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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 4

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crazy ex girlfriend season 4

Give us Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 4! We are still waiting for the new episodes’ premiere on The CW in the 2018/2019 television season!

Should we wait for the 4th season of the series “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”? The creators believe that it’s too early to finish the project, because he it has the success with the viewers.

At the moment more than 600 thousand American viewers are watching it on The CW, so the chances for survival are quite high. Of course, the loyal fans are afraid of the canceling of the show after three seasons, because the right holders postpone the official announcement. Last year the decision to renew the series for the new season was made in January, and at the moment there is not any announcement from The CW about the release date of the 4th season of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”.

Well, let’s wait for news from the creators.

I think the ideal number [of seasons[ is around four. That could change. We’re a show about a very specific journey in a person’s life. And it’s not really a sitcom meant to spit out copies of itself. Very early on, we called it a 50-hour movie. I think we’re beyond that now. There’s always going to be plot movement, so there’s only so far I think you can go with that. It could be five, but I think around four would be ideal for us creatively. (Rachel Bloom) | hollywoodreporter.com

Rebecca’s life changes in the moment when she accidentally meets her high school love. It seems that in this meeting there is nothing that could motivate serious action, but after this she throws her well-paid job and goes for her lover. Being in a new place, Rebecca will have to start a new life. How does she cope with this task? What will happen with her?

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