Its such an awesome show that if you was to do this, you would devastate MILLIONS of bones fans! I know that with the talent of everyone that puts all that hard work into the show could at least make a season 10 or even possibly more! So don’t be so negative about us losing interest cause the show has been going for 8 seasons and now starting its 9th in September and i”m still amazed of how ya’ll keep up the surprises and scenarios and the awesome chemistry between booth and brennan! So please DON’T CANCEL BONES!

  26. Mary

    SERIOUSLY? The storyline is dragging? They’re the ones dragging. Speaking for myself, I also thought that by the time Booth and Brennan (finally) got together, it would lose interest, but surprise surprise, it didn’t. I am actually more interested in the storyline now, than I was before. The critics just don’t like old blood, they want new stuff coming right up, but my opinion is, it will forever be VERY hard to equalize this series. This is like the X-Files, any similar stuff will never be the same. This is not CSI, and all its copycat series. This is Bones.

  27. JL

    Please don’t cancel after season 9. I love this show and think it should go on forever! It’s so creative and keeps me on the edge of my seat. Something just has to happen to Pelant…he makes mad about everything.

  28. Apryl

    Bones is my Favorite show, and no its not being drug out or getting boring so please dont cancel, so many of the good shows are getting canceled just to put more of these so called talent shows thats taking over tv, or those singing shows omg so sick of those shows, nothing is good on any more dont take this one off because that will leave me with one other show to watch. There is so many story lines they can still come up with with this show to just end it with season 9, im looking forward to season 9 but not the end of my show because i see one more reality show come on or take its place bye bye cable, so not worth my money any more.

  29. Alicia and Anthony

    My fiance and i absolutely love bones, they can not cancel this show! if they do we will be crushed and we will have nothing to watch anymore! This is the best show we have ever found and its the only one that we both love to watch together! Please dont stop making Bones!

  30. Danielle

    Bones can NOT get cancelled!!!! I started watching this series as a rerun on TNT and FELL IN LOVE!!!! I am completely addicted to the show and cast!!! I, as I know others, get happy and emotional when good things happen (i.e. Angela and Hodgins & ESPECIALLY Brennan and Booth getting together) and I cry when the bad things happen (i.e. Nigel Vincent dying, Arastoo getting sick, & Pelant’s need for control). I was SO upset with the ending of season 8. I have faith that the writers will put Booth and Brennan back on track (praying for a wedding!!) and keep the story line alive. Unfortunately, we live in a world that gives ENDLESS possibilities for plot lines so there is no excuse to cancel the show after next season. The characters are amazing together and they are like family! Keep this show on the air!!!!!!!!!! I do not want to see yet another wonderful show just end. How many times have we fallen in love with a series and their cast/characters for it to only just end one day?? Keep going Bones, we love you all!!!!!!

    • Marg

      Well said, Danielle! I hope they keep Booth and Brennan AND Hodgins and Angela together. Too much breaking up going on. I love the show!

  31. Susanne

    Please do not cancel bones. It is by far my favorite show. I look forward to every new season with great anticipation. I know many others share this view.

  32. RZ

    Please don’t cancel. This is my favorite TV show along with Criminal Minds. I just love this. I got happy, sad, angry, cried because of how beautiful the plot of this… I just cant get enough of the show and the characters. just one thing, Pelant is really getting into my nerves. as much as i know he’s just doing his job acting as Pelant, i really hate him. but i love to hate him though.

  33. Tara

    Bones is just too amazing to be only nine seasons. I was in tears when pelant made them not get married! It’s just too crazy!! They need to catch pelant’s butt soon!!!!

  34. mandy

    PLease do not cancel Bones after season 9!! It is my families favorite show. We have seen every episode & own every season on dvd. We also watch reruns every day on tnt & watvh live as well as dvr every new episode to watch it again &again. I don’t know why Fox would even think about cancelling a show with as many loyal fans as it still has. I mean what other 8yr old show has 6-7mil fans & ratings like it has? Other than the following if Fox cancels Bones after season 9 they wont have any drmas to compete with other .
    failed miserably so why wouldyou get rid of your tried & true,popular work horse. I know when Fox does finally end Bones I will be done with Fox permanently because Bones is the only reason I turn Fox on. Love my Bones!!

  35. Michelle

    Please let bones continue to season 10, it has been my only outlet from having surgery to having to deal with my mom’s own illness, this show defintely picks me up and keeps me going the whole week for another show.

  36. shane

    Bones is an amazing tv series. I have seen none other like it. I know there are other series about murder and stuff but I have never been fully captivated until i watched bones. It has the murder victims in it which we, the viewers, learn new things in just about every episode. It also has a great story line to it. It gives inspiration to us the viewers. It is just an amazing series all together. So I vote no…do not cancel after season 9…keep going 🙂

  37. lucy

    Please don’t cancel Bones after season 9. My whole family watches your show. On Tuesday the coffee club at work discusses the Monday episode. The writers are so cleaver they can keep things going. I watch every rerun. Booth and Bones need to get married. Ooooh you’re making me crazy. . . . Don’t ever cancel Bones!

  38. Desi

    Bones CANNOT END it should keep playing as long as possible. I love it and it is ABSOLUTLY NOT GETTING DRAGGED OUT AND OLD. I would watch this show for the rest of my life!!!

  39. KatyKat♥Bones

    OMG If you end at season 9 that would be a tradgety!! I have been watching the show since i was ten! Don’t stop after season 9! Please Please Please Don’t!!!! I have watched every episode at least 3 times from every season! Bones is 100% my favourite show on the whole entire planet!! Don’t stop it now and make sure that Booth and Brennans Wedding is a success and dont reuin it with Pelant or i will go nuts!!!!

  40. Brandyn

    Please do not cancel bones after season 9. My girlfriend and I have been watching bones sense it started.

  41. Lou

    Please keep bones going we love it here in the UK and always miss out when a show doesn’t do well in america 🙁 so please remember the fans out side the U.S. that love the show.

  42. melody

    please don’t cancel after season 9. it’s the best show ever. i mean other shows you watch a season or 2 and then it’s not that good anymore. but bones is amazing, they still have us hooked after 8 seasons. a 10th season is a must

  43. john

    Bones is planing to keep their series going until season 24 where they will be an equal predessor to house.
    The directors “want to go till season 24” but we will see…but it is for sure that their will be at least another 3 seasons.

  44. Caleb

    Please don’t cancel this is one of my favorite tv serious I have lost so many fav tv serious because the did not renew I love this season and it needs to continue I look forward ever week for the new episode and can’t wait to watch. Please don’t cancel

  45. Charmalee

    I have seen every single episode of Bones and I hope to be able to continue watching this for a few more years. I think that this show should go on past Season 9. Season 9 should be B&B finding and getting rid of Pelant and then the relationship healing resulting in a season finale of them getting married. Season 10 should come in after the wedding and such and go on like it has been. This is too awesome of a show to cancel.

  46. Martinez Family

    We love watching BONES all together. Please don’t cancel.

  47. Tanya

    I LOVE BONES please don’t cancel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please do Season 10 and bring in a happy ending for Booth and Brennen when you decide to cancel one day but for now i don’t think you must cancel we are enjoying it very much except for Pelant he must go now. This is 1 show that i am enjoying very much and can’t get enough of.

  48. Alesha

    I love love love bones…I’m sad that I have to wait a whole 4 months for season 9 to come out…the season and the characters are definitely keeping me entertained. Please don’t cancel this series! I want a season 10, 11, and 12 lol

  49. Mark

    Yeah cancel the show and put some no brain reality show in its place….its what the producers always do….thumb your nose at the show fans and look forward to some inane idiocy filled hour with shows like Jackass or some other reality cr*p.

    You know you want to…since show loyalty means nothing to anyone anymore…

  50. Lizzy

    I love “Bones”. It’s my favorite tv-Show.
    I love the private storylines, i love the acting, i love the seriel killers and i like the cases.
    For me there should be at least a season 10.
    I mean the ratings are very good. (I hope that they will be still that good on Friday Night)
    For me there can be many more seasons.

    • Lizzy

      Season 8 was the best season for me. Awesome writing, amazing acting and Pelant… I just love it.
      It’s not dragging at all…

  51. Nikki

    Please please don’t cancel after season 9. My family and I love this show so much,we have been following it since season 1 my 10 year old is very interested in science because of this show. His nick name is Bones! It would be devastating to us and All your fans. The chemistry between the actors is just amazing and fun to watch. Your writers and directors are so talented I have no doubts they could come up with more amazing ideas!

  52. Tammi

    Keep it going!!!! As long as the actors stay…I’m staying too. I’ve watched every single show and loved every single one. My Husband works out of town and started watching them because he knows it’s my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!! Can’t wait for Season 9 to start…..and we dont watch TV. I am an outside person…..but BONES actually gets me to sit down!!! Love it!!!

  53. Anj

    PPPLLEEAASSEE return Zach Addy to season 9, ever since you guys toke him off it felt like something was missing in the show!!! He was the extra smarty next to Bones it made me so upset to see him go, and its been a while now I’m sure he would’ve found a way to serve up his time already I missed how awesome they all worked together!!! He left the show to soon :C

  54. Chloee

    Please Dont cancel Bones it is the realest show every because not every show some one has to die they kept it real no show can replace Bones

  55. Heather

    Do not end Bones!!!! One of the BEST series I’ve ever watched. The storyline is by NO means stale. It’s fascinating, and engaging, and I love the characters! Seriously, this is a huge number of people who LOVE Bones and REALLY want it to continue. Don’t listen to the critics, they just want turnover and new series because that benefits them. The FANS, the people who (I hope) matter, REALLLY WANT BONES TO CONTINUE! So please please please we adore Bones, please keep it going! You guys are doing a GREAT JOB!

    But also, Pelant needs to go down. Seriously. I dunno how you guys will come up with a final punishment/death that could possibly equal the damage he’s done. But I sure do look forward to finding out! 8D

    • adw

      I think death is to easy of a punishment for someone like that, but due to his intelligence, I would like him gone…I think bones could perform the “perfect murder” that she talked about last season.

  56. abe

    I show a part on tv and was love at first site.being a male nurse it just grab me like greys anatomy.unfortunately couldnt follow it on tv so i pledge to by a bb and followed it from season 1 and is hooked.please dont cut it lost so many fabulous series like missing,the river,the new normal o can i go on.wish they not just count the tv its a new era people.

  57. Madison Hathaway

    My mother and her friends enjoy this show as well as my friends and I. Not only is it a good show but it helps bring us closer together. PLEASE DON’T CANCEL IT!!!!

  58. McKay

    My friend got my obsessed with bones!! I’m on season 7 right now and it has only been 1 week! Do not cancel the show!! I love it!! Can’t wait for season 8 to be on Netflix so I can be caught up for season 9!!

  59. adw

    I want to see more on Cam and Arastoo, and more of what happens with Sweets. there is a lot that can be done with those story lines. Also with Cam, michelle, and Fenn(?…abbernathy) there could easily be several more seasons involving some of the characters from the backstory. Don’t get me wrong though…I want to see booth and bones actually get married too. they are the glue of the story.

  60. Louise

    I LOVE Bones!! I would love to see Brennan walk down the isle with Booth waiting in his Tux to exchange “I do’s”. They have been through so much and deserve to have their happy ending. I have laughed, sat on the edge of my chair and cried with them throughout the different seasons. It would be a great pity if we have to lose yet another GREAT show. I also love watching the team solve the mysteries of the crimes committed. Helped me learn my Anatomy at the same time 🙂

    • patgilb

      I agree. I want to see Brennan walk down the aisle wearing a beautiful dress and DB wearing a tux. Otherwise, the previous 8 seasons would be for nothing.

  61. Lauren

    Bones is my favorite show, I watched all the seasons in a matter of a month on Netflix. If it was to cancel I do not know what I would do with myself.

    I love bones!

  62. Margie

    I LOVE BONES!!!!! i literally have seen every single episode nd i totally think they should keep going after season 9 come on booth nd brennan are just beginning their relationship things are just getting Good!!! nd booth’s son parker should come out more often! i could stay here all day writing how much i love the show but i done.

  63. Rachel

    I would cry like a baby if they ended Bones with season 9. It’s by far my favoritest show ever & I am very emotionally invested into the show. I don’t feel like anything has drug & I have no criticism except for the king of the lab sometimes has different hairs lengths telling us that sometimes they tape the episodes out of order. Lolol if that’s the worst of it, then I say bring on 9 more seasons! They can delve into so many more storylines. I was just thinking today, Angela is the only one of the original cast who hasn’t had her life hang in the balance. Brennan was shot, Booth had a tumor, Hodgins was burried alive, Cam breathed in some skull crap & almost kicked it. It’s time for a big something to happen with Angela. Even Sweets was a target in the season 8 finale. There’s B&B’s relationship to go deeper into. Booth’s family, I miss his Gpa, bring back Daddy Max & heck I’ll join most Bone’s fans & ask for a Dr. Addy come-back! 🙂 so much can be done & If anyone can do it, it’s Hart Hanson & Company! Bring on more Bones. Looks like Friday will be my new fav Night of Telivision. Love Emily D & David B <3

    • Rachel

      I so need to spell check & proof read. Lol I get excited & my hands don’t keep up with my brain. I apologize. Television* not Telivision oh dear Lord. Lol

  64. DINA

    Do not cancel the series BONES. We all love it and we are sick of shows being cancelled when they are popular. (ie The CLoser) KEEP BONES!!!!

  65. Cammett Oelman

    I wish that Seeley had the idea to go to the Jewelry store and bought the engagement ring and
    put in his pants pocket and surprised Tempence to dinner at a romantic restaurant just the 2 of them alone and got to the table and went on his knee in front of Tempence to ask her to marry him and i think Pelant is a dead man and i think Booth and Brennan will talk and say they need to find Palent and keep their engagement a secret from him. Palent needs to give back Jack and Angela’s Money. I was so upset to the point i wanted to pull Palent out of the television and kill him. He has
    put all of the Jeffisonian people in situations that could take ratings down. I don’t like the fact that Palent is messing with them. They need to all kill him.Sweets did his best trying figure out what Palent is trying to kill everyone that knows Booth and Bones. The writers need to rein Palents plan and help out where the as*hole is to kill his as*. I wonder where his secret lair is so close to the Jeffisonian. I hope Booth and Brennan have a big Church wedding. i hope that the couple could get pregnant and have more children together and that Parker would become Booth and Brennans son she loves Parker like he is her own.

  66. Maggie

    Please DONT cancel Bones, it is one of my favourite programmes on TV! I love it so much as it is brilliant! The characters are well developed and amazing and they fit together perfectly. I LOVE BONES SO MUCH! I only started watching less than a month ago and i’m now starting season 6! Its that good. Please dont cancel Bones, i adore it! 🙂

  67. Adam

    Bones is a great way to reemphasis the importance science has in the world and to that end, the influence it has over technology! I stumbled upon Bones on Netflix and have to agree that the plot is rather interesting with an excellent balance between the drama, science, law, societal expectations and above all the emphasis that is placed on integrity throughout the show’s run. It is an interesting show and continues to surprise me as it builds upon itself, requiring, even those of us at home to think! I don’t think the American public is ready for the show to go! From a business standpoint, it would be absurd to cancel a show that consistently brings in high ratings and from the publics’ standpoint, ratings are in place for a reason; to help determine what shows are appealing, distinguishing for the networks, the shows we watch and those we don’t! It is my opinion that we should let the ratings decide when Bones ends and the writers, as a token of appreciation for the viewers, could allow the show to conclude with a movie or really sum it up! Again, this is a commendable show and I am proud to call myself a fan!!

    • Gil

      I agree and support every comment you have made. The series is exceptional. a great cast and I thoroughly enjoy all the them. I think the awards show give enough recognition to this amazing a talented this ensemble. Cannot wait for season 10…..L Have all seasons in my library and watch and re-watch them every year fro 1 to the current season. Go Bones

  68. cpw

    I’m a seriously picky tv junkie I like shows that keep you on your toes and that’s exactly what bones ,white collar ,burn notice ,supernatural ,arrow ,and few others I cant remember at this time that’s exactly what you expect from a good tv show one that makes you impatient to see the next episode its like Christmas the surprise is half the fun

  69. Jess

    I LOVE BONES SOOO MUCH!!!! I am obsese with it and im only 15, i watc all the episodes ova and ova again! Im soooo happy theres a season 9 but i also want a season 10, idc if u have to cancil loads of other tv shows, an nether does any1 else, please let tere e a season 10 <3

  70. Brian

    I think that bones should keep going. It is a great show and always leaves you hanging. I think they should have a season 11 or even twelve. Its a great story line and my fiancé and I watch it all the time. I own up to season 7 and plan on buying the rest when they come out.

  71. jones

    Love bones to the bones, the best show ever
    ACTION, COMEDY, DRAMA All in one place

  72. hanna

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee do more seasons

  73. Elnike Muller

    I started watching Bones 4 months ago and could not stop. I have watched every episode up until the end of season 8. This is by far the best series I have ever seen and would hate it if season 9 is the last.
    Love BONES!!

  74. lc


    • Jessy

      the capitals were not needed

  75. b

    The show has to end at some point in time…that doesn’t mean it has to be anytime soon! Bones is the only tv show that I cant wait for new episodes! I wish season 9 would start right now, with all the reality tv out there we need shows like bones!

  76. Debi

    I LOVE BOOTH! He is the perfect man. Please don’t change him.
    Bones is my very favorite show. I have all episodes on DVD. And watch them over and over.
    Can’t wait for season 9, and hope to see several seasons after.
    Please don’t cancel Bones. Ever

  77. Aarti

    I think the “Bones” concept is extraordinary. We seldom have awesome heartfelt shows about true friendship and love that pertain to society in general. It is a show that I have watched from beginning to date and very much look forward to Season 9. It is the only show where a character such as Bones makes me feel like a real person in this world. I relate to her on many levels and when she laughs, I laugh and when she is sad, I feel sad too. Being apart of these busy times in our world today, it is truly, without a doubt, the only show that is worth watching and worth looking forward to everyday. Please please please continue or end on an amazing and positively memorable note..

  78. shaz wright

    Fox have already cancelled so many good shows, please don’t cancel Bones as well. It’s the best show that has ever been made…Bar none!!!

  79. Adrian

    Bones is brill but zack needs to come back and help the team with palant and to be the one that killes him but more 6 guns but who killed with which gun thanks all

  80. Desiree Lucero

    I absolutely love Bones, I would love if continued past season 9. I’m not ready to say my goodbyes!

  81. laura brown

    I love bones and have watched since the begining. I think they have plenty more story lines for the to face together and as a team. I would love to see bones and booth marry and to see them have a second child. Would love to continue to see cam with aristu continue aswell. There are plenty of couples in real life who fall in love and stay together whether they should or shouldn’t.

  82. Iris

    I definitely do not want Bones to end! It’s been with me since I was a pre-adolescent, I’ve grown up so much since it started.. this series grew up with me, I saw it evolving as I evolved myself… It’s like this constant in my life… Everything is changing for me and somehow, I’d like Bones to be the constant in my life for a little while longer… that thing that is always there… Nope, not ready yet!

  83. Richard Robinson

    Bones is the only show that has me gripped from the start, Season 9 could never be the last CSI has gone on for a long time too and people aren’t asking for that to be ended! The chemistry between all the actors is amazing and you can tell they are passionate about their roles and their love for each other is clear to see. The humour and simplicity behind its set up can only get better, their has become no core actors as they all have main and amazing roles to play. MAY BONES LIVE LONGER OR EVEN FOREVER XXX

  84. Lesley Kassim

    I live and breath bones please Do not cancel PLEASE.

  85. Scott Nelson

    I feel like it is true that good series should end on high notes. But you cant say that it will boringly drag on. The writers have been doing this for eight years. I dont know how they do it but they are on a streak right now. Every season is better than the last and all human beings are different from eachother so there will be people who love and hate. I can say that from how much I love the show. Nine of ten people drop everything for the show. Nine out of ten people dont want the show cancelled. I mean come on. If you can go on this long why stop now. Look at all the people who are under the Bones belt. This series is the best series on cable television. Obviously the cast might not want to be doing this forever but gosh darnit i dont see why they would want to quit. I am up late watching this show. My phone dies because of this show.I can watch one episode with someone with me and they are hooked immediately. I wish i could watch this show until the day i die. The education, the plots, the emotion, the action, the suspense..its incredible. I really cant get enough. My name is Scott Nelson, Im 19 and Ive been watching this show since 2005. Dont make me ruin my streak please. <3

  86. Jo

    If this will be the final season of Bones then I believe that Dr. Zack Addy should make quite a few appearances during the season.

    • Vasso

      I agree with all of you that season 9 shouldn’ t be the last one. As about Zack, personaly I believe that if he comes back to the team they could catch finally Pelant. So, bring back Zack please! At least for one episode…
      I also want to say something about the season’s 8 finale. I still can’t believe that it happens…
      From the first episode all the fans wanted to see Booth and Brenan together. After six seasons it came true and they had a baby together. The next thing that was expected was marriage and now is gone! I hope Angela will puss Booth to tell her the real reason that he turned down Brenan… Maybe Angela can help him to do something… And after that with Zack in game everything could change…

      I want to see this marriage! Everyone want to see this marriage… Don’t disappoint us please!!

    • Ruth

      i agree i loved dr zack addy!!!

  87. Kelly Thomson

    Noooooooo!!!!!!! I hope Brennan and Booth actually get married in the 9th season. I’m sure everyone will agree that that ending in season 9 would make this series well-liked even after the cancellation. Everyone loves a happy-ending. At least, I do. So please please please…if it stops at season 9, work in the wedding for Brennan and Booth.

  88. Roxyy

    I think that Bones is an amazing show! It should continue to be aired & season 9 should NOT be the last. I will continue to watch it as long as it’s aired. It’s my favorite show. It contains all the right variables to be extremely intriguing to many audiences so I can’t see why it would fail. Although the plot is talking some time I think that the series is doing a great job at keeping the fans involved emotionally. I can’t wait to see what season 9 has in store. I’m sure it’ll be great & it won’t disappoint. I just hope that Pelant is finally caught & Booth & Brennan can finally get married. The fans have been waiting so long!

    -P.s. I know it’s super old but that whole Zack thing s*cked. He was my Favorite intern and I freaking loved him. I wish we could see a little bit of what has happened to him because I grew extremely attached to him…

    – Roxyy

  89. Sam

    I love bones
    It should never end
    I think it can last just as long as NCIS
    Bones is my all time favorite show

  90. cameron

    I’m 9 and love the show its my favorite and I have watch them all. Please don’t cancel!!!!!

  91. annie

    I love bones hope they don’t cancel I am really sad and have watched all the series at least 5 times and Pelant should be killed but not by bones or booth hodgins should b the 1 to do it

  92. Jackie James

    I look forward to this show more than any other on television. I don’t want to see it end, but I don’t want this drama with Pelant to continue. Moving on with Bones and Booth getting married is what I have read the viewers want. The interction of the entire team solving crimes is enough. Happiness should come to the main characters as well as the audience.

  93. D

    I am a huge Bones fan. We need to at least have a season 10 so they can finish up with 206 episodes. The same numbers of bones in the human body.

  94. B

    I can hardly wait for season 9. Hope to see more seasons to come. My favorite show. The cast all seem to just click. Great job cast.

  95. Wendy Bisbing

    We do not support that view. We do not believe that the story line is drawn out. It has progressed perfectly. Example Bones and Booth getting together was timed great. If they had gotten together any sooner it would have messed up the whole show. You must continue with the show. Season 9 should not be the final season. Just a suggestion Brodsky breaks out of prison bent on revenge, but do not kill off Bones or Booth. Maybe the one that goes down is Cam. Angela and Hodgins need to stay as well. Sweets is expendable as well as Cam or another intern. We love the show and do not wish to see it end yet. Thank you

  96. Wendy Bisbing

    Put a kidnapping in the mix to put tension in the show. Keep Bones on the air.

  97. Marg

    I’d like to see Zack come back (or work behind the scenes) and be the one who finally get Palent, and the one who gets Jack’s money back. Don’t ever break up Jack and Angela – they’ve gone through enough already – I’d like to see them have more children (Like Angela said “she wants a million of them”), and definitely Booth and Brennan should be back together.

  98. Olivia

    Please don’t cancel this is my most favorite show ever and I really truely enjoy it so thats it thank you bye

  99. Anushka

    Bones is one of the most amazing shows ever! i will truly be heart broken to see such a AMAZING show to end all of a sudden. Bones keeps you wanting to watch more, just like nearly EVERYONE ELSE SAID.. dont cancel bones. LET PEOPLE SEE THE FAN BASE! we all love bones way too much for it to just end.

    I hope that they carry on, its well deserved. They should all be proud of what a sucessful show they have created.


  100. heather

    please don’t cancle I would love to see more seasons as in house or even friends
    love the show please keep making more!

  101. LaVonn

    I had never watched the show and I was looking on Netflix and I decided to watch the first episode and before I knew it I was done with all 7seasons and I wanted more… I went to the internet to see what channel BONES came on. I found out that season 8 had just finished and because I wanted to watch the season from the beginning I downloaded Hulu to watch all of the season. My husband talked about me because it took me less than a month to watch all 8 I’m sad but happy at the same time I finished watching all the episodes but now I am getting antsy waiting on the new season to start.

  102. molly

    pls do not stop when u start season9 plssss i love Bonesssssss

  103. Ayana

    I personally love this show i really hope they decide to not cancel it at all no matter what i love it!!!!!
    This show can never get old please dont cancel it after season 9!!!!!

  104. christina

    i think they should keep it coming and get the palunt guy killed by someone….. i hate that man…anyways i really think they should keep bones going for as long as they can i dont think they are showing to much i really enjoy this show…

  105. That one person

    My family and i watch this show as a family thing. Out of almost all of the seasons and seasons of other show i would have to say that this is either the best or one of the best shows that we have seen, although we have not seen any of season 9 we would love for it to continue on! As we wait for season 9 to come out we are watching another show, “Buffy the vampire slayer” and hopefully “angel.” mostly beacause they have davis in them but also because they are good shows. All that i am saying is that it would be realy devistating to my family and I.

  106. Ruth

    i am 16 and my mum introduced me to the show, not even 2 months ago i loved it so much i spent 2 weeks of my life watching season 1 -8 i have seen every single episode( because i am on my summmer holiday not because i’m crazy) and i for one cant wait for season 9 and hope there is many more to come!! i love bones and booth, but my favourite relationship is jack and Angela they are too cute, i cant wait to see if they catch that guy who just keeps coming back!!! LOVE BONES

  107. Ruth

    DO NOT CANCEL THE SHOW!! ITS AMAZING, ever since house (the tv show) ended i was looking for a show just like bones that was so interesting with both the characters and the diffrent stories within each episode!!

  108. Jake

    Bones is by far the best show I’ve ever seen. I don’t think it’s even beginning to be to dragged out. Season 10 is a must.

  109. Lorelia

    show 10/10 !!! cant wait…

  110. Bryana

    I believe they should go for at least 10 seasons…I think the show is wonderful. I didn’t have the best childhood and watching Bones gave me something to look forward to every week. In my opinion it is not dragging on. I know many people who faithfully watch the show every week like I do. And I still watch some of the old episodes on Netflix. Season 10 is definitely a must!!!

  111. Maddi

    Best show ever do not cancel !

  112. Lorraine Cavan

    Bones is only getting better with time. The relationships are getting deeper and everyone is like a family. I would like more suspense with serial killers. My two favorite episodes were when Brennan and Hodgins were stuck underground in the car (and Booth rescues them) and when Booth was stuck alone on the ship and Brennan rescues him. I do not like Daisy, she is so annoying. Sweets deserves better.

  113. DNT

    I just finished ALL 8 seasons in the last 4 and a half weeks. I could not get enough of it there should be a season 9, 10, and so on until they have nothing to write about. I love David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel and the rest of the cast. They all work so well together, I hope they catch that one guy who is good with computers. BONES is one of the BEST TV shows ever.

  114. Arun Suresh

    I never saw a perfect blend of crew before… i wish the series should continue with new adventures….

  115. dahairsine

    love this show keep bones on for years

  116. Catsme0w

    I as well love the show. I have really enjoyed watching Emily Deshenelle’s (sp) character grow and develop. She has gone from a straightforward, extremely intelligent, and untrusting person to a person who has began to allow her emotions to come through, open up to those she loves, and admit she is human after all. When they say there is nothing more to build on they are so wrong. “Bones” has just begun to become a real human, learn to deal in a more humanistic way with the world around her, and trust in those she loves. There is so much more to build on the show if not just in her character alone. PLEASE DON’T CANCEL BONES!!!

  117. PriscillaCJ

    I love the whole cast.I want to meet them in person,Ive been watching them from the start,Please keep Bones on the air.writers and producers can find away to keep it on they have some power also.Please…..please……please keep it on Booth has tomarry bones and kill PELANT

  118. Craig

    My Parents where murdered by over doses. Can it be determined from ashes after cremation? Is it a legally admissible evidence in courts?

  119. Darlene

    I hope there will be many more seasons of BONES! I look foward to see the next episode…I have all the seasons, and will continue to watch them over and over!!!! Bones is the best show to EVER be put on television……I love ALL the characters….sure wish Zack would come back….and what about Bones’s grandfather… he still out there? What about Sully, will he make a return????

    • sammi

      i feel the same way i too have all of the seasons and look for word to more I also would love to see Zack come back as well The characters are the best cast that i have seen in a series beside (NCIS) What i am saying is there loved we don’t what them to go when they could so much more

  120. Jeb

    Bones is the only show I look forward to watching. I hope there are many more seasons. It has the best writers and actors of any of the current shows. Cancel Bones and I can’t get rid of my TV

    • Jeb

      I meant to say I can get rid of my TV!

  121. Christal

    Please don’t end Bones!!!! It is THE best show on T.V right now! I am a die hard bones fan. I live the whole cast. It would be a shame not to see bones and booth get married. They are an excellent team!!!!!! Long live Bones!!!!!

  122. Emily Dickinson

    Bones should at least stay for a 10th, the chemistry the actors have together is amazing which is one of the main reason it was so successful, I don’t think they should throw that away just yet. God know I loveeeee bones, it’s one he’ll of a kick a*s show!

  123. kathy*

    I LOVE Bones its at this moment the best tv series I know !!! I don’t think it should stop at S9 I hope it doesn’t !!!**and I like everything about this series !!

  124. lisa

    never ever cancel bones its the best show out there, intelligent – funny & never dull ……. roll on bones 🙂

  125. Trisha cuss

    Does anyone now when the next session comes to the uk because I can not wait I have been missing it

  126. Halle

    Don’t cancel bones I love it I am only 13 and I have watched them all around 3 times I can’t wait for series 9 I LOVE IT xxxxx

  127. Rose

    I love Bones seen 1-8 on netflix when does season 9 hit netflix.

  128. Jordan

    DONT CANCEL IT!!!! Its been my entertainment since my baby was born 😛 I have bones fever!!!!! That is a bit of an over statement, but it is honestly one of the best shows I have ever watched.

    Bones should officially get to like season 13 or forever 🙂 whichever comes last 😛

  129. BC

    Please don’t cancel this show. My husband and I LOVE it. We have watched seasons 1-8 on Netflix and are looking forward to more. My children love it too. Great job to the cast and crew. Thank you for keeping us entertained!

  130. Hiro

    This show has everything in it
    Love action knowledge humor joke beauty and all of them are so
    I have never right comment to any of wall my life
    This is first time I am doing
    That much I am into this tv show
    I hope keep continue and continue
    Until Christine become adult
    All the people making this show
    Thank you very much

    Oh no. I didn’t read upper page
    Please don’t end show
    I only watch this after I come home
    I watch three times each episode until season 8

  131. CC

    Bones is my favorite show ever! They can’t cancel it before we see what happens with Pelant and his little scam to blackmail Booth. How can they say the storyline is dragging? They fighting with their smarticle brain power to take down a phsyco! (did I spell that wrong?? Oh well).

    DON’T CANCEL BONES!!!!!!!!

    • Judy

      psycho is the correct spelling….. LOL

  132. Judy

    I love Bones. The actors are excellent. The stories are interesting. The relationships are wonderful between all the characters. The banter between Brennan and Booth are so funny and amazing I laugh out loud.

    Please don’t destroy yet another great entertaining and well acted show!! We all love it!!

  133. dianna calliham

    i do not support those views, this is the best show on t.v. period. i do not want them to change anything, i hated it when they had a serial killer to deal with, i want the same venue they started with, it would be nice if they would somehow give hogkins back his money. keep booth, and tempie together doing what they do, solving crimes. it is not worn out, or boring. quit making waves, your fans love this show the way it is, booth had better come back okay, and solve who in the FBI is the crook.

  134. pamela l schneider

    bones is a fantastic series and it would be a shame and a disservice to fox viewers and bones lovers to cancel it. I agree that hodgins should get his money back somehow angela and jack and Michael Vincent and hodgins brother deserve it

  135. Elaina

    If Bones gets cancelled there will no longer be a reason for me to tune into the Fox network. Writers today do no character development therefore it is like watching nothing in the new programs out today. I am grateful for PBS because the shows and programming are about real people with real relationships and real interactions.
    It does not surprise how poorly shows are written today because the young writers of today do not have real relationships they grew up in and electronic age with text messaging and e-mail. They do not truly interact with people or families looking at them fact to face or talking directly to a person. It is no wonder the world is so hopelessly floundering with degradation of ethics, morals or real values that matter.

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