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Dark Matter season 4 ?

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Dark Matter season 4 release

How about Dark Matter season 4? We want to know the release date on SyFy in 2018! Is the series renewed already?

Can the Canadian TV series Dark Matter stay on SyFy for one more season? The fans are waiting for the release date of the fourth season in 2018, but the right holders are still negotiating with the creator’s team about this.

Is the creative team ready to provide the SyFy representatives with powerful arguments for the renewal or are we waiting for the storyline break? We are following the news and after receiving the confirmed information we will publish it at the bottom of this article.

Remind that the experts from Prodigy Pictures Inc and Dark Horse Entertainmentdeal with the development of the series Dark Matter, well Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie are responsible for the success of the project. All of them have not yet renewed their contracts with SyFy, so let’s hope that soon it will happen.

Note that, in addition to the USA and Canada, the Dark Matter series also broadcasts in the UK and Australia, so we can say that fans are waiting for the fans around the world. Give us the 4th season!

UPDATE 1 (Sept. 1, 2017): Bad news… Syfy canceled the series after three seasons.

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  1. daniel

    Show is at leased an 6 arch adventure, canceling is like publishing a novel missing the concluding chapters which has been done before and they were prosecuted. As someone who has purchased boxsets i feel cheated and coned total pissed off.

  2. rose

    very disappointed as I really liked this show and not have a proper ending . all shows should have an ending and be allowed to leave it in finished,

  3. John Kenneth McLaren

    I am very disappointed as I really liked this show

  4. James Apachee

    I was sure hoping that some other cable service pick up this series because its disappointing to have the season 3 end on like aww cool….and then be denied

  5. John jefferies

    Just got hold of this show and after watching the 3series it is disgusting that an ending was not there but as always the viewers left in not intend to watch any more series without an ending i can wait for repeats and check on seeing the show has an ending.

  6. Christian Leenaerts

    they onle renew shows that is for morons like the big bang terrory but intresant serie like dark matter you have higher iq for needed

  7. Mike

    just watched the last of season 3 and thought wow what is next season 4 canceled why did I waste my time watching only to be gutted producers for further note don’t start something if your not going to finish take the hint from the show

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