Jan 23

Chance no season 3

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Chance season 3 hulu

Are you a fan of the Chance TV series with the participation of Hugh Laurie? Bad news… The show was cancelled by Hulu after two seasons.

That was a bad day for the fans of the series “Chance”. The creators announced the canceling of this show with the participation of Hugh Laurie.

The reason was the low rating of the project, although the critics’ reviews were quite encouraging. After the first season there were talks about the canceling of the series, but HULU had to start the production of the second season in accordance with the legal contract. As for the third season, the streaming service did not give any promises, so there wouldn’t be a renewal of the show “Chance” on HULU.

Unfortunately, Hugh Laurie did not become popular in the new image, but we are looking forward to his return to the 7th season of the Veep series.

At the moment it is known that nobody is going to buy the rights for the production of the new season of “Chance”, but there may be people who want to revive the story of the forensic neuropsychiatrist. Apparently, the release date of the third season is either not announced at all, or it will take a very long time to wait for it.

We are following the announcements and if there is a new information from HULU, then you will know it first!

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