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Castle season 9 ?

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Castle season 9 premiere date 2016 ABC

When will Castle season 9 premiere? Stana Katic leaves the series. The ratings are way down. Will there be the start date in 2016?

Are you waiting for Season 9 of the series Castle? Very disturbing news has come from the ABC, which call into question the future of the project. The actress Stana Katic leaves the series, whose contract with ABC has ended. The network representatives did not renew it, in order to reduce the financing of this project.

It is also confirmed that the ninth season (if it is ordered) we will not see the actress Tamala Jones, who has not been invited to participate in the filming.

The showrunner Andrew W. Marlowe expressed sincere disappointment with this decision by ABC representatives, because this has a negative impact on the TV series Castle and certainly does not add its fans. Also about her dissatisfaction on the matter said executive producer/writer Terri Edda Miller.

Series co-lead Stana Katic, in turn, thanked the ABC channel for the opportunity to be a part of a great show, and also thanked all the devoted fans.

Now the question is: will it be the season 9 of Castle and whether it is needed at all? We are waiting for the announcement from ABC!

UPDATE 1 (May 12, 2016): ABC has cancelled Castle after eight seasons (officially!). No Season 9.

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  1. Lawrence

    What is wrong with ABC??? The show was never just about one of them, it was BOTH of them that made the show what it is. Please bring Stana back!

    • shir

      too late. ABC made a decision not to offer her a new contract. Shortened season as they were going to offer Nathan.
      What a shame for Castle fans. The network never gave us a second thought.
      They stated they were moving in another direction.

    • Lindy

      She was good I liked her too, but if it means bringing Castle back without her lm all for it. I love Rick more. Lol

  2. Andres Brooks

    This is crazy! No Beckett? It’s easy to say that if there is a season 9, it will be the last season for Castle.

  3. Sarah

    I watched for Stana, not Nathan! Show is a ZERO with out her! ABC S*CKS!

  4. Elisa Stokes

    Are you kidding? The show can’t continue without Beckett. Castle without Beckett is like Sherlock without Watson. It’s time for us to say goodbye (((

  5. Katie W.

    No Stana? I will not watch next season then. They should just cancel the show!

    • shir

      they did

  6. Gregory C.

    I’d rather they cancel it now than continue without her… I won’t watch a Castle without Beckett.

  7. tommy

    Stupid move! I will not watch anymore…

  8. Jodi

    Season 9? NO, Thanx!

  9. Alberta S.

    I can’t imagine the show going on without Stana. That’s total nonsense!!!

  10. Stewart

    I will no longer watch Castle…

  11. Alberta Pittman

    Love Nathan, but he should walk away unless they bring Stana and Tamala back.

    • shir

      I think Nathan was apart of the deal that was made.
      Could be wrong but he knew it because he “wished her well”

  12. Marilyn

    I think these guys are on drugs. Castle without Beckett like Mutt without Jeff or Abbott without Costello and so on. Bad move. Save a few bucks and lose the series.

  13. VALDA

    No more castle what a shame ,we watch it all the time ,it makes us laugh all the time .plz bring it back ABC.

  14. Minnie

    It’s been canceled. Not surprisingly since it needed Stana Katic and Tamala Jones added so much too. Word has it Nathan and Stana didn’t get along.

  15. bob cox

    ABC blew it !!

    • shir

      Yep!!! they did . Again. As usual.

  16. david

    such a shame. loved the show so much and no season 9. it was the best show ever. Romantic. Stana katic and Nathon’s couple rocked. I am very lousy of showing that something is good or bad. But even i loved the show and watched it so anxiously. Why are the best of the best shows thrown away while we get to see 15 seasons of shows that need to be put in waste. If a show is getting low rating that means the advertising is responsible. I saw castle only after 1 or 2 times of its advertisement. Seriously abc has problems in advertising and then blame goes to ratings. if actors were bad the show would’ve ended on the first season, but it didn’t. It went 8 seasons. So fans love it. 1 time rating goes down and this is what the fans get for showing their love.

    • shir

      Writing needed some improvement also.

  17. revmlbs

    “I have watched this show from the very beginning. I have not missed a showing, when I felt I would not be home I taped it. There a very few shows that I feel I would be happy with and Castle is one of the few. Just take this show and then I show that I feel will not add to our society in the best light. I have watched the new season’s new shows. Vampires. living dead, sex, black shows that are just violemt, screaming and that is not what I want to watch. I am 73 and was brought up with morals, but today they for the most part have none. It is always money not goodness. It is really hard to believe that we have fallen so far down. I really bad when mot of my shows are cooking shows. Please be advised that money is not everything even though most people would disagree. Please bring back Castle. It is a show to be proud of.

  18. Sherry

    I love Castle. I love both Caste and Beckett. Their love story is the best with fun comedy and crime solving drama. It is such a shame that ABC may cancel Castle. Please bring back Stana and Trama.I am still a true believer in Castle/Beckett love story it is what made the show real and why fans love CASTLE.

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