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Castle season 8: start date (2015)

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Castle season 8 still planned! Will the show return in 2015? What about the new episodes start? We are waiting for the premiere air date on ABC!

TV-channel: ABC
Creator: Andrew W. Marlowe
Starring: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic…
Distributor: Disney–ABC Domestic Television

Season 6 Episode 23: 10.59 million U.S. viewers

Season 7 Episode 20: 8.34 million U.S. viewers

The television series «Castle» is still one of the most popular and successful TV-projects of ABC.

It is not a secret that exactly this show has been very profitable for seven years already, and its victory in «Favorite TV Crime Drama» nomination of «People’s Choice Awards» only proves the facts that it is too early to close the show. The main actors Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion were also awarded as Favorite Crime Drama TV Actress and Actor in the current year and the renewal of the show for Season 8 depends on the extension of their contractual agreements.

As soon as they are extended, the series will be financed for the new episodes and their premiere date will be published in this article.

Castle season 8 – [September 21, 2015] (UPDATE 1)

Season 8B premiere – [February 8, 2016]

Follow the updates!

UPDATE 1 (May 7, 2015): Good news! The series was renewed for an eighth season. The start date is scheduled for September 2015. Terence Paul Winter has been tapped to replace David Amann as showrunner.

UPDATE 2 (May 29, 2015): Penny Johnson Jerald (Captain Victoria Gates) will not be returning for Season 8.

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  1. Tifany Leu

    Castle is a great show. Nathan Fillion has signed a new deal. But what about Stana Katic?

  2. Bernie V.

    I seriously hope that Stana continues to do the show. I will be severely depressed if Castle goes away.

  3. Sina

    There is NO Castle without Stana Katic!

  4. ciara

    This show needs to end… Nothing new happening. Lost something when they got married.

    • Carla Brand

      I am not ready for it to end.

      • gggillian

        me too ((

    • mano

      I agree with ciara. The magic of Castle ended by season 3. Ever since Season 3 it has been a never ending cycle of monotony

  5. J.O.

    Nathan and Stana should just sign their contracts already!!!

  6. Reed78

    Please renew Castle for Season 8 and beyond. My favorite show on ABC.

  7. marie fan#1

    It is a great show and we need more of them. Stana will either sign or Castle won’t have a season eight.

  8. Toni (S-Y)

    Castle without Beckett would never work. I anxiously waiting for ABC to announce renewals.

  9. Renea Wike

    I am addicted to Castle. So if there’s no season 8 it’s Stana’s fault?

  10. ++Jeramy++

    There is no Castle without Beckett. I think she’ll sign. But without the showrunners season 8 will likely be the last.

  11. Margret

    My daughter and I love Castle and never miss an episode! The writing and directing is some of the most interesting on TV at this time. Canceling would be a real injustice.

  12. Brianna

    Castle should not be cancelled, but I don’t know if I’d be able to watch it if Stana Katic doesn’t return. I just need one more season to get me through senior year! Although if it could continue after that, I’d be thrilled:)

    • S. O.

      Now that Stana is married, that will be another question about her returning.

  13. McKailey Gentry

    I Love Castle and have never missed a episode it would kill me if they did not bring it back for a 8 season please bring it back or i am done with ABC. Also it would not be back to bring back the Show Forever for a second season as well cause i really like those shows.

  14. Joanne Farrington

    LOVE Them both Great show they say it changed when they got married but the show just got so much better Castle is the best drama on T.V. I am hoping SHE WILL HAVE A BABY THAT WOULD BE AMAZING Looking forward for many more seasons to come

  15. Pam L.

    So happy for Castle! Can’t wait season 8

  16. SmilE

    YES! Castle renewed!

  17. mmn

    great show can’t wait for season 8 Nathan fillion and stana katic are a striking couple togather.

  18. Mark

    Let it go, when money becomes an issue it lost it’s charm! Sign or not the stories are stale and so are the characters!

  19. sharon

    love castle best clean series on tv please do not cancell

  20. Brooklynn

    I think the show must go on for many more seasons. The excitement the love story the career. The way they work together with so much compassion. I did a school paper on the show and my teacher gave me a 100%. She wouldn’t of given me a 100% if she thought that the review wasn’t good enough. So that should tell you something if my review was good enough than the show must be good enough. The show Castle has a whole lot more excitement than you think. You just have to pay attention. I know some people thought after they were a couple the show was going to be over it when they got married. But the show is about more than their love for each other and if you can’t understand that or don’t like the show than keep your opinions to yourself. If you don’t like the show than don’t watch it because there are a lot of people trying to enjoy the show and it’s not easy to enjoy the show listening to rude people complain about the show.

  21. BETH


  22. Teri

    I love Castle. Has Season 7 come out on DVD yet? I have the other six seasons. I can watch this show over and over again, any episode. I sure hope Stana stays with the show. As long as they keep the same Mom and Daughter, I will be great. I can’t wait until it starts again.

  23. chrissy

    i hope we get another season love the show

  24. sylvia hess

    Castle has never been publicized enough. Many people never heard of the show – which is ridiculous! “Castle” and “Beckett” are great – they work well together and the show doesn’t have to show their intimacy. That’s not what the show is about. It’s their love story – but mainly how she works as a Police Officer and how he works as a writer. In any event, I love the show – always have from the very beginning. Am so pleased it was renewed.

  25. Alicia joHnston

    Awesome I can’t wait for this next season it looks like so much more action than the last series counting the days down till it starts!

  26. Jill voiles (Mama)

    I absolutely love love love it
    I’m very depressed and been ill for a couple years
    So this show (plus) the reruns KEEP ME GOING

  27. Peaceful

    I love Nathan Fillion. He was magnificent as Captain Mal in Serenity/Firefly. The Mal character was unique and positively magnificent. I haven’t watched Castle yet but I can only imagine that he is superb in it. God bless.

  28. Richard

    Just heard that season 8 of Castle is to be shown on UK TV this coming week….FANTASTIC.
    I just cannot get enough of this show. Long may it continue.
    Disappointed to hear Stana has recently married. Thought I might have been in with a chance.


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