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«House, M.D.» season 9

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Will «House, M.D.» return for Season 9? What is known about new episodes and premiere date?

The first episodes of the series about malicious Dr. House, constantly swallowing Vicodin, were broadcast on FOX TV channel. It happened in November, 2004. It was hard to believe that such stories could be so interesting to the TV viewers. David Shore, the director of the show, told in one of the interviews that he planned to shoot a couple of episodes and wasn’t ready for such a success of the series.

But as we know, 8 seasons of the series were aired, since Hugh Laurie’s popularity was constantly rising. The producers were creating new storylines. The last episode of the eighth season was aired on 21st of March, 2012. After that the creators decided to close the show «House, M.D.». The release date for the season 9 wasn’t announced, but the ending of the series was really worthy and logical.

Of course the fans of the series are very disappointed, but we know that «Everybody Lies!» that’s why the production of spin-off is quite possible.

Would you like to see new episodes of the given story?

What do you think about Chance season 2 with Hugh Laurie ?

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  1. kenny hawk

    I love House!! Best show (together with white collar, LOL) in tv in many years.

  2. Ego

    Everybody Lies! Yea!

  3. dixi

    I miss you, Hugh …

  4. Kat

    I would love to see new episodes…:)

  5. Steph

    A season 9 is a must. We miss you Hugh…..

  6. Taika

    Please do lie!

  7. kobi

    sure house hit it…!

  8. ishan

    we want you back house. come soon

  9. Anthony

    bring d.r house back with new season you idi*ts!

  10. lee

    u fuc… moron … pls start new season… i am addicted …… like Vicodin

  11. T-BONE

    I love house i have all 8 seasons on dvd box sets and watch them all the time i would so love them to bring it back for another 8 seasons it never gets old or boring my opinion best show ever!

  12. Gautam Ramesh

    I liked house
    I wd really like to see him in season 9 with Wilson
    living his 5 months and somehow accepting chemo
    to remain in focus.

  13. emith

    we want house season 9 please release it

  14. fin

    i love house. plz return

  15. Alec Otto Laszig (facebook)

    Id*ot start season 9

  16. ananya

    I <3 house..the show is jus too awesome to ever end!!I need it to return!!I cnt possibly think of a life without House MD !!

  17. Melissa

    Want it back for more seasons please.

  18. surenedu

    House looks Monotonous but quite interesting in all episodes. We wish hugh laurie back in show which then only makes interesting.Better writer go and study some nice cases all over and start drawing some interesting drama lines like give some life to hugh laurie and cuddy a family life?? any ways a kind of interesting…

  19. Daud malik

    I love is the best show I’ve ever watched I miss it alot

  20. Kent gilbert

    Just finished watching all 8 seasons would love to see them come back for 8 more it’s addicting can’t stop watching , one of the best shows on tv , love house

  21. C.A.

    It’s been a few years and I still miss House. Have all 8 seasons. Any chance of at least a spin off?

  22. Gessenia

    Please air Season 9 Best show I’ve ever watched!!

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