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Dark Matter season 2 premiere date

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Will there be Dark Matter season 2? When will the new season be released on Space and Syfy? We want to know the premiere start date in 2016!

The television series Dark Matter is created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie and based on comic book of the same name. The given Canadian-American project in the genre of science fiction is aired by Space and Syfy.

The main characters are people from the abandoned spaceship. Waking up form hibernation, they understand that they know nothing about where and who they are. Now at their every step they face the problem and threats. They have to live at the spaceship, full of revenge, betrayal and secrets.

At the moment the show has good chances to get the renewal for Season 2, as both in Canada and the USA the number of fans is large enough. Dark Matter didn’t manage to get special praise form critics, as not only experts decide on the future of the project.

Let’s hope the rights holders will be satisfied with the ratings of the first season and will consider a large support of the fans, which will let to renew it for the second season.

Dark Matter season 2 premiere date – [July 1, 2016 at 10/9c] (UPDATE 1)

As soon as the official announcement appears, we will update this publication with the start date of the new episodes. And now let’s wait!

UPDATE 1 (September 1, 2015): Syfy has picked up second seasons of dramas Killjoys and Dark Matter. The two series will return in 2016.

UPDATE 2 (September 1, 2016): Dark Matter was renewed for a third season.

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  1. Roy

    I find Dark Matter a little boring … Hope to see Season 2 of Killjoys

    • Dan

      why bother passing any negative comments

  2. Mike D.

    I love this show. For start it’s great and i think it’s will be much interesting! Renew!

  3. Erika

    I’m enjoying this. Make Season 2, please! Really GREAT SHOW! The character development and how each person play a role towards solving the problem. Finally a SyFy Show that is worth my time!

  4. Luke Mc

    It should be renewed. Very original story line and great cast!
    Love the Android! ))

  5. salmA

    This is the best show on SyFy. This show has more potential than Killjoys! Please RENEW

  6. eric sanders

    i will say yes there will be a new season of dark matter if syfy will work on the new episodes and new character dark matter is my favorite show that i love the most plus they will renew the second season of killjoys for more new episodes these sci-fi shows will stay on the air forever no more cancel none of that so renew now plus have and annoucement for the release date for both shows that it and tell syfy and universal to make more reboot of lazer tag academy and automan and galactica 1980 plus a live action remake of starcom the force then the starfighter chronicles please new shows for 2016-2017 thank you

  7. Nick radcliffe

    I’m a big fan of dark matter. Very interesting story line. The mix of scifi and sociology is a very interesting dynamic. Of course, I also love falling skies and you can see how that worked out. So, I hope they renew. But if they don’t, I suppose I’ll have to get some of the comics. Fingers crossed.

  8. Sean

    I hope the second season is written. As for people saying it’s boring. it’s called plot and character development. Unlike the CGI/SFX with no story blockbusters that come out constantly in sci-fi, one with character development over CGI/SFX budgets is a refreshing change.

  9. Nevynwolf

    Please renew

  10. Tory

    I absolutely love this show.. the ending of season one is very shocking!.. couldn’t believe it was 6! My fiance is not one to watch stuff like that.. so for him to love Dark Matter means the show is awesome.. I hope there will be more seasons to come.. will be so disappointed if there ain’t.. Killjoys is another one of my new favorite shows also! Hope they continue with that one too!

  11. jason

    Please renew ‘Dark Matter’ it is the best Sci-Do program for ages

  12. Kathie

    Finally an original Science fiction show that I can sink my teeth into. I haven’t been this excited since Firefly. It’s got everything, humor, mystery, technobabble, great kick-*ss fighting scenes, and wonderful chemistry between the entire cast! I can’t wait to see how season 2 takes the stories forward! I love all the characters, but my favorite so far is Two and Five.

    • Trisha

      I love the show Dark Matter, I hope to see another season. I also loved firefly, I wish there were more show like these.

  13. robert

    dark matter can go much further. as big as star trek . what if there all uncover cops?? many directions this story could go.

  14. pt909

    I love this show.. Its something I enjoy watching. Looking forward to the next seasons.

  15. Patrick

    Great characters and story lines. Keep going!!!

  16. Larry

    Dark matter is a favorite. I enjoyed the character developement, and Will Wheaton is a great addition as sinister nemesis of the group. Keep’em coming.

  17. mella

    Love it.I was surprised every time

  18. Dan

    Great show, open to many intriuing possibilities keep it going for at least a 5 year arch.

  19. Diogo

    Love the show. Enjoyed very much.
    Looking forward to Season 2

  20. Carol

    Love DARK MATTER ITS the best you have done in many years. I,ve lost interest in SYFY since the end of Stargate. I really miss good science fiction that is tomorrows reality.

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