Nov 21

Deadwood season 4

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Deadwood season 4 release date

Still waiting for Deadwood season 4? The script for the new episodes was complete, but what about the release date on HBO in 2018? When will it return?

The series Deadwood should be returned on HBO! The script for the 4th season is ready, but when will it be a release date? In 2006 the project was canceled after the airing of the final episode of the third season. The show was very popular and won many prestigious awards (eight Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe) and many experts did not believe that the HBO representatives had made such decision.

Critics have made this series on the “Canceled Too Soon in 2013″ list, which again indicates an incorrect decision from the right holders. Of course, there were attempts to revive the show in the form of a movie, but this did not happen.

Only in 2015 the creator David Milch was discussing with HBO on the development of the 4th season of Deadwood, and in 2017 actor Ian McShane confirmed that the script was already ready and sent to the channel for review. What will be the verdict from HBO?

Are they ready to start the shooting process and announce us the release date of the new season? We don’t know it, but we are following announcements and will inform you!

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